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Natural Remedies
to Improve Memory


Having a clear and focused mind is fundamental to experiencing vibrant health and well-being. Therapeutic gemstones can provide the mind with the energetic nourishment it needs to improve memory, enhance concentration, and increase brain power.


Dr. Ada González discusses Natural Remedies to Improve Memory and Mental Clarity.  (4:11 minute video)

Therapeutic Gemstones
for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity

You can experience improvements in memory and mental clarity by wearing the following therapeutic gemstone necklaces:

  Blue Sapphire for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity photo

Awakens, clears, and strengthens the mind; helps thought processes become more flexible and orderly while supporting the mind expand to its full potential. Learn more about Blue Sapphire

  Sodalight for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity photo

Improves mind and memory by clearing away mental clutter, fog, and stress; helps reduce negative thinking and scattered thoughts. Learn more about Sodalight

  Blue Lace Agate for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity photo

Strengthens the mind and helps you perceive and interpret information more easily; is especially useful when you are having difficulty making decisions. Learn more about Blue Lace Agate

  Lavender Fire for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity photo

Blue Sapphire, Lavender, and Quartz work together to deliver the healing benefits of Blue Sapphire to your memory and mind in a somewhat milder form than a solid Blue Sapphire necklace. Learn more about Lavender Fire

  Inner Quest for Improving Memory and Mental Clarity photo

Blue Sapphire, Lavender, and Quartz harmonize to bring the benefits of Blue Sapphire to your memory and mind in a milder form than a solid necklace. Learn more about Inner Quest




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Natural Memory Improvement:
An Effective and Long-Lasting Approach
to Increasing Memory and Mental Clarity

by Dr. Ada González

Have you noticed that your mind gets tired from overwork, just like your physical body does? When the mind gets tired, it starts to fall more easily into negative thinking and what we might call "junk" thoughts. This mental clutter can affect all aspects of mental functioning, from our ability to recall memories quickly and accurately to our ability to make clear decisions.

Natural and Effective Tools to Increase Mental Clarity

Today there are simple and natural energy medicine tools you can use to increase mental clarity, strengthen and nourish your mind and memory, and help your mind recover from overwork and fatigue. Some of the best tools I have found are therapeutic gemstones. Although people may be surprised to learn that gemstone necklaces can positively affect health, many doctors and therapists—as well as thousands of people around the world—are experiencing positive and lasting results with them. I've seen these results many times in my practice as a doctor.

When we wear certain therapeutic gemstone necklaces, the gems' healing energies clear and nourish the mind so that memory stays strong and focused, negative thinking is reduced, and the mind can expand to its full potential.

High-Energy Food for the Mind

One of the gems I recommend most often to support the mind and mental functioning is Blue Sapphire. This gem strengthens the mind and thought processes. A fatigued mind needs nourishment, and Blue Sapphire acts as high-energy food for the mind and memory. When you wear therapeutic Blue Sapphire around your neck, it helps bring order to your mind and rein in scattered thoughts.

Wearing Blue Sapphire can re-infuse joy into mental work. Anyone in school or regularly doing mental work can benefit from wearing a therapeutic gemstone necklace that contains Blue Sapphire. It helps keep the mind clear, healthy, and energized. One student commented that, after finishing six years of grueling graduate school, his mind was exhausted, and he was no longer interested even in reading a magazine. After just a few weeks of wearing Blue Sapphire, his mind felt stronger and the mental fatigue lifted.

Relieving Mental Stress to Improve Memory

Another gemstone that helps clear mental clutter is Sodalight. This deep blue gemstone encourages its user to become more positive, releases negative thinking, and improves all mental functions, including memory.

The energy of negative thoughts can accumulate and form something like a cloud around us. These clouds of negative energy—and of scattered, useless thoughts—can bog us down, make our memory sluggish, and distort our clear perception of the world around us. They can eventually make us physically sick. When you wear Sodalight, the gemstones absorb these clouds of disharmony and negativity so they no longer affect you. In this way, Sodalight helps you relieve mental stress and improve memory.

You can also use Sodalight to clear undesirable energies from the atmosphere in your home or office. One couple had placed a Sodalight necklace in their living room to help remove any negative energies that might have accumulated. They were surprised when a friend who was an interior designer came for a visit and was sure they had redecorated. After asking several times what changes they had made, she walked over to where the Sodalight necklace was laying on a table and said, "Here, it looks especially great!" She could sense that the atmosphere had improved.

Therapeutic Quality Gemstones

When using gems for therapeutic purposes, quality matters. Gemstones must be therapeutic in quality to offer therapeutic results. I recommend as the most reliable source of high-quality, pure gems. Gemisphere offers the best gems in the world for therapeutic benefits. MDs, naturopathic physicians, and many people around the world rely on Gemisphere's products for consistent and reliable results.

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