Gems for Multidimensional Healing

Although all therapeutic gemstones work holistically, most gems focus their work primarily on one dimension of our being. Their work on other dimensions supports their main purpose. However, there are some gems whose work is particularly diverse, resulting in profound effects on more than one dimension. For this reason, these gems are especially versatile tools. For example, Citrine can be equally effective at releasing physical tension and at awakening a spiritual perspective; Quartz can help bring balance to the body, emotions, and mind. Lavender may be the most versatile of all—it focuses its work equally on all dimensions.

These gemstones can help you:



Improve health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual



Boost overall energy and vitality



Bring more balance, grace, and harmony to your life



Increase flexibility in your body, emotions, and mind



Enhance creativity



Align and balance all the chakras



Enhance the effects of another therapy

The therapeutic gemstone necklaces whose work is particularly holistic include the following solid and combination necklaces:




Quartz - Attracting Life ForceQuartz - Attracting Life Force Lavender - Awakening to Soul



Carnelian - Revitalizing Your BeingCarnelian - Revitalizing Your Being White Beryl - White Light and PurificationWhite Beryl - White Light and Purification



Citrine - Fulfilling Your PotentialCitrine - Fulfilling Your Potential Aquamarine - IlluminationAquamarine - Illumination




Blue Lace Agate - Inner and Outer StrengthBlue Lace Agate - Inner and Outer Strength

About Our Gemstone Groupings

Gemisphere offers 65 therapeutic gemstone necklaces, each of which supports health and well-being in a unique and powerful way. Yet, with so many gemstone tools to choose from, making the best choices can be somewhat challenging. To help you decide which therapeutic gemstone necklaces will best address your needs and desires, we have grouped them into families of gemstones with similar purposes.

Gemstone Spheres Work Holistically and with Focus
Therapeutic gemstones can produce true and lasting changes in our health and personal growth, because they work holistically, on several aspects, or dimensions, of our being at once. Their ability to do this makes them uniquely suited to help us achieve optimal health.

Although therapeutic gemstones work holistically, most gems also have an affinity with one particular aspect of our beingphysical, emotional, karmic, mental, or spiritualand tend to focus their primary work there. This unique focus helps define a gemstone’s individual purpose.

To Help You Choose
To help you sort out which gemstones you’d like to work with, we’ve grouped our therapeutic necklaces according to the dimension of being on which they primarily focus. Our groupings include:

Multidimensional Healing

Physical Healing and Purification

Thriving in Our Changing Environment

Emotional Healing and Upliftment

Karmic Healing and Resolution

Mental Clarity and Expansion

Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

Masculine and Feminine Healing and Empowerment

Healing and Nourishing with Earth Energies

There Are Only Good Choices
Although each of our therapeutic necklaces works with a primary focus, all our gemstone tools work holistically and, when used properly, bring uplifting benefits. Every therapeutic necklace we offer can support your personal growth and help you achieve certain goals. You can be sure that any choice you make will be healing and beneficial.

For More Information
To read more about How to Choose Therapeutic Gemstones, click here.

For more information about how therapeutic gemstones work and what makes them such powerful healing tools, we recommend these books by Michael Katz:

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