Gemstone Therapies for Apatite

Necklace Therapies

Therapies for Localized Areas
An Apatite necklace is placed on an area that is weak, ill, or injured to make the area more receptive to healing resources from the physical and subtle bodies, including essential minerals, required frequencies, and flows of information. Learn more

Therapy to Restore Communication in the Body
Moving an Apatite necklace from one area of the body to another creates bridges of communication on which healing energy can move between treated areas. This therapy also restores coordination and harmony among organs or other parts of the body that have been traumatized or are otherwise ailing. Learn more

Apatite Rough Therapy

Therapy for Viral Illness with Apatite Rough
While researching Apatite, we serendipitously learned this unique therapeutic application of Apatite in rough form. Not all gemstones in rough form have therapeutic value—they’re meant to serve the Earth and usually must be rounded and polished before their energies are therapeutically effective for human beings. Apatite is an exception to this rule. Learn more

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