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Article: 5 Reasons to Wear Malachite

5 Reasons to Wear Malachite


1. Wear Malachite if you are experiencing any of these physical ailments:

  • Pain or tightness
  • A chronic injury that just won't heal
  • Congestion 
  • Any kind of physical distress

Physical problems commonly occur when parts of your body don’t know what other parts are doing. If your body is unaware that some parts aren’t working well, it cannot call on its resources to fix the problem. Malachite lets every cell in your body know what is happening in every other cell, so your body is able to identify both apparent and hidden problems and start to heal them. 

2. You want to awaken your body to a specific problem to accelerate its healing.

Simply place a Malachite necklace directly on the ailing area to focus the gems’ effects there. Keep the Malachite in place for 20–30 minutes, and perform the treatment once or twice a day, as needed. The Malachite will alert your body to the area's underlying disharmony so it can start the healing process.

3. You want to connect deeply with the Earth and feel more grounded.

Malachite's energy has a unique resonance with the Earth, making it naturally grounding when you are feeling spacey or disconnected. You can also meditate with Malachite: Sit quietly and gaze at its rich green bands of color while contemplating your connection with nature.

"I live a very hectic, busy life in a large urban center, where stress is a way of life. With Malachite, I can feel my body deeply relaxing, and I am having the best sleep I have had in years. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for a long time, and it is a joy to sleep deeply through the night and awaken feeling relaxed and well rested. V.W., New York

4. You can relate to some of these Malachite stories.

"My husband has always had a difficult personality. Communicating with him was difficult, and I often avoided it. But since he has been wearing Malachite, that has changed impressively. He listens to what I have to say, and he is calm and thoughtful. Our communication has improved a lot, and I'm no longer afraid to talk to him. I'm so happy about the harmony that Malachite has brought to us. Malachite’s calming and balancing effects on all levels are really wonderful." B.H., Austria

"Whenever I feel like something inside me needs to be resolved but is stuck, I grab my Malachite. It works like a charm." B.L. Middleton, Idaho 

"I am a professional piano teacher and I have a mild case of arthritis. My Malachite necklace has been indispensable in providing relief and keeping my hands pain-free. In addition, whenever I wear it for prolonged periods, I notice that my whole body becomes more flexible and better coordinated. Freed from physical discomfort, playing and teaching the piano teaching become a joy.” —M.P., Knoxville, Tennessee  

"Wearing Malachite, I feel as though my body has begun to remember its blueprint for how it is supposed to work. All the disparate energies that weren't working in concert have begun to work together. I feel like my body is beginning to remember its best self and work at a much higher level than it has in many years. Thank you, Malachite!" V .W., New York

5. You want to know that your Malachite is genuine therapeutic quality. 

Gemisphere's process of procuring, cutting, grading, and stringing only therapeutic-quality Malachite is intensive and unique—and based on our knowledge of how Malachite energy works. Our Malachite displays crisp, distinct black and green bands of color, a quality that is required to produce the soothing waves of energy characteristic of therapeutic Malachite.

Even more important—and unusual—when creating a Malachite necklace, we take care to drill each sphere through the center of the bull’s-eye formed by these bands. This facilitates the Malachite’s harmonizing wave motion in the body and ensures that your Malachite will deliver the pristine and powerful therapeutic energy you expect from this gem.


If you are ready to choose Malachite, right now is the perfect time!


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