Onyx - Becoming Grounded

Onyx stabilizes, heals, and strengthens your root chakra so you may become more grounded and productive in the physical world. Onyx absorbs all seven color rays, then brings them into your body through the root chakra. As Onyx's energy rises to your brow, it releases to each chakra the color rays needed by the chakra. This energetic support helps your chakras become more adaptable, enabling you to perform multiple tasks with greater ease and thus to manifest your creative vision in the world.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Onyx Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Feeling spaced out, ungrounded, or scattered


Feeling overwhelmed by the need to perform multiple tasks


Difficulty concentrating or focusing


Difficulty manifesting your intentions and goals in the world

You want to—


Feel more grounded


Perform multiple tasks with more ease and focus


Become more productive


Break an undesirable habit


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Onyx Necklace

Onyx stabilizes, heals, and strengthens your root chakra so that you may become more grounded and productive in the physical world. Onyx brings the seven color rays to all your chakras, except the crown chakra. In this way, Onyx strengthens your chakras at the deepest level so that they may function properly. It also promotes a healthy relationship among all your chakras, particularly between the root and sacral chakras, whose work is closely interwoven.

Some people have negative attitudes about the root chakra or consider it less important than the other chakras. If the root chakra were unnecessary, it would not be part of the human form. When your root chakra is balanced and functioning properly, you have the strength to perform and thrive in the physical world and to develop the higher chakras. Indeed, a strong and stable root chakra is needed to help you withstand the changes that will come into your life as you develop the higher chakras.

It is the nature of Onyx's energy and its black color to absorb the seven color rays and bring them into the body. Onyx's energy enters your root chakra. Then it rises up through your body, giving each chakra the message that it is all right for it to open up and accept color rays and other beneficial energies as your body needs them.

Onyx also acts like a lubricant for your chakras. In the course of a busy day, when you are faced with many decisions and must move from activity to activity, it is essential to have well-lubricated chakras that can respond to life's shifting requirements. If your chakras are stuck and unresponsive, you may feel as though you just can't seem to manifest your goals, dreams, and intentions. For example, you may want to finish a particular project; you have the intention and desire to do it, but things just keep getting in the way, and you can't seem to follow through. By lubricating your chakras and bringing them the color-ray nourishment they need, Onyx helps your chakras become more adaptable, thus enabling you to perform multiple tasks with greater ease and to manifest your creative vision in the world.

Releasing Bad Habits

Onyx can help you break undesirable patterns or habits. These habits may be physical, emotional, or mental. An undesirable habit is a form of disharmony, and where all colors of the rainbow exist in balance, there can be no disharmony. Onyx helps your body become strong enough to accept an optimal and balanced ratio of color rays on its own. When this happens, the overall quality of your energy rises, making it easier for you to recognize your limiting patterns and habits.

To help you let go of a particular habit, Onyx first encourages you to become aware of that habit. It does this by intensifying your attachment to the habit—but only to the point where you recognize that the attachment exists. In this way, Onyx helps you see that what is destructive is not so much the habitual behavior itself, but your attachment to it. For example, many people who habitually drink too much or smoke don't believe they have a problem. When Onyx is worn by a person who has, for example, a habit of smoking, he will find his attachment to smoking intensifying. This doesn't mean that he will smoke more cigarettes or that the habit will get worse. Instead, the intensification will encourage him to recognize his attachment to smoking. With this recognition will come the realization that he is out of control and that the habit is controlling him.

As your attachment to a habit intensifies, Onyx also gives you strength. This strength is important, because it will prevent you from losing balance when the realization dawns that you are out of control. Instead, you will have the strength to let go of the attachment and recognize that it no longer controls you. If you continue to wear Onyx, you will also gain the strength to break the karmic ties with the habit, so that it is less likely to return.

If you want to focus Onyx's effects on a particular habit, you can simply decide to put your attention on that habit. If you choose a habit that is really a manifestation of a deeper attachment, Onyx will work on the underlying attachment first. For example, if you choose to release a habit concerning food, when the underlying attachment really concerns your concept of giving and receiving love, Onyx will focus on the underlying attachment. If you don't choose a particular habit, Onyx will first address your attachment to your most destructive habit.

Breaking and letting go of habits causes a change in one's overall balance. Although this can be uncomfortable, Onyx will not create more imbalances or initiate more changes than you can handle. Because it helps the chakras accept the proper balance of color rays, Onyx will improve your overall balance. Consequently, you won't be overwhelmed by the changes that come with the breaking of habits. Indeed, you will have the strength to make the changes required.

Becoming Grounded

To live fuller lives, many people must become more secure and grounded in their physical bodies. Because of its effects on the root chakra, Onyx helps its wearer become more grounded. Therefore, people who tend to feel spaced out, disoriented, or detached will particularly benefit from Onyx. So will people who have difficulty concentrating on important tasks or who tend to live almost exclusively on the emotional or mental level. Often, such people struggle to maintain an adequate awareness of what is occurring around them in the physical world. Onyx can be a helpful tool for these individuals, especially when they must drive, use potentially dangerous power equipment, or perform some other task requiring intense concentration for safety reasons. At such times, these individuals should place Onyx on whatever part of the body is safest and most comfortable for them. The Onyx could be worn around the neck, placed in a pocket, or laid in the lap.

Therapeutic Quality Onyx

Therapeutic Onyx spheres are a deep, consistent black, and their shape and drill holes are precise and even. Unlike most other gems, Onyx's therapeutic power is enhanced by dye. Indeed, black Onyx is derived by dyeing Gray Onyx black.

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