Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians*
by Michael Katz

Chapter 2

Quartz - Attracting Life Force

We met the Guardian of Quartz among billowing clouds. White mist surrounded us as far as the eye could see. The scene resembled the classic image of heaven, yet my heart knew we were standing somewhere on the Earth. Indeed, the ground felt firm beneath my feet.

The Guardian stood before us, wrapped in a softly glowing white cape. Energy flowed through him continually; like a waterfall, it entered his head from above and flowed into the ground through his feet. I studied his features carefully. He had shoulder-length, light blond hair and appeared to be about thirty years old. In his hands rested a large Quartz sphere. He placed this sphere beside him and, pressing his palms together, bowed to us.

Michael and I returned this silent gesture of greeting. Then, trusting the advice of the Gemstone Guardians' Overseer, I moved closer to the Guardian of Quartz. I looked into his dark brown eyes. As he gazed into mine, I felt for a moment I would be lost in the light that surrounded him. Then, without a word, I moved into his aura. From that moment on, I was able to see what the Guardian saw, feel what was in his heart, and speak with my physical voice the words he spoke.

To understand Quartz and other gemstones, the Guardian began, you must know that all crystals are alive. By "alive," I mean that they contain life force. This force is the divine energy that sustains, nourishes, and enlivens all living things. Sometimes known as the healing force, the life force is actually a current of light and sound that springs from the source of life itself.

As the Earth was forming, the highly focused power of this light and sound was infused into the Earth's crystalline matrices. Much of this life force entered Quartz. Of course, other crystals were present in the young planet, and these too were enlivened by life force. The Earth is a complex living organism. Just as human beings need many different organs, all of which are necessary for their survival, the Earth needs many different kinds of crystals and minerals to survive. Each type of crystal performs a different function for the planet.

As time passed and the clear Quartz crystals grew, some of these crystals were implanted with vibratory rates, or essences, that gave them color. These vibratory rates also defined the crystal's functions and imparted them with other characteristics. Thus, other Quartz derivatives were born to fulfill the Earth's needs. These Quartz derivatives are like Quartz's children: they all share similar qualities, yet each has its own personality.

The Living Planet
The early life of a planet is similar to the early life of a human being. When a fetus is in its mother's uterus, it grows and changes but does not yet have a life of its own; it shares its mother's life. So it was with the Earth: for millions of years when the Earth was forming, it did not yet have its own life. During those years the Earth shared the life of the universe. In human beings, as soon as a critical point is reached, the baby's Soul enters its body and the baby is born. When this critical point was reached for the Earth, a Soul was designated as the planet's Guardian.

During a child's early years, it grows rapidly and seems to have endless energy. Similarly, during the early years of the planet, the Earth had so much energy that its crystals grew very quickly. Now the Earth is in her middle years, and, just as human beings in their middle years do things more slowly than a child does, the Earth's crystals grow much more slowly.

You will find that the Earth is similar to human beings in many ways. Imagine all the textbooks required to explain to a medical student how the human body works. A similar number of textbooks would be required to describe the Earth's physiology and how it relates to the life living upon it.

People, Gemstones, and the Earth
People have always been powerfully drawn to gemstones. Indeed, gemstones are among the most beloved treasures of Earth. Gems are beautiful. Yet it is more than just their beauty that attracts people so profoundly. It is the radiance of life force contained in gemstones to which people are instinctively drawn. Deep within, people know that there is more to gemstones than meets the eye.

Through the years, many have also sensed the potential for healing that a gemstone's life force can offer. So far, people have been mainly using the crystalline form of gemstones to tap this healing force. However, the days of primarily using crystals for this purpose are coming to an end. It is time for human beings to take the next step in their relationship with gemstones. We, the Gemstone Guardians, are giving these interviews, in part, to help you take this step¾namely, to harness the much greater amount of healing energy that becomes available to people when gemstone crystals are fashioned into spheres.

When a gemstone is cut into a sphere, the life force that is contained within its crystalline form¾and that once possessed all the love and power of creation¾is still present. A sphere represents wholeness and infinite potential. Cutting gemstone crystals into spheres unleashes their potential to heal and uplift the whole person.

Now, the question may arise: Why would I and the other Gemstone Guardians want to assist human beings, so many of whom seem to be destructive to the Earth? The reason is this: Human beings are not just destructive. In fact, human beings and the Earth give and take from each other. Many feel that people only take the good from the Earth and give back the bad. This is not so. A human being's greatest contribution to the Earth is his or her connection with the life force.

How does this apply to Quartz? To answer this question, I shall first tell you what Quartz does for the Earth: Quartz keeps the planet alive. Indeed, the mission of crystalline Quartz is to bear the Earth's life energy. Quartz attracts life force to itself and thus to the planet, brightening the Earth's aura and helping the Earth maintain balance. Quartz also collects, distributes, and absorbs certain energies from the atmosphere so that the Earth can use them for sustenance.

Yet Quartz can only collect and use the life force already contained within the Earth's atmosphere¾whereas humans, in their capacity as spiritual beings, can consciously connect with the very source of this life force. When people wear a strand of Quartz spheres around the neck, the Quartz helps them become more balanced. This greater balance allows them to radiate even more life force into the Earth's atmosphere. The more balanced people are, the more life energy can flow through them. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts people can give to the Earth is to wear Quartz spheres. The more people do this, the more life force will be available to the planet.

Transforming Life Force
"Will you speak more about your effects on people?" asked Michael.

Yes, replied the Guardian of Quartz. It is time that some truths be known. Let us begin with some basic principles of gemstone crystals and spheres. These principles apply to Quartz and many other gemstones on the planet.

Gemstone crystals not only contain life force, they also transform it into gemstone energy. Each type of gemstone converts life force into the kind of energy characteristic of that gemstone. In other words, a Quartz crystal transforms life force into Quartz energy, an Amethyst crystal transforms life force into Amethyst energy, and so on.

The Earth's crystals occur in clumps and clusters, with double terminations, and in all kinds of unique manifestations. However, the basic crystal has two ends: one pointed and one not pointed. Because of its shape, nearly all of a crystal's energy is compelled to flow through it in one direction: into the non-pointed end and out of the pointed end.

Sometimes, when people hold or wear gemstone crystals, they feel this energy. Specifically, they feel the life force that the crystal receives through one end, transforms in its crystalline matrix, and then expresses as gemstone energy through the other end. Because energy moves through crystals this way, when a crystal is placed on a human body, it can pull energy out of or pour energy into the body. Specifically, if you place the nonpointed, energy-receiving end of a crystal over a disharmonious area, energy will be drawn out of the body, flow through the crystal, and leave through the pointed end. Yet there is absolutely no way of knowing for sure whether the crystal is pulling disharmonious energy or positive life force out of the body. For this and other reasons, I must strongly caution you that placing crystals on the body can be extremely dangerous.

How, then, can the healing energies of gemstones be safely and effectively used by human beings? Perhaps, by now, the answer is easy to guess: by shaping gemstone crystals into spheres. In a gemstone sphere, there is no giving or receiving end. Life force is continually drawn in from the entire surface of the sphere to the sphere's center. This means that a sphere has access to a much greater amount of life force than does a crystal. As life force is drawn toward the center of the sphere, it becomes highly concentrated. This concentration fuels the transformation process, causing the gemstone's energy to be unleashed with great power. A gemstone sphere radiates its energy constantly in all directions, like the sun.

When gemstone spheres encircle the neck, as in a necklace, they essentially surround the core of one's being. This enables the gemstone energy radiated by the spheres to fill the subtle-energy field surrounding the individual. This energy field, also called the "aura," contains information about all aspects of the individual. As the aura becomes saturated with gemstone energy, the gem's energy is drawn back to the spheres, carrying information from the aura with it. As long as the gemstone is worn, its energy continually flows into the aura and back again. In this way, the gemstone gets to know the wearer's needs and can adjust its energy flows accordingly.

In contrast, most gemstones in crystalline form have little or no affinity for the human aura. In general, a crystal's energy is compelled to flow with great focus and force only in the directions dictated by the crystal's faces. Because of this, when a crystal is worn or used by a human being, the crystal's energy can touch only a small part of the person's aura. Very little, if any, information comes back to the crystal. The crystal has no way of learning the aura or the needs of the individual.

Balance and the Life Force
"In what ways can the spherical form of Quartz help people in their movement toward greater health?" Michael asked.

Some may wish to call Quartz a healing stone. However, in reference to Quartz, the word "healing" is misleading and vague. When Quartz is worn, it helps the individual make healthful changes by fostering balance in all aspects of life. When worn around the neck, Quartz balances the person's whole being; when placed on specific areas of the body, it balances those areas. For example, if you place Quartz spheres on a disharmonious liver, the Quartz will promote balance in the liver, and this greater balance will help the liver become healthier.

When an individual is more balanced, more life force can flow through that person to touch every aspect of his or her being. This increased flow creates even greater balance, which in turn brings even more life force to the individual. This process continues as long as the Quartz is worn.

What does this mean for the individual's health? The more life force present, the less room there is for disease, for isn't disease anti-life?

When Quartz spheres are worn, life force is continually drawn to the Quartz from several sources, though primarily from the unlimited source of life energy at the core of the wearer's being. As a result, additional life energy is drawn to the physical body. As life force flows from the core of one's being to the Quartz spheres around the neck, it also permeates one's inner aspects. By inner aspects, I mean the mind, memory, and emotions. This additional life force nourishes, balances, and aligns these inner aspects. This is important, because disease is usually more than just physical: it often manifests on the emotional and mental levels as well.

Quartz not only helps balance its wearer's physical and inner aspects, it also helps bring into balance everything that comes into the person's life. If Quartz is worn continually, it will even work to deflect those forces that upset balance, and it will attract what is needed to maintain balance. When an individual gains balance, he or she handles all situations in a more dignified and balanced way. Because of this, Quartz seems to protect its wearers from the negative emotions of others. Actually, what happens is that the wearer is more able to place negative emotions in perspective and to maintain balance. Positive emotions appear enhanced, but only because the person experiencing the emotion wants to hold onto it longer and enjoy it more.

As Quartz helps one achieve greater mental balance, it improves either analytical or creative thinking, depending on the needs of the individual. For example, to balance a particular individual's mind, the creative aspect may have to be stimulated and the analytical aspect quieted. This is the sacrifice one will make if one wishes to move toward a more perfect mental balance. Once this balance is achieved, both aspects of the mind will naturally be strengthened. Improved mental balance will also allow more life force to flow through the individual to the physical body.

Often, as the planet strives for greater balance, it experiences earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Similarly, during your own movement toward greater balance, you might experience eruptions and foundation shakings. This is one of the costs of attaining balance. The more out of balance you are on any level, the more upheavals you must experience before balance is established. Yet, because Quartz's nature is to promote balance, it will bring your entire being into balance in a balanced way¾slowly and steadily. Nonetheless, upheavals may still occur.

Before an earthquake occurs, a tremendous tension builds. The Earth wants to change and become more balanced and harmonious, but there is tension and resistance to the coming change. Of course, once the earthquake occurs, this tension is released. This is similar to what you might undergo when working toward greater balance. Tension will build somewhere in your life, and then there will be an "earthquake." During this time you may say, "Look what the Quartz is doing. It's certainly not making my life more balanced!" However, once the "earthquake" is over and you have attained greater balance and harmony than ever before, you may realize what has actually happened.

The movement toward balance will occur in proportion to the mass and quality of Quartz you wear. The greater the mass and the higher the quality, the more effective the Quartz will be.

"How does Quartz foster balance?" Michael asked.

I have told you that Quartz attracts life force to its wearer. I have also explained that this life force, which enlivens and sustains all living things, is a current of light and sound. When we look more deeply into this current of life, we see that the life force itself is comprised of the seven colors of the rainbow. At a very basic level, you too are made of these color rays. In an optimally healthy individual, all seven colors are present in balance. Too much or too little of any color ray results in disease and disharmony. Thus, being nourished by a proper balance of color rays is essential to your health.

Quartz gently attracts all seven color rays to its wearer. In the process, it corrects any color-ray imbalances in the wearer's physical and inner aspects. When one becomes more balanced on this fundamental level, all aspects of life improve.

Evolving Consciousness
Consciousness has been evolving since life began on Earth. Yet, only in the last few generations has the consciousness of the Earth's people been ready for the benefits of Quartz spheres. Before then, people simply weren't ready for the great upliftment that comes from the balancing effects of Quartz spheres and for the increased flow of life force it brings into the physical body. Now people are ready.

As people begin to wear the spherical form of Quartz and as their inner aspects become more balanced, aligned, and able to accept a greater flow of life force, people's consciousness will awaken. As this happens, people will also become more aware of the greater functions of Quartz. They will discover new therapeutic and scientific applications as well as new ways to use Quartz in everyday living. It is my dream that Quartz spheres will become a common household tool.

As people's consciousness expands, awakens, and rises, so will the consciousness of the Earth. Why? Because human beings will give more life force and spiritual energy to the planet. Remember, gemstones in crystalline form work for the Earth. Quartz crystals convert universal life force into the kind of energy that can be used as fuel by the planet. The process is similar to the way you convert food into fuel for your body. Yet crystals can only work for the Earth if they are still touching the soil; they cannot assist the planet directly if they are placed in the home or worn around the neck. If you return a harvested crystal to the soil, it will work for the Earth again. It doesn't matter how you plant it; you can bury it in the soil or simply lay it on the ground.

Wearing Quartz crystals can make people feel good because of the crystals' energy. Crystals have concentrated, compressed life energy within them, and they give life, good feeling, and harmony to any environment or atmosphere. Yet, it is like smelling the aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven. It smells wonderful, but your body cannot live on the aroma, for the aroma alone cannot be digested and therefore help your body grow. Quartz spheres can take the energy in your aura, metabolize it, and return it to you in a more usable form. Quartz can call to itself the life force that exists all around you and in all your inner levels. It can bring this energy into the physical body in a form that the body can "digest" and use for its growth in consciousness.

As the spherical form of Quartz increases the flow of your life force, it will expand your awareness and might even increase your ability to communicate telepathically. This communication may occur among other wearers of Quartz who, along with you, might form a group of light-receivers for the planet.

Tomorrow night you will meet the Guardian of Lavender. He will explain in more depth what I mean when I speak of inner aspects. Lavender and Quartz work in both similar and different ways. Remember, Quartz's principal focus is for the planet. You will find that Lavender's focus is for the human being.

Until we meet again, may the blessings be.

"May the blessings be," replied Michael.

I slipped out of the Guardian's aura. He lifted the large Quartz sphere lying beside him, nodded his head and smiled. The white mist surrounding us gradually diminished until all that remained in my mind's eye was the memory of this unusual experience.

This was the first of our interviews with the Gemstone Guardians. We felt a mixture of inspiration, awe, and now eagerness to meet the Guardian of Lavender.

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