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  • “What’s the best gem to give someone who has never worked with gems before?”

    is a very popular question this time of year. As a Gem Advisor, it has been my pleasure to help guide people to the therapeutic gems that will benefit them, but I also love helping people introduce our gems to their friends and family. 

    If you are looking to gift therapeutic gemstones this holiday season, the Gem Essentials selections in our Holiday Gift Guides is a great place to start gathering ideas. Any of these seven gemstones will make a great introduction to gemstone energy medicine. We’ve chosen them because they offer the most commonly sought-after benefits and are easy to use, making them great “gateway” gems!

    1. Quartz

    We lovingly refer to this gemstone as a universal remedy, the gemstone equivalent of a “heal-all.” Used for attracting life force and bringing balance to the body, mind, and emotions, it is one of our most versatile gems. You can place it on an upset stomach, sprain, or broken bone to facilitate healing, or you can simply wear it around your neck to help bring your life into balance. A perfect gem for the first-timer!


    2. Onyx 

    This beautiful black gemstone directs nourishing energy to your lower chakras, creating a sense of being grounded, which we all can use from time to time! Our most affordable gem, it is a favorite for people who are looking to break a habit, need help staying focused, or want some aid with multitasking. Students find it helpful for keeping their attention focused while studying.


    3. Poppy Jasper 

    Because we could all use a little energy boost! Poppy Jasper enlivens and moves energy. This is the perfect gem for coffee lovers who may be looking to cut down on the caffeine but still need that little bit of help getting through a busy day. Poppy Jasper’s invigorating energy is also great for someone who needs help getting motivated. It provides a gentle energy boost to help you move through chores or get up and exercise.

    Poppy Jasper

    4. Leopardskin Jasper 

    I recommend Leopardskin Jasper to anyone who just isn’t sure which gem to give. Because this gem’s energy attracts whatever its wearer needs for physical healing, everyone can benefit from its mission. It’s also great for someone who is looking to bring more rhythm and regulation into their life. Truly a powerful tool in anyone’s healing journey.

    Leopardskin Jasper

    5. Bloodstone 

    Immune systems: we all have them, and we all can use a little support for them! Whether you are looking to help someone alleviate allergies or simply get through the cold and flu season a little less scathed, Bloodstone is a gem that everyone can benefit from.


    6. Light Green Aventurine 

    Soothing to the body and gently detoxifying, this gem provides general organ support. This is especially helpful for maintaining a strong, heathy body in a world full of toxins. Light Green Aventurine is a great gem to gift anyone for whom you wish long-term good health.

    Light Green Aventurine

    7. Carnelian 

    Another selection from our Multidimensional Healing Collection. Because this gemstone has such a wide range of benefits, it’s a natural fit for our Gem Essentials List. Carnelian supports the lymphatic system, which helps stave off colds and seasonal allergies. It also carries the vibrant orange color ray, which helps boost optimism and clear up mild brain fog, making it a great first gem for anyone who suffers from mild depression or low energy.


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    For more information on these gems or for help choosing therapeutic gems for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, contact our Gem Advisor Team at 800.727.8877. We love to help you with your gems!

    December 11, 2017 by Michelle Smith

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