Gemstone Energy Medicine
Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Michael Katz

Table of Contents

  Preface by Dr. Rashid Buttar
Introduction: Gem Therapy Comes of Age
1 The Multidimensional Human Form
2 Transforming Gemstones into Therapeutic Tools
3 The Power of Gemstone Necklaces
4 Multidimensional Healing
5 The Healing Benefits of 30 Gemstones
  Physical Healing and Purification 45
  Quartz Attracting Life Force 46
  Emerald Healing the Physical Body 56
  Dark Green Aventurine Purifying the Physical Body 70
  Light Green Aventurine Uplifting the Physical Body 82
  Malachite Harmonizing the Body 90
  Bloodstone Strengthening the Immune System
  Emotional Healing and Upliftment 109
  Ruby Healing the Emotions 110
  Roselle Purifying the Emotions 118
  Rhodonite Emotional Transformation 130
  Mother of Pearl Emotional Fulfillment
  Karmic Healing and Resolution 151
  Rhodochrosite Developing Inner Freedom 152
  Carnelian Revitalizing Your Being 164
  Opalight Resolving Karma
  Mental Clarity and Expansion 181
  Blue Sapphire Healing the Mind 182
  Sodalight Purifying the Aura 194
  Lapis Lazuli Harmonizing Heart and Mind
  Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening 213
  Aquamarine Illumination 214
  Lavender Awakening to Soul 228
  Indigo Developing Intuition 238
  Amethyst Attaining Wisdom 246
  Purple Rainbow Fluorite Expanding Consciousness 258
  Citrine Fulfilling Your Potential
  Masculine and Feminine Healing and Empowerment 273
  Green Tourmaline Empowering the Masculine 274
  Pink Tourmaline Empowering the Feminine
  Healing and Nourishing with Earth Energies 299
  Agate Nature's Nourishing Energies 300
  Leopardskin Jasper Attracting Beneficial Influences 312
  Poppy Jasper Enlivening Your Body 322
  Quartzite Anchoring Positive Change 330
  Riverstone Accelerating Change 340
  Onyx Becoming Grounded
6 A Vision of Gemstone Energy Medicine
Quick Reference Guide: Common Conditions and Therapeutic Gems
Appendix A: Care and Cleansing of Therapeutic Gems
Appendix B: Sphere Size Necklace and Length
Index 405

Read the Introduction: Gem Therapy Comes of Age

Read Chapter 6: A vision of Gemstone Energy Medicine

Read an Excerpt from the Quick Reference Guide: Common Conditions and Therapeutic Gems


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Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
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