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Fatigue is the most common health complaint that people bring to their doctors today. Low energy and fatigue symptoms can have a variety of causes. The good news is that, whatever the cause, natural and effective remedies for fatigue are available in the form of therapeutic gemstones. Using therapeutic gems can increase energy without unwanted side effects and help resolve the underlying causes of fatigue.


Dr. Ada González discusses Natural Remedies for Fatigue and Low Energy.  (3:48 minute video)

Therapeutic Gemstones for Fatigue

Immediate and long-term relief from fatigue and low energy is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

  Quartz natural remedy for fatigue photo

Increases your energy and helps balance energy swings by attracting life force to your body. Learn more about Quartz

  Poppy Jasper natural remedy for fatigue photo

Enlivens and awakens your body, banishing sluggishness and heaviness without the negative effects of sugar or caffeine. Learn more about Poppy Jasper

  Blue Lace Agate natural remedy for fatigue photo

Strengthens your body's own healing mechanisms to help resolve the causes and symptoms of fatigue; also supports inner, emotional strength. Learn more about Blue Lace Agate

  Carnelian natural remedy for fatigue photo

Tones and nourishes the body’s storehouse of energy; its focus on the endocrine system supports the healing of adrenal fatigue and thyroid fatigue. Learn more about Carnelian




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Natural Fatigue Remedies:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Fatigue and Low Energy

by Dr. Ada González

In my practice as a naturopathic physician, fatigue is the most common complaint that my patients present. I have found some simple and supportive ways to help resolve this all-too-common issue. For both persistent and acute fatigue, I recommend using therapeutic gemstones, along with supplements and improved nutrition. I recommend therapeutic gemstone necklaces, because they are so easy to use—you simply wear them around your neck—and they bring results that last.

Therapeutic gems are used by many doctors and therapists, as well as thousands of people around the world, simply because they work so well. The advantage of gemstones is that they support the body to activate its own healing mechanisms. Stimulants, such as caffeine or sugar, may give you a temporary boost but actually decrease your energy over time. When you wear a therapeutic gemstone necklace, you balance and strengthen your body and improve your overall energy. At the same time, the gemstones help your body gently and naturally unravel the underlying issue that’s causing you to be fatigued and out of balance.

Quartz Boosts Life Energy

The first gem I often recommend for fatigue is Quartz. Wearing a therapeutic Quartz necklace attracts more life energy to the body in a gentle but invigorating way. The energy of Quartz helps you release stress and establish more balance in your life in general. Wearing Quartz can be effective not only to increase your energy, but also to help balance energy swings.

Poppy Jasper: The “Espresso” of Gemstones

For those who feel generally sluggish and heavy and have difficulty wanting to get up and move around, a great gemstone choice is Poppy Jasper. Poppy Jasper is the "espresso" of the gemstones—meaning it gives you energy, but without the negative effects of sugar or caffeine. I have patients who put on a therapeutic Poppy Jasper necklace first thing in the morning to replace a morning coffee, and they say it works much better.

Poppy Jasper can be effective for both chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. The longstanding aches and pains experienced with fibromyalgia generally come from blocks in the body's energy flow. Wearing a therapeutic Poppy Jasper necklace helps get the energy in the stagnant parts of the body moving again. This is not only energizing, but also soothing and healing.

One woman told the story of how wearing Poppy Jasper had such an obvious energizing effect that her husband noticed right away. Every Saturday she would talk about exercising but would tend to procrastinate, because she just didn't have the energy to move. One Saturday she decided to wear Poppy Jasper, and she was out of her chair in no time. She and her husband were pleasantly surprised.

Relief for Longstanding Fatigue

Another gemstone that works well for fatigue is Blue Lace Agate. It is one of my favorites, because it's good for so many conditions. This gem makes you stronger on all levels—not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

When fatigue is longstanding, the body's defenses are so exhausted that healing can be difficult. Blue Lace Agate helps strengthen the body's own healing mechanisms, which is the most powerful thing you can do for your health. Blue Lace Agate also supports inner, emotional strength, which is much appreciated by anyone experiencing fatigue.

Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

To experience health benefits from gemstones, it's important to use only therapeutic quality gems—those that meet the standards of purity and quality that allow a gemstone to work therapeutically. I recommend as the most reliable source; they offer the best gems in the world for therapeutic use.

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