Ruby Rose - Healing the Heart

Ruby Rose heals emotional wounds of the heart as it soothes, mends, and strengthens the heart chakra. This combination of Ruby and Roselle gently massages the heart chakra, coaxing it to relax and let go of its heaviness and pain. Then Ruby Rose helps prevent the return of these burdensome feelings by teaching the heart chakra to better regulate itself. By repairing and strengthening the link between your body and emotions, Ruby Rose also helps ensure that your inner feelings are truly reflected in your outer expressions.

Ruby Rose necklaces contain Ruby and Roselle.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Ruby Rose Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


The pain of grief, loss, betrayal, rejection, or another emotional blow


Difficulty expressing your emotions


General exhaustion caused by too many emotions


A discrepancy between your inner feelings and outer expressions


A shut-down heart chakra

You want to—


Soothe, mend, or strengthen your heart chakra


Let go of emotional burdens or heaviness


Be freer and more open emotionally


Support the health of your heart


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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Ruby Rose Necklace

Ruby Rose heals the heart's emotional wounds by soothing, mending, and strengthening your heart chakra. Ruby Rose gently massages your heart chakra, coaxing it to relax and let go of any emotional heaviness, pain, or other negative feelings. Then Ruby Rose helps prevent the return of these feelings by teaching your heart chakra to better regulate itself. This necklace contains ten sequences of Ruby and Roselle. Within each sequence are one section of eight Roselle spheres and one section of two Roselle spheres flanked by single Rubies.

Your health and spiritual development require a constant flow and expression of emotional energies through your physical body. If you do not express your emotions physically, even the more subtle ones can build up and create tension and disharmony. When you wear Ruby Rose, the first thing it does is establish a connection, or “bridge,” between your emotions and physical body through your heart chakra. A well-built emotional-physical bridge helps ensure a continuous flow of energies from your emotions to your physical body. It also helps ensure that your emotional expressions clearly and truly represent whatever you are feeling. The better this connection, the more accurately you can express a particular emotion. Ruby Rose continually strengthens this bridge for as long as you wear it.

Whenever you express an emotion physically, it comes through one of your chakras. One function of your heart chakra is to help regulate the flow of emotional energies through all the chakras. Certain emotions, such as love, joy and happiness, are typically directed through the heart chakra itself. Sometimes, however, emotions that are only associated with love, such as grief or jealousy, are channeled through the heart rather than through other, more appropriate chakras. The influx of these related emotions can overwork and stress the heart chakra, as can holding on to pain and other negative feelings. When your heart chakra becomes overloaded, it loses its effectiveness and can even start to shut down, leaving you weak and exhausted.

Ruby Rose assumes the heart chakra's regulatory function—becoming, in a sense, the heart chakra's caretaker. Ruby Rose organizes incoming emotions and any suppressed or incomplete feelings. It then helps your heart chakra sort out which emotions it should channel. Emotions that could stress the heart chakra are directed to other chakras. This takes an enormous burden off your heart.

When you wear Ruby Rose, you may start to express more emotional energies than usual. Fortunately, Ruby Rose can regulate this flow. With the healing and strengthening of your heart chakra, you will be better able to handle the release of more and more emotional energy. As Ruby Rose heals the wounds of your heart, the relationship between your emotions and their expression will become more harmonious, open, and free.

Necklace Applications

There is no particular way to apply Ruby Rose therapeutically other than to wear it around your neck. It is better to wear it as a necklace than, for example, to place it in a pile over your heart chakra. By wearing it around your neck, you enlist the greatest possible support from your inner aspects for the changes that will occur in your body and emotions.

Supplementing Heart Treatments

The physical heart organ has many ties to the heart chakra. Therefore, Ruby Rose can be used as a support therapy for any physical heart condition. Although Ruby Rose should not be relied on as the sole treatment, it can be used to supplement other heart treatments.

Numerology and Roselle

Numerical influences are essential to gemstone combination necklaces, especially when they include Roselle. Roselle has a special affinity with numbers. If you are studying numerology, have an affinity with numbers, or notice how numbers play a significant role in providing guidance on your life's path, you will likely also have an affinity with a well-designed necklace that contains Roselle. This gemstone fosters a harmony with numbers, making you more open and receptive to the effects of numerology. Because you will be a better listener, wearing Roselle will also invite the universe to speak to you through numbers.

You might find Roselle's affinity with numbers interesting, in that Roselle works with the heart and numbers are usually associated with the mind. Indeed, the mind enjoys numbers because it can conceptualize them and categorize them. But the real message of numbers can only be heard with the heart.


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