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Introducing Our New Gemisphere Retreats!

A Gemisphere Retreat is a personal healing journey and a deep, therapeutic dive into ways you can use gemstones to support specific areas of your health and well-being. These retreats are designed to allow an unfolding of your body, mind, and spirit around specific personal goals.

We will explore a variety of therapeutic gems—the crown jewels of transformative natural therapies. You will receive gem therapies and guidance from our expert staff in a relaxing health-resort setting, and you’ll be the first to learn about innovative new gemstone tools. Lectures and demonstrations will teach cutting-edge techniques you can bring home to build on the restorative effects of the retreat experience. A Gemisphere Retreat is also a wonderful opportunity to see Gemisphere’s entire line of therapeutic gems and to connect with a community of gemstone users.

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The 2017 Gemisphere Workshop schedule is coming soon!

We are making our traditional Gemisphere Workshops even more accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for you.

Our 2017 educational Workshops will be three-day weekend intensives that focus on understanding and advancing your capacity to use a selection of gemstones more effectively. Each of these gem-focused workshops will be designed around a core topic such as:

Physical Health | Emotional Health | Mental Health | Higher Consciousness

The Workshop series will be distinct from the Gemisphere Retreats, which are somewhat longer experiences that provide additional time and support for integration and self-exploration with your gemstone tools.

Watch this space for details!

Gemstone Energy Medicine Workshops

Our Gemstone Energy Medicine Workshops are exciting opportunities to experience the benefits of therapeutic gemstones firsthand and in-depth. In this workshop series, we immerse ourselves in the healing energies of specific gems and learn how to use all therapeutic gemstones most effectively. Participants report that Gemisphere workshops are transforming experiences.

In Gemisphere workshops, you will experience and learn:


How to choose the best therapeutic gemstones for you

Many simple and powerful gemstone therapies and techniques

How to use therapeutic gemstones to heal, nourish, and transform all aspects of your life

Gemisphere workshops also provide you with the opportunity to:


Meet and personally consult with gem therapists

Meet and share experiences with other therapeutic gemstone users

See and touch the entire line of therapeutic gemstone necklaces and tools offered by Gemisphere


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Comments from Participants

"The Gemisphere workshop I attended was a great opportunity to be with others who want to work with gemstones, to gain experience in using the gems, and to learn more about my own healing journey."

K.B., Oklahoma

"I came to this workshop very excited to learn more about gemstones, and I left in awe of their power and significance."

T.B., California

"The workshop was a wonderful way to gain a basic understanding of gemstones and to experience firsthand various gemstone therapies. I've experienced powerful and lasting effects from these easily learned therapies."

C.C., New York

"There is no better way to experience the power of therapeutic gemstones."

K.M., RN, California

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