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Therapeutic Quality

What determines the therapeutic quality category of a particular gemstone?

In nature, gemstones occur in a wide range of qualities. For a gemstone to be suitable for therapeutic use, its physical character must be pure enough to allow the gem to express its healing energies fully and without corruption. Yet even among gemstones that are high enough in quality to be deemed therapeutic, there is a range of qualities. For this reason, Gemisphere has defined several categories of therapeutic quality. They are, in ascending order of quality: Fine, Very Fine, Exquisite, and Exquisite Plus. The higher the quality of a gemstone, the more powerful are its therapeutic effects.

To determine the quality category of a gemstone necklace, we carefully evaluate each bead for its therapeutic value. Evaluating gemstones for therapeutic quality takes a great deal of experience and expertise. Among other things, it requires the ability to compare many samples of various qualities of the same gemstone. For example, by comparing side by side thousands of Amethysts in a wide range of qualities, we can determine each Amethyst’s therapeutic quality category with great accuracy.

Evaluating a gemstone for therapeutic quality also requires knowing which characteristics to look for in each type of gemstone. The quality requirements for each type of gemstone are unique. For example, certain characteristics of therapeutic Quartz spheres don’t apply to Lavender, Aquamarine, or Leopardskin Jasper. A degree of cloudiness is desirable in therapeutic Lavender but unacceptable in clear Quartz. The more varied the colors in a Leopardskin Jasper necklace, the more potent the necklace is, whereas a single, uniform color is a must in a therapeutic Aquamarine necklace. These are just a few simple examples.

Want to learn more?

To read more about the importance of therapeutic quality in gemstones and how Gemisphere evaluates its gemstones, click here.

To read about the therapeutic quality requirements for each of Gemisphere’s solid necklaces, navigate to the necklace’s dedicated page and scroll down to the heading, “Therapeutic Quality [Name of Gemstone].” If you are interested in a necklace that contains more than one type of gemstone, simply go to the pages dedicated to the necklace’s individual components.

Want help with a selection?

If you wish to obtain a gemstone necklace with specific characteristics, we suggest that you call one of our Gemstone Advisors at 800-727-8877. The advisor can examine the available necklaces in the quality you desire to help you select a necklace that meets your specifications.

What determines the “Grade” assigned to some necklaces?

For most gemstones, the therapeutic quality categories defined as Very Fine, Exquisite, Exquisite Plus, etc. suffice to describe the quality of the gems in a particular necklace. However, for a handful of gemstones, gradients of quality exist within each therapeutic quality category. To reflect these variations, we have added a “Grade” column to the Online Ordering chart.

The number in the “Grade” column indicates that a particular necklace is somewhat higher or lower in quality than the other necklaces in the same category. For example, an Exquisite quality necklace with a grade of 05 is several gradients higher in quality than an Exquisite quality necklace with a grade of 02. Both necklaces, however, qualify as Exquisite quality. The variations in grade are reflected in the price of each necklace.

Greater clarity or higher carat weight are examples of factors associated with an increase in grade. To learn more about the specifics of a particular necklace, we invite you to give us a call at 800-727-8877.

Necklace Availability

Why is a particular necklace out of stock? When will it be available again?

As you’ve probably gathered by now, ensuring the quality of our gemstones is our highest priority. Unless a gemstone is of exceptional quality, we simply will not offer it to our customers. Anything less wouldn’t be consistent with our mission to provide only the finest-quality gemstone energy medicine tools. If we cannot find a particular gemstone that meets our standards of quality, we always wait until that quality becomes available before obtaining it for our customers. In the meantime, don’t be discouraged! Our search for therapeutic quality gemstones is ongoing, and, in most cases, the wait is short-lived.

When an item is out of stock, you can do either (or both) of the following:



You can give us a call at 800-727-8877 to double-check on availability.

It’s possible that our website is not yet displaying an item that we have recently received into stock. Although we update it regularly, our website will show a newly received shipment only after all the gemstones have been carefully inspected and all outstanding backorders have been filled.



You can place the item on backorder.

To place an item on backorder, simply call us at 800-727-8877 or email us by clicking here with the name, quality, sphere size, and length of the necklace you wish to place on backorder.

We fill backorders as soon as the ordered item becomes available. If the item you requested becomes available within 30 days of the day you placed your order, we will automatically ship it to you and charge your account upon shipment. If the item you requested becomes available more than 30 days from your original order date, we will contact you before shipping it to confirm that you still wish to receive it.


What time does this month’s TeleSeminar start where I live?

Our TeleSeminars usually start at 5:00 PM Pacific Time and originate in Portland, Oregon, USA. There are several ways to convert the TeleSeminar starting time to your local time. Our favorite is to use a web-based time converter, such as www.timeanddate.com.

To visit timeanddate.com and convert the TeleSeminar time to your local time, click here.

When the page appears, fill in the fields under The World Clock – Time Zone Converter:



Under Select time and place to convert from, enter the following:

• In the Month, Day, and Year fields, select the TeleSeminar date and time.
• In the Location field, select “U.S.A. - Oregon - Salem.”



Under Select place to convert to, select your local time zone.



Click the Convert time button.

A page will appear displaying the TeleSeminar starting time converted to your local time.

Welcome Coupon

How can I take advantage of the Welcome Coupon?

The Welcome Coupon is our way of saying thank you for joining our mailing list. We use this list to provide you with email updates about our therapeutic gemstones, developments in gemstone energy medicine and our educational services, and to tell you about our Gem of the Week specials.

The Welcome Coupon is worth 10% off your entire first order. If you order by phone, remind us that you are a first-time customer and wish to use your coupon. If you order online, the coupon will be added automatically to your Shopping Bag. To take advantage of the Welcome Coupon, simply join our mailing list here, and place your first order for any item that is currently in stock.

I just joined your mailing list, but I’ve already placed my first order. Can I apply the Welcome Coupon to my previous purchase?

Yes, you can. Most likely, however, we already applied the Welcome Coupon to your first order. Since we fulfill all gemstone orders manually, including those placed on our website, we review each order individually and carefully. If you included your email address with your contact information when you placed your first order, we probably enrolled you in our mailing list and applied the Welcome Coupon to your purchase. However, if you did not include your email address, we will happily arrange for you to receive your discount. Simply call us at 800-727-8877.

If you wish to confirm that we applied the Welcome Coupon to your first order, give us a call or email us by clicking here, and we’ll check for you. You can also check your Order Confirmation email, which states the final amount billed to your card. If the Welcome Coupon was applied to your order, it will be noted in the email.

Customer Service

What is Gemisphere’s mailing address? Where do I ship my return, exchange, rejuvenation, or check payment?

Click here to see our contact information, including our mailing address.

If you are sending us a necklace for repair and rejuvenation, click here for more information and instructions.

Returns and Exchanges

What are your policies for returns and exchanges?

Our Warranty

Gemisphere offers a 90-day warranty on all necklaces. If a necklace should break during this period, return it to us and we will restring it at no charge unless breakage is due to the wearer’s mismanagement.

If you are returning your necklace for repair, please enclose a Repair and Rejuvenation Form. To download and print a copy of the form, click here.


Gemisphere will provide a full refund for any unused gemstones returned within 30 days (US) or 45 days (International) of purchase and accompanied by a Return/Exchange Form, the original receipt, and a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number.

To download and print a copy of the Return/Exchange Form, click here.

To obtain an RMA number, please call a Gemstone Advisor at 800-727-8877.

We regret that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for gemstones that have been worn or used. Gemstones with fragrance on them will be considered worn and are therefore ineligible for return or exchange. We strongly suggest not trying on gemstones while wearing perfume or scented oils if you are considering returning the item. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

Please note that it can take up to 15 days to process a return.

Gemisphere reserves the right to charge a restocking fee for multiple returns made by the same customer.


If you wish to exchange a necklace, and it meets our return criteria (above), we will gladly replace it with another necklace of your choice. When shipping us your necklace for exchange, please include a Return/Exchange Form.

To download and print a copy of the Return/Exchange Form, click here.

If you wish to make an exchange, please indicate your choice for the replacement on the Return/Exchange Form. As soon as we receive your necklace at our office, we will ship the new necklace to you. If there is a difference between the price of your returned item and the new one you are requesting, we will contact you regarding the payment or credit method you prefer.

Layaway Returns

For items purchased on layaway, we offer this slight variation on our usual 30-day Return/Exchange policy: Within 30 days of your first layaway payment, if for any reason you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, you can receive a cash refund for your first payment. After these first 30 days, you will receive Gemisphere credit instead of a cash refund. After we have shipped your layaway item, if you choose to return it unworn and unused within 30 days of receiving it, you will receive Gemisphere credit instead of a cash refund.

Shipping Guidelines

To mail us your necklace for return or exchange, please do the following:



Package your necklace securely in a sturdy box. Please use environmentally packing material (for example, newspaper).



Enclose the Return/Exchange form and a copy of your original invoice. (If you do not have the original invoice, please write your order number and purchase on the form.) Write your RMA number on the outside of the package.



If shipping your package internationally, please label “DO NOT X-RAY.”



Ship your package to:

2812 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210



We suggest that you insure your package.

Necklace Repair and Rejuvenation

The thread in my necklace just broke. Why did this happen?

Unlike conventional necklaces, which are worn only occasionally, Gemisphere’s therapeutic gemstones are worn regularly and for longer periods. Depending on how frequently you cleanse the gemstones, the intensity of your healing process, the size of the spheres, and a variety of other factors, the thread in your therapeutic necklace might occasionally break.

Interestingly, when a necklace breaks, it can even happen in the early stages of working with it. When the energetic pattern you are addressing with the gemstones reaches a certain level of intensity, a necklace sometimes spontaneously releases this energy by breaking the circle created by stringing. While this is a positive sign therapeutically, we understand that it can be somewhat frustrating. We hope you take some comfort in knowing that, in creating our necklaces, we are guided by the intention to provide you with the highest quality therapeutic tools.

If your necklace thread breaks, we offer necklace Repair and Rejuvenation Services, as well as the materials for repairing necklaces at home. For information about our Repair and Rejuvenation Services, see the next question or click here.

Tips for Protecting the Thread’s Longevity

Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your necklace’s thread:


Do not wear necklaces longer than 20 inches to bed. Instead, lay them within three feet of your body.

During intense physical activity, such as exercise, remove your necklace and place it in a secure pocket.

If you have cleansed your necklace using water, be sure that the thread is completely dry before wearing or storing the necklace. Tip: You can rinse your necklace before you go to bed and then leave it flat to dry within three feet of your body while you sleep.

What are my options for repairing a broken necklace?

If your Gemisphere necklace breaks, you have several options for repairing it:



We offer a 90-day warranty on all our necklaces. If your necklace breaks during this period, you can return it to us, and we will restring it at no charge, unless the breakage was due to the wearer’s mismanagement.



If your necklace breaks after the 90-day warranty period has expired, we will treat your necklace to our Repair and Rejuvenation Services. (Click here for more information, including fees.)

The most important part of this service is the rejuvenation process, in which we give each bead of your necklace a unique Rallop® Diamond treatment. This treatment clears and restores the gemstones more deeply than the cleansing methods available to you at home. When gemstones have been working hard on our behalf, they occasionally require the boost that only a Rallop® Diamond treatment can provide. Your gemstones will return home to you refreshed, renewed, and ready to serve you to the fullest.



You can restring your necklace yourself. For a small fee, we will provide you with a needle and thread suitable for restringing your particular necklace. Simply tell us the necklace type, bead size, and length of the necklace you wish to repair, and we will mail you the proper needle and thread. To order restringing supplies, call us 800-727-8877, or email us by clicking here.

Necklace Sizes

A 16-inch necklace is too small for my neck. Why do you offer this size if it is too small for most adults to wear?

For people who prefer shorter necklaces, we offer some of our necklaces in lengths of 16 or 18 inches. Most women can comfortably wear a 16- or 18-inch necklace, and most men can comfortably wear an 18-inch necklace. These shorter lengths are also generally more comfortable for children than longer necklaces.

For some children, even shorter necklaces and smaller gems may be appropriate. As a custom order, Gemisphere can create a 15-inch necklace for a child by altering a longer 6-mm necklace and adding a 14-karat gold clasp. The custom order carries a $34.95 stringing fee plus the cost of the clasp.

It’s also worth noting that, on occasion, the length of our shorter combination necklaces (that is, necklaces made with more than one type of gemstone) can vary slightly from the length posted on our website. This is because we create these necklaces based on specific numbers of components rather than on overall length. If the individual bead sizes are a half-millimeter larger or smaller than in another necklace, the length may be slightly affected. If you have questions regarding the exact length of a specific necklace, call us at 800-727-8877, and a Gemstone Advisor will be happy to measure it for you.

Tips for Determining Fit

To determine how a particular necklace will fit you, we suggest cutting a string to the length in question and placing it around your neck. Remember, a necklace of gemstones has weight, so for the most accurate fitting, you may need to arrange the string to simulate the drape of a necklace. Also, please keep in mind that the larger the sphere size, the smaller the inside diameter of the necklace will be.

Airport Security and X-Ray Exposure

I read that I shouldn’t let my therapeutic gemstones pass through the X-ray machine in airport security. Is this true? If so, how can I travel with my gemstones?

You’re right. We strongly recommend that you do not expose your therapeutic gemstones to X-rays. This includes the X-rays used in airport security scanning of both carry-on and checked luggage. After even minimal exposure, the gemstones absorb the X-ray radiation and later release it when the gems are being used therapeutically. X-ray radiation can also significantly diminish the gemstones’ effectiveness as therapy tools.

Here are two suggestions for getting your gemstones through airport security safely:



You can wear your gemstones around your neck or carry them in your pockets. (Remember to remove the gems from the pockets of your coat or jacket, since outerwear is required to pass through the X-ray machine!) When you wear or carry your gems this way, they will usually not be affected by your walking through the metal detector. This is probably the best option for moving through the inspection process with a minimum of time and fuss.



You can ask the screener to hand-inspect your gemstones instead of passing them through the X-ray scanner. Carrying the gems in a clear plastic bag will protect them from handling and allow the screener to inspect them visually. This is generally a less preferable option, since it takes extra time and, on rare occasions, the screeners have been known to balk at hand-inspection requests.

If my gemstones have been exposed to X-rays or other electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), how can I clear the gems of these frequencies?

If your gemstones have absorbed X-rays or other EMF, it is important to clear them of these frequencies before you wear or use the gemstones again. Otherwise, they will gradually release this potentially harmful radiation back into your aura, or energetic field.

To safely discharge the frequencies and clear the gemstones, place the gems outdoors, directly on the ground, for four to five days. Placing them on a patch of grass in a protected area is a good choice. To protect the thread and certain gemstones that should avoid moisture,* you can place a piece of cotton cloth or gauze between the ground and the gems. By leaving the gemstones in contact with the Earth, they will release the radiation and be restored to their natural state.

*For information on which gemstones should avoid moisture, click here.


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