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    Clear Topaz: How I enhanced my meditation and health practice— and enjoyed a nice surprise!

    Clear Topaz: How I enhanced my meditation and health practice— and enjoyed a nice surprise!

    November 06, 2018 by Dr. Sara Hazel

    Dr. Sara Hazel describes what happened when she combined wearing Clear Topaz with Aquamarine or Carnelian.

    The results were immediate: I felt greater energy and upliftment. My meditations were more powerful, and my mind was clearer. The gemstone facial treatments I’ve been doing also seemed more effective in a shorter time.

    And much to my surprise, at the end of the week, I had lost five pounds without changing my diet or exercise patterns!

    Clear Topaz’s ability to enhance absorption of both physical and energetic nutrition seemed to increase my response to other gemstone energies, both when I wore necklaces and when I applied gemstone tools. Its property of increasing vitality combined with its stimulation of my metabolism may be responsible for the benefits I experienced.

    Aquamarine’s rejuvenating and fluid properties seemed more balanced and effective for me with the support of Clear Topaz.

    Carnelian’s vitalizing and uplifting energy was amplified by Clear Topaz! In fact, one hour was all I needed to feel fantastic.

    I am eager to experiment with other Clear Topaz gemstone combinations. Next up: Emerald.


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    Stephanie said:

    I’m super interested in this because I thought clear topaz was a gem to only be worn by itself.


    Emily said:

    I hadn’t worn my clear topaz in awhile and then I read this post. I have been wearing it with Emerald for the past 2 weeks. Clear topaz has helped me clear away the fog from a recent project, get me moving and doing what I need to do, and has impacted my eating choices! In combination with Emerald, I have found that my body feels good and taken care of. Thanks for this post!

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