Gemstone Energy Medicine
Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Michael Katz

Chapter Six: A Vision of Gemstone Energy Medicine

The uses of therapeutic gems described in this book comprises a new form of energy medicine - gemstone energy medicine. This exciting new form encompasses a complex energetic model of the human organism and prescriptions for wearing and using therapeutic gems that produce profound, long-lasting, and multidimensional benefits.

This book focuses on the benefits of thirty therapeutic gemstone necklaces. Yet necklaces are simply one tool in the diverse gemstone “toolbox” used in this new field. Indeed, the field of gemstone energy medicine encompasses many kinds of therapy tools and techniques. This chapter briefly introduces the wide variety of therapies and techniques used in gemstone energy medicine and lays out a vision for the wider use of these extraordinary tools for healing and transformation.

Introducing Other Therapy Tools and Techniques
In previous chapters, we’ve learned that wearing gemstone-sphere necklaces around the neck allows the gemstones’ energy to work in a holistic way on multiple levels of the wearer’s being. The necklace’s gems radiate their energies into the various layers of the wearer’s aura and body that are addressed by that type of gemstone. There, these energies perform their unique healing actions. Therapeutic necklaces can also be applied in other ways to the body and aura that focus the gems’ benefits there.

The gemstone tools, therapies, and techniques described below also focus the gemstones’ actions in more specific - and yet no less powerful - ways.

Gemstone Energy Medicine Tools
Gemstone energy medicine includes a wide variety of therapeutic tools based on the gemstone sphere.


Solid gemstone-sphere necklace Spherical or other rounded gemstones of one type strung into a therapeutic necklace
When worn around the neck, a solid gemstone-sphere necklace works holistically: its energy fills various layers of the aura and employs the gem’s particular focus to address the underlying causes of a condition. When a necklace is placed on specific areas of the body or applied in other ways, the gems’ healing energy is either directed to the placement area and corresponding areas in the aura or otherwise focused to yield unique effects.


Combination gemstone-sphere necklace
Spherical or other rounded gemstones of several types strung into a therapeutic necklace
Whereas solid necklaces offer the therapeutic benefits of one type of gemstone, combination necklaces combine two or more types of gemstones in one necklace. These necklaces unite individual gems’ effects with the influence of certain numbers and gem sequences to create new healing energies and unique benefits.


Single spheres
Undrilled gemstone spheres not strung into necklaces
The versatility and focus provided by single gemstone spheres can be employed in a wide variety of therapies and techniques. Leaving the spheres undrilled increases their therapeutic effectiveness.


Gem poultice
A quantity of undrilled gemstone spheres in a small, natural-fiber mesh sack
The concentration of gemstone energy generated by a gem poultice makes it useful for a variety of applications, particularly placements on the major and minor chakras.


Gem therapy disk
Gemstone spheres woven together in rows to form flat disks of varying sizes
These tools are used in some gemstone placement therapies to provide a concentrated dose of a gemstone’s energies to a particular area of the body. For example, an Aventurine therapy disk, comprised of gemstone spheres woven together to form a four-inch circular mat, is placed on the chakra located on the sole of each foot to produce specific therapeutic effects.


Gem circle
Gemstone spheres strung into a small, open circle, usually two to three inches in diameter
Gemstone circles are used to concentrate gemstone energy in a small area of the body. Because other gemstones can be placed in the middle of the circle, this tool can be particularly useful for therapy protocols that combine different gems for specific effects.


Spinal strand or mat
Gemstones spheres strung into single or multiple strands long enough to span the entire length of the spine, plus the neck and head
This tool concentrates gemstone energy in the spine, neck, and head.


A strand of rounded gemstones that snugly encircles the head and lies across the brow chakra and just above the ears
Tisratis are made with a variety of gemstones to perform cranio-sacral therapy, heighten awareness in focused ways, and help treat conditions associated with the head.


Gem cap
Spherical gemstones tightly woven into a skullcap and worn on the head
Gemstone caps focus gemstone energy on the brain and skull for a variety of therapeutic purposes.


Color ray wheel
A small circle of beeswax in which various configurations of the color ray gemstones are embedded
Color ray wheels are used to help correct specific deficiencies and/or excesses of color rays in the physical and subtle bodies.


Gemstone/herbal poultice
A combination of a hot herbal infusion and a large quantity of small single gemstone spheres
The actions of the herbs and gemstones, which are specially selected and customized for a given situation, support each other to create a unique synergistic effect.

Gemstone Energy Medicine Techniques

Gemstone energy medicine includes a wealth of therapy techniques to address specific conditions in a variety of ways.


Gemstone Necklace Therapy
Gemstone necklaces are worn around the neck, allowing the gems’ energies to radiate into the wearer’s aura and body to neutralize disharmonies and nourish body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Gemstone necklace therapy is the primary focus of this book.


Window Therapies
Various gemstone energy medicine tools are applied to specific points or areas, called therapy windows, located on the body or in corresponding areas of the aura. Therapy windows act as portals to these areas. Placing gemstones on the body’s windows allows the gemstone’s energy to more easily penetrate the skin and access the area of the body being targeted by the therapy. These areas can include organs, glands, joints, or other parts of the body. Windows can also be “opened,” either in the aura or on the body, to allow better access to specific illnesses, conditions, life situations, physical traumas, or areas of pain.

Placement Therapies

Gemstone necklaces, poultices, therapy disks, mats, or single spheres are placed on specific areas of the body - such as ailing organs, joints, limbs or other areas of distress - to infuse the gems’ energies into the physical area and its counterparts in one or more of the subtle bodies.

Other Placement Therapies
A gemstone necklace, poultice, therapy disk, circle, or single sphere is placed on an area of the body to elicit specific effects not necessarily related to the area. For example, some gemstones can be placed on the soles of the feet to alert the entire body to certain conditions; other gemstones can be placed on the head to release energetic impurities in the spine.


Chakra Therapies
A gemstone necklace, poultice, therapy disk, or single sphere is placed on major and minor chakras to treat chakra-related conditions or to restore balance and vitality to the chakra system as a whole.


Acupoint Therapy
Single gemstone spheres allow acupuncturists and other therapists who work with acupuncture points to take a quantum leap in their diagnosis, treatment techniques, and results. Single gemstone spheres are used in place of needles to treat acupuncture points by touching and/or taping the gems to the points. In addition, single gemstone spheres are used to treat entire meridian lines as well as the subtle bodies’ acupoints by accessing these points in the client’s energetic field, or aura. Treating subtle-body acupoints can eliminate the underlying causes of recurrent or stubborn conditions.


Color Ray Therapy
The seven color ray gemstones are used to correct deficiencies and excesses of color rays in the physical and subtle bodies. The two primary modes of Color Ray Therapy are (1) wearing one or two necklaces that contain color ray gems and (2) using a simple apparatus called a color ray wheel to apply customized configurations of the color ray gems to the body and aura.


Gemstone Hydrotherapy
Gemstone energy is infused into bathing water, in which the entire body or a part of it is either submerged or showered for a variety of therapeutic purposes.


Aquamarine Water Therapy
Through the use of a special technique, drinking water is infused with the energy of the gemstone Aquamarine. The resulting Aquamarine Water helps reverse the aging process and treats any ailment associated with hardening, crystallization, or inflammation.


Contemplative Techniques
Therapeutic gemstone necklaces and single spheres are used to heighten the user’s awareness for various purposes, such as to uncover the hidden causes of a condition or to help resolve unwanted emotional, karmic, or mental patterns more swiftly.


Diagnostic Techniques
Gemstones necklaces, single spheres, or tisratis are applied to the body or in the aura to ascertain the location of specific anchor points, therapy windows, and other treatment areas.

* * *

Taken together, the techniques and tools of gemstone energy medicine can offer healing and upliftment for almost any condition of the body, mind, or emotions. Today, we are able to appreciate and utilize gems for their true purposenot only to open new doors in science and technology but to help us take the next important steps in our health and well-being on every level. Therapeutic gems are uniquely suited to answer the needs and desires of people who are seeking powerful and enduring results from energy medicine. Easy to use and apply, these radiant and abundant gifts of the Earth can help restore the human organism to its natural state of vitality and joy. Therapeutic gems allow us to heal ourselves holistically and deeply, in ways that reveal to us our own infinitely subtle and complex nature. These are the gifts of gemstone energy medicinemedicine for today and the future.

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