Blue Phoenix - Rebirth

Blue Phoenix teaches you to let go of the old self and accept the new. This combination of Sodalight and Quartz releases limiting habits and attitudes to reveal your true, unlimited potential. The Sodalight swirls give momentum to the necklace's effects as the Quartz brings them to your physical body. Blue Phoenix gradually transforms your consciousness, helping you move away from a more fixed, rigid state to one that is more open and flexible.

Blue Phoenix necklaces contain Sodalight swirls, Quartz, and 14-karat gold beads.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Blue Phoenix Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Habits and attitudes that are holding you back


Undernourishment, either physical or emotional


Unhealthy cravings

You want to—


Let go of your old concept of yourself and embrace a new, expanded sense of self


Feel more inner freedom and joy


Tap your true, unlimited potential


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Blue Phoenix Necklace

Blue Phoenix teaches you to let go of the old self and accept the new. By releasing limiting habits and attitudes, this necklace helps reveal your true, unlimited potential. Blue Phoenix contains specially shaped Sodalight beads, called swirls; Frosted Quartz spheres; and 14-karat gold beads.

People who seek the transformation offered by Blue Phoenix may feel that their circumstances leave something to be desired. This sense of deficiency can manifest as physical or emotional undernourishment or as a longing for a new, expanded self. To resolve this sense of deficiency, the undernourishment must be remedied, and any unfulfilled needs must be satisfied. Only then will the body and emotions be strong enough to handle the desired transformation. Blue Phoenix both prepares you for and encourages these changes.

Sodalight spheres enhance the movement of life energies throughout your body and through your energy meridians. The swirl form accelerates this flow to such a degree that an entire necklace of Sodalight swirls would be non-therapeutic. However, when a few Sodalight swirls are properly combined with another gemstone, as they are in Blue Phoenix, the swirls can move the other gemstone's energies to your body, thereby enhancing that gemstone's therapeutic effects.

In Blue Phoenix, the Sodalight swirls quickly move to your body the fresh energy and color rays attracted by Quartz. The light of Quartz also helps your body see what it truly needs for its movement toward greater health and well-being. The color rays form a matrix that attracts whatever you need to correct these deficiencies and to take the desired steps.

As the Sodalight circulates these life-giving energies, they highlight energetic gaps and pockets of darkness and disharmony in your body. These gaps and pockets are created by the repetition of unhealthy habits, and they are the precursors of infection and disease. Each dark pocket has its own energetic mix, or signature, which urges you to keep repeating the habit that created it. The gaps are like holes in your body's energetic fabric that demand to be filled as soon as possible; hence, they are also one cause of cravings.

The healthy energies circulated by Blue Phoenix fill these energetic gaps. At the same time, they flush the pockets of dark energies and wash your body in refreshing rivers of color rays and Quartz vibrations. This not only lifts the burden from your physical cells; it makes them joyful, grateful, and relaxed. The mixture of energies in the dark pockets is gradually uplifted to a healthier state. Cravings subside, allowing you to move past the habits and make more conscious choices about your actions.

Like the phoenix of Egyptian mythology—a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth—Blue Phoenix can help you replace your rigidities with flexibility, and your old self with the new. Because this necklace can help release the habits that interfere with a free, healthy, and joyful life, it has a place in the “toolbox” of anyone seeking longevity. Blue Phoenix encourages you to fulfill your potential for excellence and beauty as it expels your body's darkness and replaces it with greater light.


In many cases, insomnia is caused by the body's energy flows running too quickly at night, thereby making the mind too active to sleep. Although Blue Phoenix quickens the body's energy flows, if used properly, it can provide relief from insomnia.

If you suffer from insomnia, you should not wear Blue Phoenix to bed. Instead, put on the necklace when you wake up in the morning, and then remove it a few hours before bedtime. The Blue Phoenix will exercise your energy flows during the day; when you remove it in the evening, these flows will naturally want to rest, and sleep may come more easily.

Because it might take some time for Blue Phoenix to establish a healthier cycle of rest and activity among your body's energy flows, give this technique at least two weeks before expecting to see any results with your insomnia. Once the Blue Phoenix begins to help you sleep, continue to wear it for another few weeks until your rest and activity cycle is well established.

Identifying Energetic Gaps

After you have worn Blue Phoenix for a minute or so, an expert in applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, may be able to locate the energetic gaps or dark pockets in your body. These pockets can indicate areas that have not yet manifested a disease but, if left untreated, will likely do so sometime in the future.

Support from Lavender Light

Once you have begun to improve the energetic makeup of your physical body's dark pockets by wearing Blue Phoenix, wearing its sister necklace, Lavender Light, can help you clear the nonphysical urges that prompt you to repeat unhealthy habits.

Necklace Applications

Blue Phoenix offers its best results when worn around the neck.


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