Therapeutic Gemstones for
300 Common Conditions and Goals

Two Charts

The two charts below recommend therapeutic gemstone necklaces that can remedy unwanted conditions and support personal growth.

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This chart recommends gemstones for helping resolve common conditions, ailments, and illnesses.

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This chart recommends gemstones for enhancing your well-being and helping you achieve specific desires and life goals.

Gemstone Recommendations

For each condition and goal, the primary gemstone recommendations are listed first, in bold type. The additional suggestions, listed in regular type, are also exceptionally effective. Combination necklaces appear in italics.

For practical reasons, not every therapeutic gemstone necklace that can address a particular condition or goal is listed in this guide. Depending on a condition’s underlying cause or how you wish to approach a given goal, other gemstone necklaces may provide significant support.

To learn more a particular gemstone necklace, click on its name in the chart.

Common Conditions


Therapeutic Gemstone Necklace

Abandonment or loss, sense of

Mother of PearlPink SapphireRadiant HeartRuby RoseMagic GiftRhodoniteTrue Self

Absorption of nutrients, difficulty with

ApatiteBlue TopazClear TopazAgateBloodstoneCitrineYellow Sapphire

Abuse, emotional

Mother of PearlRadiant HeartRhodochrositeRubelleRuby RoseBlue Lace AgateMagic GiftPink Sapphire

Accidents, recurring

Blue Lace AgateLibra • QuartzRhodochrositeFluorite RainbowLight Stream

Acid reflux or heartburn, chronic

BloodstoneCitrineApatiteQuartzYellow Sapphire

When stress-related:


BloodstoneWhite BerylWhite Flash MoonstoneCarnelianCitrineDark Green AventurineYellow Sapphire


Apatite (food addiction)Blue PhoenixLibraRhodochrositeBlue TopazOnyxQuartz

Aging, undesirable effects of

AquamarineBlue TopazMoonstoneWhite BerylDark Green EmerineEmeraldMalachitePink SapphireSugiliteSummer


(See HIV/AIDS support)


Air travel, damaging effects of

AgateYellow SapphireMother of Pearl


(See Addiction)


Allergies or sensitivities

Apatite (particularly to food) • BloodstoneCarnelianClear TopazWhite BerylDark Green EmerineEmeraldSugiliteSummer


ApatiteBloodstoneBlue Lace Agate


AmethystMagic GiftMother of PearlRhodoniteCitrine • \ OnyxPatienceRoselleYellow Sapphire


CarnelianRhodochrositeRubyRuby DreamLibraPoppy Jasper

Arthritis, rheumatoid

BloodstoneIndigoLavenderMoonstoneAgateApatiteBlue TopazLight Green EmerineSugilite

Artificial lights, frequent exposure to

AgateRubelleYellow SapphireMother of PearlPink Tourmaline


EmeraldQuartzSummerLight Green Aventurine

Attention deficit disorder

Blue SapphireLavender FireSodalightInner QuestOnyxPoppy Jasper

Autoimmune condition

BloodstoneMoonstoneCarnelianWhite Beryl

Back pain

(see Joint condition or pain)

(see also Tight or tense muscles)


Behavior patterns, unhealthy or destructive

LibraRhodochrositeAquamarineBreannaPink SapphirePurple Ray

Bladder condition

CitrineYellow Sapphire

Bladder infection

BloodstoneCarnelianCitrineWhite BerylYellow SapphireDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer

Blood condition


Bone condition


Bone marrow condition


Bone, broken


Brain, any complaint

AmethystBlue SapphireEmeraldSummerDark Green EmerineInner QuestLavender FireLeopardskin JasperPurple Eagle


BloodstoneCarnelianQuartzWhite BerylDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer



Burdened, sense of being

Pink SapphireRoselleRuby RoseSodalightBlue Flash MoonstoneInsight (when money issues are involved )Radiant Heart


ApatiteAquamarineLavenderBlue TopazCarnelianQuartz

Caffeine withdrawal

Blue TopazPoppy JasperApatiteQuartz

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Cancer support

As an adjunct to other treatments:

Dark Green Aventurine*EmeraldSugiliteDark Green Emerine*Light Green AventurineSummerWhite Beryl

*Not during chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Candida infection

(yeast or fungal)

BloodstoneCarnelianClear TopazWhite Beryl

Canker sores or fever blisters

BloodstoneWhite BerylCarnelianEmeraldSummer

Cartilage condition



CarnelianClear TopazPoppy JasperWhite Beryl

Cerebrospinal fluid condition

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender Fire

Change, difficulty adapting to

(chronic or acute)

AgateBlue Lace AgateLibraCitrineGolden LeopardMoonstoneQuartziteRadiant Heart

Chronic fatigue syndrome

BloodstoneCarnelianLavenderQuartzBlue Lace AgateDark Green EmerineEmeraldPoppy JasperSummerWhite Beryl

Chronic illness or disease

EmeraldWhite BerylBlue TopazMoonstoneSugilite

Circulation, poor

Blue SapphireMalachitePoppy JasperInner QuestLavender Fire


Pink SapphireRhodoniteSodalightRhodochrosite

Cold sores

(see Canker sores or fever blisters)



(see Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or colitis)


Common cold

BloodstoneCarnelianQuartzWhite BerylDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer

Concentrating, difficulty

Blue SapphireLavender FireOnyxSodalightCarnelianInner Quest

Confusing physical symptoms

AquamarineLavenderClear Topaz

Confusion, mental

Blue SapphireLavender FireSodalightBlue TopazCarnelianInner Quest

Congestion, lung


Congestion, sinus

(see Sinus congestion or sinusitis)



CitrineYellow SapphireBlue TopazMalachitePoppy JasperQuartz

Coordination, poor physical

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender FireCitrineLeopard MagicMalachiteQuartzite


BloodstoneCarnelianEmeraldQuartzDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineSummerWhite Beryl

Crohn’s disease

(see Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or colitis)



(see Growths, cysts, or tumors)


Dehydration, chronic

Blue TopazMoonstoneAquamarine


AngelfireMother of PearlPink SapphirePoppy JasperCarnelianLavender LightRhodoniteRubyRuby DreamSodalightYellow Sapphire


As an adjunct to other treatments:

CarnelianEmeraldDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineLight Green AventurineSummer


BloodstoneCitrineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummerDark Green AventurineLight Green Aventurine • \ Yellow Sapphire

Disconnection from natural environment


Disconnection from others, sense of

Mother of PearlRubyRuby DreamRoselleRuby Rose

Disconnection from self

AmethystLavenderRadiant HeartTrue SelfBlue Lace AgateMalachite

Disempowerment, feelings of

Blue Lace AgateMagic GiftTrue SelfGreen Tourmaline (men)Lapis LazuliRhodochrositeRubelle (women)


(see Intestinal condition)


Dizziness, vertigo, or lightheadedness

BloodstoneBlue Lace AgateBlue SapphireCitrineLavender FireLavenderOnyx

Ear infection

(otitis media)

BloodstoneBlue Lace AgateCarnelianWhite BerylClear TopazDark Green AventurineEmerald

Eating disorder or issue



BloodstoneCarnelianCitrineMoonstoneWhite BerylYellow Sapphire


AquamarineCitrineYellow SapphireGreen Tourmaline (men)MalachitePoppy Jasper

Electromagnetic radiation, exposure to

Yellow Sapphire

Emotional exhaustion

Pink SapphireRhodoniteRubyRuby DreamMother of PearlRuby Rose

Emotional expression, difficulty with

Pink SapphireRoselleRuby RoseTrue SelfAmethystBlue Flash MoonstoneRadiant Heart

Emotional imbalance or extremes

AmethystRhodoniteRoselleBlue Lace AgateCarnelianLight Green EmerinePink SapphireQuartzSodalight

Emotional instability

Pink SapphireRadiant HeartRhodoniteBlue Lace AgateMother of PearlQuartz

Emotional pain

Mother of PearlPink SapphireRadiant HeartRuby RoseAquamarine (when grieving)RhodoniteRoselleRubyRuby Dream

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Emotional patterns, unhealthy or destructive

Pink SapphireRhodochrositeRhodoniteBreannaLibraPurple Ray

Emotional withdrawal or flatness

Pink SapphireRubyRuby DreamRuby RoseCarnelianRoselle

Emotionally burdened, sense of being

(see Burdened, sense of being)


Emotions, suppressed

RoselleRuby RoseBlue Flash MoonstonePink SapphireRadiant Heart

Endocrine imbalance

CarnelianGreen Tourmaline (men)Rubelle (women)Leopardskin JasperMoonstonePink Tourmaline (women)


RubelleBloodstoneCitrineDark Green AventurineEmeraldYellow Sapphire

Energy, low or sluggish

CarnelianClear TopazGreen Tourmaline (men)Poppy JasperQuartzLavenderMoonstoneWhite Beryl

Environmental allergies or sensitivities

BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylYellow SapphireClear TopazEmeraldSugilite

Environmental toxins, exposure to

Blue TopazClear TopazSugiliteWhite BerylBloodstoneMoonstone

Eye condition

Blue SapphireLavender FireBlue Lace AgateEmeraldInner Quest

Eye fatigue or strain

(see also Vision problem or weakness)

Blue SapphireLavender Fire

Fascia, weakened or tight

Blue TopazMoonstoneAquamarineBlue Lace AgateRubyRuby Dream


Blue TopazCarnelianLavenderPoppy JasperQuartzBlue Lace AgateDark Green EmerineEmeraldGolden LeopardSummer


AquamarineGreen Tourmaline (men)RhodoniteRubelle (women)Yellow SapphireLapis LazuliMother of PearlRhodochrosite


BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylAgateEmeraldLight Green AventurineLight Green Emerine

Fever blisters

(see Canker sores or fever blisters)



BloodstoneCarnelianEmeraldSugiliteWhite BerylDark Green EmerineLavenderQuartzSummer


BloodstoneCarnelianDark Green AventurineWhite BerylBlue Lace AgateClear Topaz

Focusing, difficulty

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender FireOnyxSodalightAmethystPoppy Jasper

Frequent or recurring illness

Blue Lace AgateCarnelianWhite BerylMoonstone



Gall bladder condition

EmeraldDark Green EmerineSummer

Gastrointestinal discomfort

CitrineYellow Sapphire

Gender-related imbalance

Green Tourmaline • Pink Tourmaline • Rubelle • Quartz

Gland, any complaint

CarnelianGreen Tourmaline (men)PinkTourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)Leopardskin JasperPoppy Jasper (when sluggish)

Goals, difficulty defining

Blue PhoenixBreannaLapis LazuliIndigoLavenderOnyx


BloodstoneBlue TopazCarnelianAquamarineDark Green AventurineLight Green Aventurine


Radiant HeartRhodoniteRoselleRuby RoseAquamarineMother of PearlPink Sapphire

Growths, cysts, and tumors

As an adjunct to other treatments:

Dark Green EmerineEmeraldSummerBloodstoneBlue Lace AgateBlue TopazDark Green AventurineMoonstone

Gum disease or disorder



LavenderAmethystAquamarineDark Green AventurineQuartz

Hearing problem

Blue Lace AgateBlue SapphireLavender FireCitrine (when caused by fluid accumulation)Inner Quest

Heart and mind, conflict between

Blue Lace AgateLapis LazuliCarnelian

Heart condition

As an adjunct to other treatments:

Dark Green EmerineEmeraldRuby RoseSummerPink SapphireRoselleRubyRuby Dream

Heart, weakness in regulatory function

Leopardskin Jasper


(see Acid reflux or heartburn, chronic)



(see Liver condition)


High blood pressure (hypertension)

Leopardskin JasperLight Green AventurineQuartzAquamarineRhodoniteRoselleRuby Rose

High-rise, live or work in


HIV/AIDS support

As an adjunct to other treatments:

BloodstoneCarnelianDark Green AventurineEmeraldDark Green EmerineLight Green AventurineQuartzSummer

Hormonal imbalance

CarnelianGreen Tourmaline (men)Rubelle (women)Pink Tourmaline (women)


OnyxQuartzClear TopazPoppy JasperQuartziteSodalight

Hypersensitivity, emotional

Pink SapphireRhodoniteRubelle (women)Ruby RoseBlue Flash MoonstoneBlue Lace AgateRadiant HeartSodalight


CarnelianBlue Lace AgateLeopardskin JasperQuartz

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Hypothalamus condition or weakness

CarnelianLeopardskin Jasper

Hysteria, acute

RhodoniteRuby RoseQuartz

Illness, multiple conditions

AgateBlue Lace AgateEmeraldLavenderPurple EagleSummerFluorite RainbowLight StreamMoonstone

Immune dysfunction

BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylMoonstone




CarnelianGreen Tourmaline


Blue Lace AgateRhodochrositeLapis LazuliLavender LightSodalight

Indigestion, acute

CitrineQuartzYellow SapphireClear Topaz

Indigestion, chronic

ApatiteCitrineYellow SapphireRhodonite (when emotions underlie condition)

Ineffectiveness or difficulty putting ideas into action

Blue PhoenixCarnelianLapis LazuliOnyxClear TopazGreen Tourmaline (men)


BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylClear TopazDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer


Green Tourmaline (men)Pink Tourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)


Light Green EmerineMalachiteBloodstoneLight Green Aventurine

Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or colitis

BloodstoneCitrineLight Green EmerineYellow SapphireDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldLight Green AventurineSummer

Inflexibility, mental and emotional

AquamarineCitrinePink SapphireBlue TopazLavender Light

Inflexibility, physical

AquamarineBlue TopazCitrineMoonstone

Injury, acute or chronic

Blue Lace AgateLavenderQuartzClear TopazLeopardskin JasperLight Green EmerineMalachite

Inner conflict

CarnelianLapis LazuliRhodochrositeLibraRadiant HeartTrue Self


OpalightAquamarineBlue PhoenixMalachiteRhodoniteSodalight

Intestinal condition

CitrineYellow SapphireClear TopazDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer


AmethystMother of PearlRhodoniteBlue Lace AgatePurple RayRoselle

Irritable bowel syndrome

BloodstoneCitrineYellow SapphireDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummer

When stress aggravates condition:

RhodoniteAmethystMother of Pearl

Jaw pain (see Joint condition or pain)

(see also TMJ)


Jet lag


Joint condition or pain


Karmic involvement in illness

OpalightPharaohRhodochrositeCarnelianFluorite RainbowLibraLight StreamPurple Eagle

Kidney condition

CitrineYellow Sapphire

Knee pain (see Joint condition or pain)


Letting go, difficulty with

AmethystCitrinePurple RayBlue Phoenix

Libido issue (see also Impotence)

CarnelianGreen Tourmaline (men)Rubelle (women)Pink Tourmaline (women)Purple Eagle

Ligament condition


Liver condition

CarnelianEmeraldCitrineYellow Sapphire

Low or sluggish energy

(see Energy, low or sluggish)


Lupus (see Autoimmune condition)


Lymphatic condition

CarnelianWhite BerylMoonstone

Medical radiation, frequent exposure to

Yellow SapphirePink TourmalineRubelle

Memories, persistent painful

Pink SapphireSodalightBlue Lace Agate

Memory loss

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender FireSodalight

Menopause symptoms

CarnelianRubelleMother of PearlPink Tourmaline

Menstrual cramps

RubelleCarnelianDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldPink TourmalineSugiliteSummer

Menstruation, irregular

RubelleCarnelianLeopardskin JasperPink TourmalineQuartz

Menstruation, painful

CarnelianRubelleSugiliteDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldPink TourmalineSummer

Mental disorderliness or fog

Blue SapphireCarnelianSodalightBlue TopazIndigoInner QuestLavender FireLavender Light

Mental instability

Blue SapphireLavender FireQuartz

Meridian imbalance or sluggishness

Lapis LazuliLavenderBlue PhoenixBlue TopazSodalight

Metabolic condition or weakness

CarnelianClear TopazLeopardskin Jasper

Migraine headache


For underlying hormonal imbalance:

CarnelianRubelle (women)Leopardskin Jasper

Mineral deficiency

ApatiteBlue TopazClear TopazYellow Sapphire

Money, emotional or mental issues regarding

InsightPurple Ray

Mood swings

LibraRhodonitePink SapphireQuartzRadiant HeartSodalight

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Motion sickness, chronic

OnyxAgateBlue Lace AgateMalachite

Multiple sclerosis

(see also Autoimmune condition)

As an adjunct to other treatments:

BloodstoneBlue SapphireLavender FireCarnelian

Muscle condition

RubyRuby Dream

Nausea, chronic

CitrineLavenderYellow Sapphire

Neck Pain

(see Joint condition or pain)


Negativity (negative attitude)

(see also Pessimism)

AngelfireBlue PhoenixSodalightBlue SapphireLavender FireLavender LightMagic GiftPurple Ray

Nerve sheaths condition

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender Fire

Nervous system condition

AmethystBreannaLavenderPurple Ray

New environment, difficulty adapting to


Nutritional deficiency

ApatiteBlue TopazClear TopazBlue Phoenix

Organ disease or weakness

Dark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldLight Green AventurineSummerBlue Lace AgateMoonstone

Organ transplant (see Transplanted organ)


Organ, sluggish or congested

Clear TopazEmeraldPoppy JasperDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineLight Green AventurineSummer


ApatiteIndigoLavenderAquamarineBlue Topaz


ApatiteIndigoBlue Topaz

Ovarian cyst

CarnelianRubelleDark Green EmerineEmeraldPink TourmalineSummer

Overactive mind

AngelfireAquamarineBlue SapphireOpalightInner QuestLavender FireQuartzite

Overweight or obesity

Clear TopazPoppy JasperApatiteBlue TopazCarnelian

Overwhelmed, sense of being

OnyxPink SapphireQuartzGolden LeopardQuartziteRhodoniteSodalight

Pain, chronic

Light Green EmerineSugiliteAquamarinePink Sapphire (when in chest area, as an adjunct to other treatments)

Pain, emotional (see Emotional pain)


Pain, localized physical

LavenderLight Green EmerineSugiliteAquamarineEmeraldMalachiteQuartz


As an adjunct to other treatments: AmethystLavenderPoppy JasperBlue SapphireBlue TopazLavender Fire

Parkinson’s disease and other palsy support

As an adjunct to other treatments: AmethystBlue SapphireBreannaLavender FireDark Green EmerineEmeraldPurple EagleSummer

Periodontal disease

(see Gum disease or disorder)


Personal boundary issues

Leopard MagicPink SapphireRubelle (women)Blue Lace AgatePink Tourmaline (women)Sodalight


AngelfireCarnelianMagic GiftPoppy JasperSodalight

Pineal gland condition or weakness

CarnelianLeopardskin JasperMoonstoneWhite Beryl

Pituitary gland condition or weakness

CarnelianLeopardskin JasperMoonstone

Plaque in tissues

AquamarineBlue TopazMoonstone

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome)

CarnelianRubellePink TourmalineQuartzRhodonite

Progress in life or health, slow or impeded

Blue PhoenixLavenderLavender LightRiverstoneBlue Lace AgateFluorite RainbowLibraLight StreamRhodochrosite

Prostate condition or weakness

Green TourmalineCarnelian

Protection from negative mental or emotional energies, child’s need for

Mother of PearlMoonstone


BloodstoneCitrineDark Green AventurineLight Green AventurineYellow Sapphire

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)


Public interaction, draining effects of

Pink TourmalineRubelleSodalight

Public speaking, discomfort with

Amethyst (short necklace) • Magic GiftRhodochrositeRubelleTrue Self

Recent move, difficulty adapting to



Blue Lace AgateLavender LightPink Sapphire

Regulatory dysfunction

Leopardskin Jasper

Relationships, pattern of unhealthy

LibraRhodochrositeBreannaGreen Tourmaline (men)Leopard MagicPurple RayRubelle (women)

Reproductive disorder or weakness

Green Tourmaline (men)Pink Tourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)

Resistance to healing

LavenderPurple EagleAgateFluorite RainbowLight StreamMalachitePink SapphireRhodochrositeRiverstone


MoonstoneWhite BerylBloodstoneCitrineLight Green EmerineYellow Sapphire

Scattered, feeling

OnyxRhodoniteBlue Flash MoonstonePatienceWhite Beryl

Sea, live or work at


Seasonal affective disorder

(seasonal depression)

Yellow Sapphire

Self-confidence, low

(see Self-esteem, low)



AngelfireLavender LightMagic GiftMother of PearlRadiant HeartSodalight

Self-esteem, low

Green Tourmaline (men)Lavender LightMagic GiftRubelle (women)True SelfBlue Lace AgateLapis LazuliPink SapphireRadiant Heart

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Self-expression, difficulty with

AmethystRoselleTrue SelfMagic GiftPurple Ray

Sense of self, weak or confused

Blue Lace AgateLeopard MagicTrue SelfGreen Tourmaline (men)Pink SapphireRadiant HeartRubelle (women)

Sensory processing dysfunction

(smell, taste, touch, sight, or hearing)

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender Fire

Sexual dysfunction

Green Tourmaline (men)Pink Tourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)

Shoulder pain

(See Joint condition or pain)


Sinus congestion or sinusitis

BloodstoneCarnelianCitrineLight Green EmerineWhite BerylYellow Sapphire

Skin condition

CitrineMoonstoneWhite BerylYellow SapphireBloodstone (with infection)

Slowness in healing

(see Resistance to healing)


Soft tissue condition

CarnelianWhite Beryl

Sore throat

BloodstoneCarnelianDark Green EmerineEmeraldSummerWhite BerylAmethyst (short necklace, for strained voice) • Dark Green AventurineLight Green Aventurine

Spaciness (see also Scattered, feeling)


Spinal misalignment


Sprain (see Strain or sprain)


Stiffness (see also Inflexibility, physical)

AquamarineBlue TopazCitrineMoonstoneLavender

Stimulants, craving for

ApatiteBlue TopazOnyxBlue PhoenixPoppy Jasper

Stomach condition

CitrineYellow SapphireDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldLight Green AventurineSummer


Citrine Yellow Sapphire

When emotions underlie condition: RhodoniteRoselleAmethyst

Strain or sprain


Stress, chronic or acute

AmethystPatienceQuartzRhodoniteBlue Lace AgateGolden LeopardMalachitePink Sapphire

Sun exposure, damaging effects of

Yellow SapphireMoonstone

Sunlight, sensitivity to

Yellow Sapphire

Surgery, negative effects of frequent

Pink SapphireLight Green Emerine

Swollen glands

BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylMoonstoneSugilite

Systemic illness

Clear TopazMoonstonePurple EagleWhite BerylBlue Lace AgateEmeraldMalachiteSummer

Tension, feelings of


Thyroid, weakness or condition in

CarnelianLeopardskin JasperMoonstone

Tight or tense muscles

AquamarineBlue TopazCitrineLavenderMalachiteQuartz

TMJ (temporomandibular joint pain)


Tooth decay or weakness



QuartzSugiliteBloodstoneDark Green EmerineEmeraldSodalight

Transplanted organ, integration of

Blue Topaz

Trauma, emotional

Mother of PearlPink SapphireRadiant HeartRhodoniteRuby RoseCarnelian

Trauma, physical (injury)

Blue Lace AgateClear TopazLight Green EmerineBlue Topaz (when injury is longstanding)QuartzSugilite

Tumor (see Growths, cysts, or tumors)


Ulcers, gastric

BloodstoneCitrineYellow Sapphire

Urban setting, live or work in


Urinary tract infection (see also Infection)

BloodstoneCitrineYellow SapphireCarnelianClear TopazWhite Beryl

Uterine fibroids

MoonstoneRubelleBlue Lace AgateBlue TopazPink Tourmaline


BloodstoneRubelleEmeraldPink TourmalineSummer

Vascular condition

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender Fire

Viral infection

BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylClear TopazQuartz

Vision problem or weakness

Blue SapphireInner QuestLavender FireBlue Lace Agate

Water retention (see Edema)


Weakness, physical

Blue Lace AgateGreen Tourmaline (men)MoonstoneRubyRuby Dream

Yeast infection (see Candida infection)


Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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Goals and Desires

Goal or Desire

Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces


InsightPurple Ray

Athletic performance, improved

Green TourmalineApatiteBlue SapphireQuartz

Awareness or consciousness, expanded

AmethystAquamarineBreannaIndigoAngelfireFluorite RainbowLapis LazuliLavenderLavender LightLight Stream

Balance in life

LibraQuartzWhite BerylBreannaGolden LeopardRhodonite

Cancer prevention, support for

Dark Green EmerineEmeraldSummerDark Green AventurineMoonstoneYellow Sapphire

Cause of illness, desire to understand


Childbirth, recovery from

Light Green EmerineQuartzRubelleMother of PearlPink Tourmaline

Childbirth support

(labor and transition phase)


Childbirth support

(pushing phase)

Poppy Jasper

Childhood health

Bloodstone (immune support) • Mother of Pearl (emotions) • Carnelian (vitality)

For general development: MoonstoneLeopardskin Jasper

Chiropractic adjustment, enhancement of

LavenderQuartzite (following adjustment) • RhodochrositeRhodonite

Consciousness, expanded

(see Awareness, expanded)


Cranio-sacral health

LavenderLavender LightBlue SapphireCitrineInner QuestLavender Fire

Creativity, enhanced

AquamarineBlue Flash MoonstoneBreanna


BloodstoneCitrineClear TopazWhite BerylBlue TopazCarnelianDark Green AventurineDark Green EmerineEmeraldSugiliteSummer

Effects of other gemstones, enhanced

Clear TopazLavenderRiverstoneAgateLeopardskin JasperQuartzWhite Beryl

Electromagnetic radiation, protection from

Mother of PearlPink TourmalineRubelleYellow Sapphire

Emotional resilience

Blue Lace AgatePink SapphireRhodoniteRadiant HeartRubyRuby Dream

Emotional soothing

Mother of PearlPink SapphireRuby RoseAquamarine (for grief ) • Light Green EmerinePatienceRadiant HeartRhodonite

Emotions, desire to understand

AquamarineLapis LazuliPink SapphireRadiant HeartRoselleRubyRuby Dream

Gemstone therapy, desire to enhance

Clear TopazLavenderRiverstoneLeopardskin JasperQuartzQuartzite

Endurance, improved

Green Tourmaline

Gemstone therapy, desire to enhance

Clear TopazLavenderRiverstoneLeopardskin JasperQuartzQuartzite

Genetic health

MoonstoneYellow Sapphire

Habit, desire to break

Blue PhoenixOnyxPurple RayRhodochrositeBlue Flash MoonstoneBlue TopazLeopardskin JasperLibra

Heart chakra, heal or open

Pink SapphireRadiant HeartRuby RoseRoselleRubyRuby Dream

Immune function support

BloodstoneCarnelianWhite BerylMoonstone

Inner freedom

Blue PhoenixLibraRhodochrosite

Inner guidance, improved

AmethystIndigoLavenderLavender LightRadiant HeartAngelfireBlue Lace Agate

Inner peace

Mother of PearlPatienceRadiant HeartTrue SelfBlue Flash MoonstoneBlue Lace AgatePink Sapphire


AquamarineBreannaInsightAmethystIndigoLapis Lazuli

Intuition, improved

AngelfireBreannaIndigoAmethystLavenderLavender Light

Jet lag prevention

AgatePink TourmalineRubelleYellow Sapphire

Life goals, desire to clarify

AmethystBlue Lace AgateLavenderAquamarineIndigoLapis Lazuli


AquamarineBlue TopazMoonstoneBloodstoneDark Green EmerineEmeraldLavenderPink SapphireSummerWhite Beryl

Meditation, enhanced

AquamarineBreannaLavenderRiverstoneAmethystFluorite RainbowLight Stream

Memory, improved

Blue Flash MoonstoneBlue SapphireCarnelianLavender FireInner QuestSodalight

Mental abilities, expanded

Blue Flash MoonstoneBlue SapphireLavender FireAquamarineInner QuestQuartzSodalight


CarnelianPoppy JasperGreen Tourmaline (men) • Rhodochrosite

Muscle strength, improved

Green TourmalineMoonstoneRubyRuby Dream

Multi-tasking, support for

Blue Flash MoonstoneOnyx

Nurturing, desire for

Mother of PearlPink SapphireBlue PhoenixMoonstone

Perception, enhanced

AquamarineBlue Lace AgateCitrinePink SapphireBlue SapphireLavender FireMoonstonePharaoh

Postpartum care

Light Green EmerineRubelleCarnelianMother of PearlPink Tourmaline

Pregnancy, desire to connect with child


Prevention of illness

BloodstoneCarnelianEmeraldLeopardskin JasperSummerWhite BerylBlue TopazDark Green EmerineLavenderLight Green AventurineMoonstone

Protection from negative mental or

emotional energies

Mother of PearlPink TourmalineRubelleSodalightMoonstone

Relationship with mate, desire to enhance

Green Tourmaline (men)Pink Tourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)

Relationship with pet, desire to enhance


Relationships, attracting beneficial

Leopardskin Jasper


AquamarineBlue Lace AgateLapis LazuliLavender LightOpalightPharaohTrue Self

Sexual health

Green Tourmaline (men)Pink Tourmaline (women)Rubelle (women)

Smoking, desire to quit

Blue TopazLibraOnyxRhodochrositeBlue Flash MoonstoneLeopardskin Jasper

Spiritual development

AmethystAquamarineBreannaCitrineLavenderAngelfireLapis LazuliLavender LightMagic GiftPurple Ray

Stabilize healthy changes or

progress, desire to

Golden LeopardQuartzite

Surgery, preparation for

LavenderLight Green AventurineLight Green Emerine

Surgery, recovery from

Light Green EmerinePink SapphireQuartz

Therapy, preparation for


Travel, desire to minimize the

negative effects of

AgateRubelleYellow SapphirePink Tourmaline

Vitality, increased

CarnelianClear TopazGreen Tourmaline (men) • Poppy JasperRubelle (women) • QuartzLavenderMoonstoneWhite Beryl

Voice, desire to strengthen

Amethyst (short necklace)

Weight gain, desire to support

ApatiteBlue TopazLeopardskin JasperBlue PhoenixCitrineYellow Sapphire

Weight loss, desire to support

ApatiteCarnelianClear TopazPoppy JasperBlue PhoenixBlue TopazCitrineLeopardskin Jasper

Necklace Recommendations:
Bold = primary • Regular = additional • Italics = combination necklace

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