Moonstone - Youthfulness

Two Varieties of Moonstone:
Blue Flash and White Flash

Gemisphere offers two varieties of therapeutic Moonstone: White Flash and Blue Flash. White Flash Moonstone gemstones display a shimmery white flash, or adularescence, and Blue Flash Moonstone displays blue adularescence. The missions and indications for wearing the two varieties are essentially the same, but Blue Flash Moonstone offers some additional benefits.

Blue Flash Moonstone

The photograph above depicts Blue Flash Moonstone. To learn about the benefits of wearing Blue Flash Moonstone, click here. To order a Blue Flash Moonstone necklace, see the ordering chart below, or call 800-727-8877 to speak with a Gemstone Advisor.

White Flash Moonstone

To see a photograph of White Flash Moonstone, read about the benefits of wearing it, and order a White Flash Moonstone necklace, click here.


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Benefits of Wearing a Blue Flash Moonstone Necklace

The therapeutic effects of Blue Flash Moonstone differ in several ways from those of the Moonstone variety that displays white flash. (To read about the effects of White Flash Moonstone, click here.) Both varieties nourish and develop the aura. White Flash Moonstone directs its effects to your supraphysical aura. This is the layer of energy that immediately surrounds every cell and organ, as well as your entire physical body. In contrast, Blue Flash Moonstone brings its therapeutic benefits to all layers of your aura—from the supraphysical through the emotional, causal, and mental. Because of its effects on your supraphysical aura, White Flash Moonstone strengthens physical-body functions. Correspondingly, Blue Flash Moonstone enhances the functioning of your subtle bodies. It also affects your supraphysical aura and physical body, but to a much lesser degree than White Flash Moonstone.

Expanding the Aura

When the energy of Blue Flash Moonstone enters your energetic field, your aura slightly stretches and expands. As this occurs, certain unwanted energies are loosened and can be more easily released. Also, previously suppressed good feelings will become more available, as will forgotten but useful memories and healthy thought processes that have become sluggish or blocked. Healing energy will move more freely when your aura is expanded.

When you remove the Moonstone from your neck, its energy will gradually leave your field, and your expanded aura will slowly return to its previous state. After wearing the Moonstone during the day, if you keep it within three feet of your body at night, it will maintain its connection with your aura and help keep it expanded.

Freeing the Emotions

Again, when your emotional aura expands, unneeded emotional energies will be released. Consequently, you may feel emotionally freer and find it easier to express your true feelings. If the energy of an unpleasant emotion has become lodged in your emotional aura, it can erupt at the slightest provocation, and you may have little control over it; the gentle release of these stuck energies will then allow the feelings you express to become more truly your own.

Improving Memory

As your causal aura expands, its functions of memory storage and retrieval will improve. Thus, if you have trouble remembering important information, wearing Blue Flash Moonstone can help. Memories that inhibit your peace of mind will be stored away more readily.

Freeing the Mind

As Blue Flash Moonstone’s energy expands your mental aura, your thoughts will flow more smoothly, and you will be able to process them more quickly. You’ll experience less mental stagnancy and fewer mental blocks. For this reason, you can benefit from wearing Moonstone when you are working out an analytical problem, doing a creative project, or struggling with writer’s block. The Moonstone will be most effective if you are thinking positively about the problem or project and not getting stuck in negative thinking about feeling blocked. Moonstone’s feedback benefits will also illuminate the effects of both your positive and negative thoughts.

Overcoming Limitations

You can benefit from Blue Flash Moonstone if you have reached an apparent ceiling in some aspect of your growth or life, if you feel claustrophobic, or if you are physically restricted (for example, you are in a wheelchair or confined to bed). By giving attention to your subtle bodies, Blue Flash Moonstone will help you realize that your physical limitation is only a fraction of your dynamic potential. This will help open your creativity to find avenues to more mental freedom, whatever your physical limitations may be.

Lubricating Effect

Both varieties of Moonstone have a lubricating effect on the flow of energy and information within you. White Flash Moonstone lubricates, or decreases resistance in, the flows between your supraphysical aura and physical body. The energy of Blue Flash Moonstone lubricates the flows within each subtle body, between your subtle bodies and their auras, and between all layers of the aura. By enhancing the exchange of energy and information, Blue Flash Moonstone helps improve all functions of your subtle bodies and their auras.

Overcoming Habits

Unwanted habits are associated with intrusions of mental body fabric into areas where it doesn’t belong. When the habit is minor, it often means that the mental body is pressing on the causal body, forming a depression in the causal-body surface. If you are locked in a destructive habit, some of your mental- or causal-body fabric may have penetrated your emotional or even physical body. This penetration jams the subtle bodies together and may cause physical symptoms. Blue Flash Moonstone will expand these compressed areas, allowing them to separate. The Moonstone’s lubricating energy will discourage further interpenetrations. These effects will eliminate a major factor in the perpetuation of an unwanted habit, and you’ll be freer to make desired changes.

Fulfilling Your Dreams

Have you ever had a great idea and felt the excitement of its potential, but then nothing came of it? It takes the full support of your heart, mind, and body to manifest such an idea. If you wear Blue Flash Moonstone while planning your idea, its lubricating effect on information flow between your bodies can make your physical and subtle-body resources more available to each other. Your plans will consequently be more realistic, organized, and heartfelt. They’ll receive the full support of your heart, mind, and body, thus increasing your chances of success. In addition, because Blue Flash Moonstone expands your subtle bodies, you will be able to reach out more effectively into the universe to access the resources, contacts, raw materials, and whatever else you need to manifest your creative gift.

More Comparisons between the Two Varieties of Moonstone

Managing Energy Resources and Supporting Organ Communication

Because White Flash Moonstone builds up the fabric of your supraphysical aura, it helps ensure that your physical organs have an ample supply of energy to draw upon in times of need. Similarly, Blue Flash Moonstone fortifies the fabric of your subtle-body auras, with similar benefits for your subtle bodies. Paralleling the effects of White Flash Moonstone, Blue Flash Moonstone also enhances communication among the subtle-body counterparts of your physical organs.

Correcting DNA

A major benefit of both White Flash and Blue Flash Moonstone is the ability to prevent DNA mutations during cell division. With its focus on the supraphysical aura, White Flash Moonstone works on cell division as it is occurring in the physical body; its benefits can be more immediately helpful. Blue Flash Moonstone works on the subtle-body influences that can interfere with accurate DNA replication, such as karmic patterns, certain energy blockages, and interpenetrations of subtle-body fabric. Because Blue Flash Moonstone nourishes and expands the auras, such influences are less likely to disrupt accurate DNA replication.

When Selecting Moonstone

You may prefer White Flash Moonstone if you wish to use Moonstone to address a physical condition, especially one caused by genetic faults, DNA replication errors, an autoimmune dysfunction, or premature aging. White Flash Moonstone is also an excellent choice if you want to improve the functioning of your supraphysical aura.

You may prefer Blue Flash Moonstone when you want to experience the effects of Moonstone in your emotions, memory, and mind. Again, Blue Flash Moonstone also affects your supraphysical aura and physical body, but to a much lesser degree than White Flash Moonstone. Thus, Blue Flash Moonstone is an excellent choice if you seek a sense of expansiveness or if you want to free your mind and emotions, improve your memory, overcome unwanted habits, and access the inner and outer resources needed to help you fulfill your dreams.

Wearing and Cleansing Blue Flash Moonstone

The guidelines for wearing and cleansing White Flash and Blue Flash Moonstone are the same, except for the following situations. (Click here to read “How to Wear Moonstone.” Click here to read “Care and Cleansing of Moonstone.”)

Wearing Blue Flash and White Flash Moonstone Together

Wearing White Flash Moonstone with most other necklaces is not recommended. However, Blue Flash and White Flash Moonstone necklaces can be worn together with good results. The two will work together and support each other’s action to create a stronger therapeutic effect.

Because of the similarity in these two gemstones’ energies, the necklace lengths and bead sizes can be significantly different, the same, or any variation in between. When you wear them together, it is best not to wear a third necklace. The effects of both varieties of Moonstone are so encompassing, that wearing another necklace might give your physical and subtle-body systems too much work to do.

Wearing Blue Flash Moonstone with Other Necklaces

Blue Flash Moonstone can be worn with necklaces other than White Flash Moonstone. One exception is Clear Topaz, since Clear Topaz consolidates the aura and Blue Flash Moonstone expands it. Before wearing any necklaces together, check them for compatibility with each other by performing a Necklace Compatibility Test (click here for instructions).


Because of the way White Flash Moonstone supports the development of the supraphysical aura, the ideal Moonstone choice for children is White Flash Moonstone. However, children can also wear Blue Flash Moonstone.

No Contraindications

Except for wearing it with Clear Topaz, there are no contraindications for wearing or using Blue Flash Moonstone.

Therapeutic Quality Blue Flash Moonstone

The therapeutic quality parameters for Blue Flash Moonstone are similar to those of White Flash Moonstone, with the obvious exception being its blue adularescence. Another important difference between the two types is that Blue Flash Moonstone lacks the milkiness that makes White Flash Moonstone appear pearly white. Blue Flash Moonstone is generally translucent and may appear colorless, beige, gray, or even yellowish, depending on lighting conditions. Its blue flash is particularly visible when you place the gems in direct sunlight or submerge them in water.

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