Gemstone Energy Medicine
Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Michael Katz


In the years since I first began to work with therapeutic gems and uncover their hidden potential for healing, the field of energy medicine has undergone a transformation. In 1988, when I began my exploration of these powerful healing tools, energy medicine in its various forms was practiced in the West by a few pioneering physicians and enjoyed by a relatively small number of people looking for alternatives to conventional medicine. While the ancient science of acupuncture was taking root in Western medical offices, practices such as homeopathy and Reiki were at the crest of a wave that would soon sweep the West.

Since then, a minor revolution has taken place. The paradigm on which energy medicine practices are based has become more widely accepted. This paradigm sees the human being as an integral part of a universe in which, on a fundamental level, matter is a form of energy. In this paradigm, each person is a unique system of interconnected fields of energy and information. Treatments used in energy medicine address this most fundamental level of the human form, affecting the very stuff of which we are made. These treatments target the underlying causes of illness and discontent, rather than merely the symptoms. By using this approach, energy medicine aims not only to improve our health but to transform it. Today this new, energetic model of the human being and human health is not only embraced by large numbers of people, it has excited the interest of many physicians and medical researchers.

Doctors and patients are experiencing that energy medicine works - often where conventional medicine does not. Chronic debilitating illnesses, common ailments, aches, pains, and everything in between have responded to energy medicine practices. Energy medicine is shedding light on the true nature of health and disease and offering solutions to seemingly intractable health problems - often leaving those who practice it healthier and more vital than they thought possible.

One of the most powerful forms of energy medicine is gem therapy. Here, too, a change has taken place. Once relegated to the fringes of the healing arts, the therapeutic uses of gems were not widely adopted by either doctors or the public. Offering neither a coherent model of the human being's energetic nature nor precise therapy protocols and tools, gem therapy practices were inconsistent at best and ineffective at worst. Today, all that has changed. Pioneering information and effective new practices are allowing gem therapy to take its rightful place as a cornerstone of energy medicine.

In 1988, I began a serious exploration of the application of therapeutic gems for healing. Through a series of illuminating intuitive experiences, I was introduced to extraordinary new information about the uses of gems for enhancing health on all levels. Since then, this information has been confirmed and expanded through further exploration, research, and testing. From these experiences emerged a deeper understanding of our energetic physiology, with profound implications for human health. From them also emerged new ways to evaluate, refine, and shape the gems themselves into reliable and potent therapeutic tools. Equally important, I learned techniques for using gems that are precise, systematic, and effective - techniques that lift gem therapy out of the realm of intuition, hunches, and folklore to a new form of energy medicine - gemstone energy medicine. This book presents an introduction to these discoveries and to the practical ways anyone can use therapeutic gems to enhance health and improve the experience of life.

Since I first published my early explorations, thousands of people around the world - physicians, homemakers, Olympic athletes, business people, celebrities, and many others - have come to experience remarkable healing by applying therapeutic gems with these new methods. Confirmed during over a decade of clinical experience, these discoveries have yielded gem therapies that work - both as primary treatments and as complements to other healing modalities. Emotional maladies, mental complaints, and acute and chronic illnesses of all kinds have responded to these gem therapies in unprecedented and exciting ways.

How can therapeutic gems accomplish all this? Physicists tell us that all matter is energy in physical form. Gemstones are certainly no exception. Formed over eons, often at high pressure, the Earth's gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy. The energetic and physical properties of gemstones are already employed in many aspects of technology. The ability of crystals to conduct and transform energy is no longer a foreign idea to us. For example, every television, quartz clock, portable phone, and personal computer runs smoothly thanks to Quartz crystals. Today the energetic properties of gems are also being used to improve people's health at a fundamental level.

Efforts to use gems for healing have a long history. In many lands and in many ways, people have sought to uncover the abilities that lay hidden within the intensely compressed crystalline structures of gemstones - particularly the ability to heal. Over the centuries, our attempts have met with varying degrees of success and failure. Yet, when using gems for health, something was always missing - for, until recently, we have been unable to discover a systematic way to unlock the full therapeutic powers of gems and to achieve consistent, long-lasting results.

To discover why success with gems for healing was elusive for so long, one place to look is to the gems themselves. Essential to the success of any form of medicine is the nature of its therapeutic tools. To be most effective and reliable, medicine must be pure and high in quality. The purity and quality requirements of the gems we use for healing parallel those of any other form of medicine. Meeting these strict requirements can make or break a gem's therapeutic worth. For gemstone energy medicine to be effective and consistent, the use of only therapeutic-quality gemstones is required.

The past sixteen years have also shown that a gem's shape profoundly affects the way it can express its energy - and thus its ability to deliver its healing properties. The ideal shape for a therapeutic gem is the sphere. The spherical shape unleashes a gem's potential to reach and heal the deepest energetic aspects of our being, where the root causes of disease and distress lie. Therapeutic gemstone spheres radiate an incomparable energy that can affect all our dimensions, physical and subtle, and hence heal and transform our entire being.

Together, these two concepts - the selection of only the highest quality gems and the use of gems cut into the proper shape - represent a simple, yet seismic, shift in the understanding of how gems can work therapeutically. Proper selection, shaping, and use of gemstones transform them into therapeutic power tools. The potent healing energy of therapeutic gems can deeply heal and nourish every aspect of the human form.

Fortunately, enjoying the health benefits of gemstone spheres is exceptionally easy and straightforward. Based on this new information, over 100 therapy protocols using gem spheres have been developed. However, powerful benefits can be obtained simply by wearing therapeutic gems around the neck. Wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace allows the gems' healing energy to penetrate the deepest levels of the wearer's physical and energetic dimensions. There, the gems' energy goes to work dissolving energetic blockages and producing beneficial changes in body, mind, and emotions.

The experiences of thousands of people have shown that the information presented in these pages represents a quiet but growing revolution in the healing arts. These remarkable, documented experiences of healing provide our first glimpses of what becomes possible when we put this new form of energy medicine into practice. More empirical research and testing are on their way. In the meantime, preliminary clinical trials and the testimony of pioneering gemstone users indicate that this new form of energy medicine has much to offer. Therapeutic gemstones work. With them, we have entered a new era of healing-one that harnesses the therapeutic powers of gems and fulfills their once-elusive promise as tools for our personal healing and transformation.

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