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If you have had the flu, you are in good company. In a typical flu season in the U.S., 60 million people catch the flu. Although you are regularly exposed to the viruses that cause flu symptoms, whether you catch the flu depends largely on your immune strength. Using therapeutic gemstones is a natural and easy way to enhance immune function, help prevent flu symptoms, and recover more quickly if you do catch the flu.


Dr. Ada González discusses Natural Remedies for Flu.  (4:18 minute video)

Therapeutic Gemstones for Flu

Relief from flu symptoms is possible by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

  Bloodstone natural remedy for flu photo

Strengthens your immunity to flu and can help accelerate healing from the fever, headache, sore throat, and cough that come with the flu. Learn more about Bloodstone as a flu remedy

  Dark Green Aventurine natural remedy for flu photo

Helps improve the health of the organs involved in the immune response; soothes flu symptoms. Learn more about Dark Green Aventurine

  White Beryl natural remedy for flu photo

Clears and energizes the lymphatic system to bolster immunity and accelerate recovery from flu; helps clear swollen glands and boost energy. Learn more about White Beryl

  Carnelian natural remedy for flu photo

Vitalizes your overall immune system and helps you detoxify; is particularly effective if you catch flu frequently. Learn more about Carnelian




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Natural Flu Remedies:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach to Flu Relief

by Dr. Ada González

If you have had the flu, you are in good company. In a typical flu season, 60 million people will catch the flu in the U.S. The flu is triggered by a virus, but whether you actually get the flu depends on the strength of your immune system. This is great news, because it means that by strengthening your immunity, it is often possible to avoid getting the flu or to lessen the miserable symptoms.

As a doctor, one of my favorite ways to support the immune system is with therapeutic gemstones. Simply by wearing therapeutic gems around your neck, you can experience their natural healing energies.

Strengthen Your Immune System for Quick Recovery

A gemstone I often recommend to my patients for both colds and flu is Bloodstone. Bloodstone helps strengthen the immune system to make it more alert and responsive. If you do catch the flu, you can wear Bloodstone around your neck. You can also place it on affected areas, such as over the sinuses, on achy joints, or on the chest to ease a cough. The Bloodstone will soothe the discomfort and stimulate the immune response in the area to help you heal more rapidly.

One couple was flying cross country for important business meetings. When they arrived at their hotel, they realized they were both sick. Within hours, they were achy all over and extremely ill, with fever. They used Bloodstone throughout the evening and also held this effective gem on specific areas that were ailing. By the next morning, they felt surprisingly well. They made it to their meetings and called me to say they had resolved symptoms in just a few hours that normally would have taken a week to clear up.

Dispel Disharmonious Energies

Dark Green Aventurine works to prevent the flu and to accelerate healing. This gem helps expel disharmonious energies from the body's organs, including those involved in the immune response. Dark Green Aventurine can help your body become so proficient in its overall functioning that it's less likely you'll experience flu in the first place. I have also seen it speed up healing after flu symptoms have started.

One woman told of waking up in the morning feeling flu symptoms. As she was preparing to phone in sick for work, she put on her Dark Green Aventurine necklace. Within minutes, she realized that she already felt much better and didn't need to miss work. Another woman reported that she used to contract the flu every year. Several years ago, she used Dark Green Aventurine and Bloodstone together to help her get through a bad flu. She reported that she hasn't had the flu since.

Energize Your Lymphatic System

Another gemstone that can help you prevent the flu or feel better if you are starting to experience symptoms is White Beryl. It quickly vitalizes and energizes the lymphatic system. Wearing this gemstone before the flu season begins or at the first sign of flu symptoms can be highly beneficial.

If you want to learn about additional gemstones that can help with both flu and colds, I suggest watching the Gemisphere video on Colds. Flu and colds have related causes and behave similarly in our bodies. So, in natural medicine, we treat them in similar ways.

Of course, flu symptoms can range from moderate to very serious, and if your symptoms become severe or last more than a few days, it's important to see a doctor.

Source for Therapeutic Gemstones

When using gemstones for healing, I recommend choosing only therapeutic quality gems. is an excellent source for therapeutic quality gems

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