Introducing Our New, Stronger Thread

Nothing is more important to us than our commitment to providing the highest-quality gemstone energy medicine tools. To that end, since Gemisphere's earliest days, we have strung our necklaces on silk for its neutral effect on gemstone energy. We love silk. But there's been just one hitch, and it's a big one: Silk thread stretches and breaks more often than we'd like—especially with regular use.

Many of you have experienced this unfortunate flaw, and we have shared your frustration about it. While silk may be an ideal fabric for stringing therapeutic necklaces, the powerful healing benefits of wearing a necklace are lost when the necklace breaks and cannot be worn. This has happened all too often to many of you.

A New Thread for a New Era

For the past several years, we have been diligently looking for a solution to this problem. We have searched for and tested a wide variety of fabrics to find a durable thread that meets our sky-high standards for therapeutic quality. And we're delighted to report that we've found one. We have discovered a thread that not only meets, but exceeds our criteria for strength, beauty, and therapeutic efficacy.

All Gemisphere necklaces are now strung on our new TheraCord thread.* This special high-tech nylon is:


Therapeutic-quality: Its neutral energetic properties meet our exacting therapeutic standards.


Strong: High-tech nylon fabric is highly resistant to breakage and stretching.


Durable: Long-lasting, non-metallic, non-fraying thread will keep your gems vibrant and working for you.


Beautiful: Necklaces hang gracefully, with minimal kinks.

This innovative thread will allow you to experience the full range of your gemstones' healing benefits for a very long time to come.

* Solid necklaces of Ruby, Emerald, White Beryl, Moonstone, Blue Topaz, and all Sapphires will be strung on Silkon, because the drill holes in these gems are too small to accommodate TheraCord. Silkon is a fine yet highly durable nylon thread with neutral energetic properties.

When You Place an Order

From now on, when you order a therapeutic gemstone necklace from Gemisphere, your necklace will be strung on our new TheraCord thread. During the time we are switching our necklaces over to TheraCord, some necklaces may still be available on silk. You may request a silk necklace at no extra charge for as long as these supplies last. After this original supply is gone, silk necklaces will be available for a restringing fee.

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