Radiant Heart - Finding Inner Peace

Radiant Heart comforts your heart and provides stability during emotionally challenging times. It nurtures and heals a heart that has been challenged, betrayed, or otherwise hurt. Radiant Heart enfolds you in the nurturing energy of motherly love and gently stirs the memory of your heart's innate strength and uniqueness. It helps stabilize your emotions while cultivating the inner strength needed to express or let go of long-hidden feelings. Radiant Heart enriches your life by reawakening your heart's true purpose and restoring its voice in your life.

Radiant Heart necklaces contain Rhodonite, Roselle, Mother of Pearl, and 14-karat gold beads.


Indications for Wearing a
Radiant Heart Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


The pain of betrayal, rejection, or another emotional blow




Low self-esteem


Difficulty adjusting to a painful change in life circumstances

You want to—


Become better attuned to the guidance, insight, and wisdom coming from your own heart


Experience emotional stability during challenging times


More easily draw on your inner strength


Better understand your unique emotional strengths


Feel emotionally comforted and nurtured


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Enhanced Design

The design of Radiant Heart has been enhanced since the photograph above was taken. Consequently, the actual necklace differs somewhat from the photograph. The difference lies in the sections containing Roselle and Mother of Pearl: In the enhanced design, three Roselle spheres at the center are flanked by sets of two Mother of Pearl spheres, and the Mother of Pearl spheres are joined to each Rhodonite section by a small gold bead.

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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Radiant Heart Necklace

Radiant Heart comforts your heart and provides stability during emotionally challenging times. When your heart has been challenged, betrayed, or otherwise hurt, Radiant Heart nurtures and heals it. This combination of Roselle, Mother of Pearl, and Rhodonite enfolds you in the nurturing energy of motherly love and gently stirs the memory of your heart's innate strength and uniqueness. It enriches your life by reawakening your heart's true purpose and restoring its voice in your life.

Often, when your heart has been betrayed, challenged, or otherwise hurt, it suffers because it feels emotions that it is no longer allowed to express. For example, if your lover leaves and you were hoping to have a lifelong relationship with that person, your heart can hurt badly because you were expecting to experience certain feelings for the rest of your life. If a loved one dies, or you are hurt professionally, or you experience any other kind of loss, the same thing occurs: your grief is compounded by your expectation that certain feelings would continue. You may also be faced with emotions that you wished you had expressed before the opportunity to do so disappeared. Until all these feelings are taken care of, your heart will not be at peace.

When you suffer such a loss, you must also adapt to a new life circumstance that demands an entirely different set of emotions and emotional responses. This calls for a major adjustment: you must stop emitting the now-inappropriate emotions and gather back all the emotional energies that you poured down a path that no longer exists. You must consolidate, take inventory, and take a fresh look at your new circumstances and, from a place of acceptance, initiate a new stream of emotions.

During such an emotional crisis, Radiant Heart can help you find peace. The Roselle in this necklace gently opens your heart. It awakens you to how you truly feel and then helps you express it. At the same time, it helps you acknowledge your need for a new emotional pattern, or foundation. The Mother of Pearl shines a soothing light on your emotions. It also brings perspective by offering the consciousness of the ocean, in which all things exist—past, present, and future. Its brightness encourages you to look to the future while helping you to find peace here and now. The Rhodonite soothes your grief and grounds your emotions by reeling in uncontrolled feelings of anxiety, restlessness, and despair. It provides the energetic building blocks and impetus needed to dissolve your old emotional foundation and build a new one that will support your current circumstances.

The large Roselle sphere in each sequence of Roselle and Mother of Pearl opens your awareness of your one Radiant Heart—that which is special and uniquely represents you. The heart has a direct and unique connection to the true, spiritual Self. Thus, the stirrings of your heart often reflect most truly what your true Self knows and desires. By helping you consciously connect with your heart, the Radiant Heart necklace can help you rediscover your true Self. Your heart is also inherently strong and rich in self-comfort and self-love. This necklace can teach you to draw on these comforting feelings when times get tough. It can also help you recognize your heart's inner beauty, thus inspiring the self-confidence you need to persevere in life, no matter what your current circumstances may be.

Radiant Heart gives your mind the sense of security it needs to relax and let go of any concepts or fears that keep it shut tight to your heart's whisperings. This allows your heart to step forward and take its proper place in your life. When your heart takes center stage, you recognize how intimately your desires are tied to the fabric of all life and how you are always given exactly what you need.

Wearing Radiant Heart in Good Times

When your wear Radiant Heart in good times—when you're experiencing a lull in life's constant changes and your emotions aren't being challenged—the necklace has the same effects, but they manifest somewhat differently. For example, you will probably find it easier to connect with a sense of self-comfort and self-love. During such times, the Rhodonite works on strengthening your emotional foundation and on grounding any stray emotional energies, which can act as kindling for an emotional outburst. Thus, you can wear Radiant Heart between cycles of change and crisis to reacquaint yourself with your heart, to clear away unwanted emotional habits, and to improve the relationship between your heart and mind.

Numerical Influences in Radiant Heart

Radiant Heart is an unusually complex gemstone combination, in that its design invokes many numerical influences, all of which support the necklace's purpose. Most combination necklaces have only two or three numerical influences. Radiant Heart has eight: one, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, and ten.

Roselle and Gold in Radiant Heart

Although Roselle energy is not in harmony with that of gold, in Radiant Heart the two Mother of Pearl spheres that lie between the Roselle and the gold beads provide an adequate buffer between them.

Replacing Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is a particularly fragile gemstone. It cracks easily, and its polish dulls fairly quickly with regular use and cleansing. When this happens, the Mother of Pearl's therapeutic effectiveness diminishes significantly. Therefore, if you wear your Radiant Heart necklace continually, watch for signs of wear in the Mother of Pearl spheres and replace any worn or cracked ones.


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