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Since Gemisphere’s earliest days, we have received countless letters from people who have been moved by their experiences of healing and transformation with therapeutic gemstones. Many have expressed a deep personal connection with the gems or have been touched by writings about the healing potential of gemstone energy medicine. Through the years, many of you have also communicated your excitement about therapeutic gemstones to friends and loved ones.

We deeply appreciate your wish to share your experiences with gemstones and have created a program to thank you for your efforts. The Friends Referral Program is our way of encouraging you to tell others about gemstone energy medicine and to help you expand your personal collection of therapeutic gemstones.

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Here’s how the Friends Referral Program works: Whenever you refer a new customer to Gemisphere, you will receive a credit worth 10% of all purchases made by that person for one year after his or her first purchase from Gemisphere. For example, if the person you refer spends $500, you will receive a $50 credit. You can use your credit toward the purchase of any Gemisphere product—gemstones, books, videos, or workshops.

No enrollment is necessary
If you are a Gemisphere customer, you are automatically a member of the Friends Referral Program. When a new customer calls us or visits our website to place an order, we always ask, “How did you learn about Gemisphere?” If the customer mentions you, he or she will be entered in our computer system as your referral. For the next year, any purchases that person makes will earn you a 10% credit. It’s that simple.

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For each month in which you’ve earned credit, we’ll send you a letter stating the amount of credit you earned that month.

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One way you can help spread the word about therapeutic gemstones and grow your credit is by sharing books with your friends. To support you in doing so, we are offering substantial discounts on Michael Katz’s current books. (Note: The prices listed below do not include shipping and handling.)

Gemstone Energy Medicine: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
1 to 3 copies: $29.95 each
4 to 7 copies: $23.95 each
8 to 15 copies: $19.95 each
Case of 20 books: $11.95 per book / $239.00 per case

Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians
1 to 3 copies: $14.95 each
4 to 9 copies: $10.95 each
10 to 27 copies: $ 8.95 each
Case of 28 books: $5.95 per book / $166.60 per case

Purchase Quick Reference Guides at a discount
This easy-to-use publication recommends therapeutic gemstones for 300 common conditions and goals. Updated from our original guide, this beautiful 56-page booklet covers all the gemstone necklaces in Gemisphere’s collection, including “new” and combination necklaces.

Pack of 10 booklets: $1 per booklet / $10 + S/H

Purchase catalogs at a discount
We also offer discounts on Gemisphere’s 84-page catalog, Tools of Gemstone Energy Medicine, which features our entire line of therapeutic gemstone necklaces, books, videos, and workshops.

Package of 10 catalogs: $10 + S/H
Case of 60 catalogs: $55 + S/H

For more details or to place an order, please call 800.727.8877, and ask to speak with our Friends Coordinator.

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Practitioner Referrals

Referral List
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Community Scrapbook

Thank you to our hosts and the many new friends we have met in our travels throughout the United States!

Click the thumbnails to see a bigger picture.

Gemisphere Visits the Northeastern US


Visiting the office of Dr. Ginger Nash in North Haven, Connecticut


At the home of Sarah Laird and Nick Howard in Nyack, New York


With our hosts Heather Emelander and Kathy Hall in Boonton, New Jersey


Will Hall enjoying the Pharoah necklace


A beautiful evening in the home of Claudyne Wilder and Tad Jankowski in Boston, MA


Our hosts, Tad and Claudyne, experiencing Green Tourmaline


A visit to Nashua, New Hampshire with the Stergion family and friends


Lily, the kitten, found her special high powered cat nap!


Gemisphere Visits Southern California

Dr. González with guests at Kitty and Eero Kartiala’s party in Van Nuys, CA.

Kitty with family and friends

Merlin, the beautiful Samoyed tries out Onyx at a Gemisphere event at the home of Susan and Warren Gold, holistic health counselors in San Diego, CA. From left to right are Victoria Klubock (from www.myholisticdentist.com), Dr. Ada González and Susan Gold.

Photos below taken at Linda Rocco’s by Cynthia Ochs

Dr. González lecturing in Carlsbad, CA

A personal consultation

Linda Rocco’s guests choosing necklaces

Our host Linda Rocco with friends

Gemisphere Travels Through Texas

A wonderful afternoon in Dallas at the home of Peggy Cartwright and Bill Boehle.

Pearline Jeffrey and friends at the Black Bookworm in Fort Worth.

Judith Greenwood, LMT and Maria Dolores Gonzalez, ND hosted a big event together at their Dallas office.

New and old friends at the Houston Center for Healing

A wonderful gathering in Austin at the home of Sara and Bill Minnis

Despite an ice storm, a lovely event at Unlimited Thought Bookstore in San Antonio, hosted by Kady Hinojosa.

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