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Many people feel depressed from time to time, but when depression lingers, it not only negatively affects emotions and mood, but can also cloud thinking, lower vitality, depress immune function, and disturb sleep. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to help you feel better when challenged by symptoms of depression. Whether or not you take anti-depressant medication, using therapeutic gemstones is a natural and effective way to address the underlying causes of depression symptoms.


Dr. Ada González discusses Natural Remedies for Depression.  (3:49 minute video)

Therapeutic Gemstones for Depression Relief

You can experience immediate and long-term relief from depression by wearing any of the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

  Mother of Pearl natural remedy for depression photo

By making you feel emotionally nurtured and more secure, this gemstone helps alleviate a sense of loss, loneliness, or abandonment. Learn more about Mother of Pearl

  Pink Sapphire natural remedy for depression photo

Helps heal emotional wounds and lift the heaviness of depression; especially helpful when you feel emotionally burdened or overwhelmed. Learn more about Pink Sapphire

  Carnelian natural remedy for depression photo

Fosters greater optimism, vitality, and joy in living; encourages awareness of the positive aspects of life. Learn more about Carnelian

  Sodalite natural remedy for depression photo

Helps resolve mild depression, emotional sensitivity, and sluggishness caused by chronic negativity. Learn more about Sodalight

  Sugilite natural remedy for depression photo

Uplifts burdensome worry, stress, and anxiety; boosts overall vitality by clearing the body of unhealthy energies. Learn more about Sugilite




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Natural Depression Remedies:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Depression Relief

by Dr. Ada González

Because depression is such a widespread condition, finding natural and effective ways to treat it is important. In my clinical practice, I have found that therapeutic gemstones can be effective for addressing both chronic and acute depression, whether or not someone is also taking anti-depression medication. Wearing a necklace of therapeutic gemstones provides the person experiencing depression with ongoing support in a simple, natural way.

Many doctors and therapists, as well as thousands of people around the world, use therapeutic gems for their consistent and remarkable health benefits. I have personally seen therapeutic gems help people feel more emotionally balanced, have more energy and vitality, and release grief and pain.

A Deep and Lasting Healing

When a patient is feeling generally down or sluggish, I often recommend Carnelian. A therapeutic Carnelian necklace fills the person with a bright and enlivening energy. It helps us reconnect with our inner fountain of optimism and vitality. One patient, whose father had died when she was very young, reported that after wearing a therapeutic quality Carnelian necklace for just a short time, she experienced a tremendous release of old tension and sorrow. By wearing Carnelian regularly, this release progressed into a deep and lasting healing. She says that Carnelian helps her feel like nothing bad has ever happened in her life!

Releasing the Heaviness of Depression

Pink Sapphire is a great choice when depression is associated with feeling emotionally wounded or overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Wearing Pink Sapphire can release the heaviness of anxiety and depression. It both nourishes the emotions and helps the gemstone user become stronger and more emotionally resilient. Because Pink Sapphire strengthens us emotionally, it can also work well when there is a history of childhood emotional trauma or a family history of depression. When a person has trauma early in life, there can be an ongoing burden and difficulty coping. Even as an adult, a stressful situation can recall the sense of helplessness from childhood.

One woman commented that she thought she would never be able to move beyond the trauma of her childhood experiences of abuse. When she first put on therapeutic Pink Sapphire, she began to improve. She said that she had a sense of peace and an inner knowing that everything was going to be okay. She felt that Pink Sapphire had helped her repair emotional holes.

Feeling Emotionally Nurtured

Wearing a therapeutic necklace of Mother of Pearl can be helpful when a sense of loss, loneliness, or abandonment is present. Mother of Pearl helps its wearer feel emotionally nurtured. Its energy is soothing and protective, like a mother's unconditional love. One young mother suffering from postpartum depression found so much relief from wearing Mother of Pearl that she wore two of them!

These three gemstones are simple, beneficial tools you can use to address emotional well-being and to feel more positive, energized, and triumphant in life.

Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

When using gemstones for health, I recommend using only gems that meet the high standards of therapeutic quality. Only gems that meet these standards are effective for the purpose of therapy. Gems used in jewelry commonly undergo artificial treatments to improve their appearance but negate their healing properties. I recommend one source of therapeutic gems, Gemisphere's purpose is to make therapeutic gems available to everyone, and their products provide consistent and reliable beneficial results. Gemisphere simply offers the best gems in the world for therapeutic use.

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