Lavender Light - Connecting with Higher Truth

Lavender Light reveals the luminous beauty of your inner Self by clearing away the mental clouds that block your perception of higher truth. Lavender cylinders carry Sodalight's purifying energy into the mind itself. There, this necklace eliminates the negative energies, attitudes, and misconceptions that hinder the experience of higher states of awareness. Lavender Light opens your crown chakra and fosters flexibility in your mind and physical head. It connects you to the love imparted by your highest Self, the true source of personal strength and self-esteem.

Lavender Light necklaces contain Sodalight spheres, Lavender cylinders, and 14-karat gold beads.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Lavender Light Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


An apparently insurmountable life situation


Debilitating regrets or self-criticism


Loss of direction in life


Chronic indecision that renders you unable to act


Mental cloudiness or negative attitudes bogging you down

You want to—


Experience the joy, wisdom, and guidance of your higher self


Improve your self-esteem


Clarify and strengthen your intuition


Develop higher states of consciousness


Cultivate greater mental flexibility and clarity


Experience the benefits of cranio-sacral therapy


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Lavender Light Necklace

Lavender Light reveals the luminous beauty of your inner Self by clearing away the mental clouds that block your perception of higher truth. Lavender Light contains eleven sections of five Sodalight spheres, one Lavender cylinder, and one 14-karat gold bead. Lavender's cylindrical form allows the Lavender's energy to encompass the vibrations of its earthstone and metallic partners, thus enabling the Lavender to work harmoniously with the Sodalight.

When worn alone, Sodalight clears limiting mental energies in your aura and physical body. In Lavender Light, the Lavender projects these effects into the mind itself. Lavender helps Sodalight work in areas that it would otherwise be unable to reach, while the Sodalight adds a new dimension to Lavender's scope of activity. Lavender Light brings Sodalight's purifying energy into the very fabric of your mind and its intuitive aspect. There, it clears the mental clutter that hinders your experience of higher states of awareness, and it untangles any inappropriate “blending” of the mind—in this case, with itself.

When the mind blends with itself, it suffers the mental equivalent of an autoimmune response: one part of the mind attacks another. The most common symptom of this is destructive indecision. The mind runs back and forth between options and becomes confused. The person becomes paralyzed by the inability to act; forward movement is stalled, and opportunities are lost. The unique combination of Lavender and Sodalight in this necklace helps to repair the mind's inappropriate blending and to restore its health.

Lavender Light's eleven sequences direct the necklace's energy to your intuitive aspect. The connection between your intuition and your highest Self, Soul, serves as a filter through which information passes between Soul and your other aspects. When, for various reasons, this filter malfunctions, communication between Soul and the rest of your being can become impaired. Then it can become easy for you to lose awareness of Soul and to believe that no higher intelligence is operating within you. Impaired communication with your highest Self can also make you feel scattered, out of sorts, and as though you've lost your sense of direction in life. Also, if you have negative thoughts and feelings about yourself, Soul will be unaware of them and thus unable to correct them.

Lavender Light helps restore the proper functioning of the connection between your subconscious and Soul. Thus, it is particularly beneficial when you are feeling down on yourself or are filled with regret or self-directed anger. The illumination offered by Lavender Light can also help when a life situation seems unsolvable or when you are looking for a source of true guidance and are continually befuddled by your mind. By dissolving the mental clouds that dim your connection with your highest Self, Lavender Light restores the beacon of your inner guidance.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy in a Necklace

Lavender Light opens your crown chakra and adjusts the plates of your skull so that they are more flexible and responsive. These effects are similar to those of cranio-sacral therapy. When you wear Lavender Light around your neck, your skull begins to subtly move, pulse, and “unwind.” This unwinding, or increase in the flexibility, of the plates of the head is the physical manifestation of Lavender Light's effects in the mind.

This effect will be most pronounced when you are resting. Therefore, wearing Lavender Light during a quiet evening or overnight is particularly effective; then your body is relaxed and receptive to the necklace's efforts to increase the suppleness of your head and what it represents metaphorically—namely, the mind. Increasing the flexibility of your head and mind are necessary first steps in softening your perceptions of yourself. This flexibility will allow you to receive, as often as possible, the love imparted to you by your highest Self. This love is palpable and the true source of personal strength, self-esteem, certainty, and belief in yourself.

If you wear the necklace during a busy day, your body may not allow itself to be vulnerable and might resist the therapy. Therefore, it's best not to put on Lavender Light in the morning then run out the door for work. Instead, immediately after donning the necklace, practice your morning meditation or enjoy some quiet time, and then start your activity. This way, the Lavender Light will have already started a cycle of unwinding. During the day, the necklace's other effects will come to the fore. Then, when you take a break or come home at night and relax, the unwinding effect will resume.

Blue Phoenix and Lavender Light

Because of its effects on the mind, Lavender Light is an excellent companion necklace to Blue Phoenix when you are trying to move away from limiting self-concepts and bad habits.

Time Guidelines

For best results, when you first put on Lavender Light in the morning, remember to give yourself some quiet time before getting busy with your day.

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