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Although stress is an inevitable and sometimes healthy part of life, when it becomes excessive, it can lead to debilitating anxiety, fear, worry, or even panic attacks. Therapeutic gemstones are natural tools for relieving anxiety and helping with stress management. These gently supportive remedies can help you release stress and feel more calm and secure.


Dr. Ada González discusses Natural Remedies for Anxiety Relief.  (4:39 minute video)

Therapeutic Gemstones for Anxiety

Immediate and long-term relief of anxiety is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

  Rhodonite natural remedy for anxiety photo

Stabilizes and soothes anxiety symptoms and emotional stress, bringing order to feelings of panic and helping you feel calmer and more secure. Learn more about Rhodonite

  Onyx natural remedy for anxiety photo

Helps you feel more grounded and focused and less overwhelmed, anxious, or scattered. Learn more about Onyx

  Amethyst natural remedy for anxiety photo

Balances emotional extremes while reducing the harmful effects of stress. Learn more about Amethyst

  Mother of Pearl natural remedy for anxiety photo

Produces an overall calming effect to ease emotional distress, worry, and fear and help you feel more safe and protected. Learn more about Mother of Pearl

  Carnelian natural remedy for anxiety photo

Helps you feel and express positive emotions more easily while infusing you with vitality. Learn more about Carnelian

  Citrine natural remedy for anxiety photo

Unwinds tension and anxiety from your body, mind, and emotions, so you can let go of worrisome thoughts, feelings, or difficult situations. Learn more about Citrine




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Natural Anxiety Remedies:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Anxiety Relief

by Dr. Ada González

Over 30 million Americans suffer from anxiety. That’s one in ten of our neighbors experiencing a stress-related condition. Fortunately, anxiety is one of many conditions that respond well to therapeutic gems. In my practice as a naturopathic doctor, I've found that when my patients wear certain therapeutic gems as necklaces, they receive real, ongoing support that helps stabilize emotions and reduce nervous energy and anxiety. I've seen great results with therapeutic gemstones.

What Happens When Stress Becomes Chronic?

Our bodies have a built-in way to respond to a stressful or threatening situation: it quickly secretes hormones to make us more alert, focused, and ready to react quickly. Thus, a short-term dose of stress can give us the energy and motivation to do our best and even survive a life-threatening situation. But when life becomes too full of stress, frustration, and anxiety, the body's stress response is triggered almost continually, and a state of hyper-alertness and fear can become chronic. This state of tension and anxiety is not only emotionally difficult, but it also can negatively impact our long-term health. When the body is in this emergency mode, it doesn't take time to properly restore and repair itself–just as when we are in an emergency situation, such as an earthquake or hurricane, we don’t choose to fix a small tear in the carpet. Over time, a stressed body doesn’t take care of the small “tears.” It doesn’t have the time or energy to heal and restore itself—and big problems can result.

If you frequently find yourself feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, you can wear certain therapeutic gemstone necklaces to feel more balanced, calm, and grounded.

Rhodonite Helped Relieve Her Panic

For acute emotional stress or strain, with sudden anxiety, I recommend Rhodonite. The person using Rhodonite feels calmer and more able to cope with any situation at hand. I've seen it ground and center people instantaneously. A nine-year-old girl came to my office in pain with a severe infection. She was panicked, crying, and unable to sit still, so I handed her a Rhodonite necklace. Within a few moments, she became peaceful and answered my questions calmly. It was a dramatic shift in her demeanor.

Yet, a few minutes later she became agitated and started crying. I realized she had taken off the Rhodonite. As soon as she put the Rhodonite necklace on, she was peaceful again. Her mother and I were amazed at how quickly she had become calm. Rhodonite can work this rapidly and effectively to calm the emotions and help us feel balanced, even in very stressful situations.

Amethyst Eased a Businesswoman’s Anxiety

Another interesting gem for anxiety and stress is Amethyst. It's often the best gem to calm and relax the nerves. The energy of Amethyst nourishes the nervous system and allows it to move into a more relaxed state. Amethyst can be useful when we are going through emotional extremes or when we feel easily thrown off balance emotionally. Wearing a therapeutic Amethyst necklace can help bring the nervous system into balance and reduce the harmful effects of stress, with no negative side effects.

A woman described how Amethyst helped her. She had started a new business and was concerned about money and the success of her project. She was exhausted with stress and worry about getting things done. When she began wearing Amethyst, she was able to relax and start to enjoy the work that had previously stressed her. Now each little thing didn't cause her to panic, and she felt more ease as she successfully grew her business.

Onyx Offers Support for Grounding

Onyx is another gem that is helpful for anxiety. Wearing a therapeutic Onyx necklace can help us become more grounded, especially when we're feeling overwhelmed. It helps us focus and multi-task, so it's great for easing the anxiety that can come from tight deadlines or the need to focus on details. I've seen many people experience positive effects with Onyx. Whether anxiety comes from fear and shyness, or the stress of work or school pressures, Onyx can help.

Therapeutic gems also work well for pets. I have even seen Onyx work for a dog with separation anxiety. His owners, who happened to be physicians, decided to try Onyx on their black Labrador. When he wore Onyx, he stopped his anxious barking when left alone. He was calmer and more relaxed, and so were they!

These are just a few of the gemstones that can help with anxiety. I suggest visiting for even more suggestions.

Reliable Source for Therapeutic Gems

I recommend using only therapeutic quality gems, because that's what's required for gems to be healing. I recommend one source of therapeutic gems for all my patients:, because Gemisphere offers the best, highest quality gems in the world for therapeutic results.

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