Designed With You in Mind...

Designed With You in Mind...

...a new website!

The new website was created as part of a broader effort to continually uplift everything we do at Gemisphere. 

But why does a new website matter to you?

We know that change can be hard sometimes, but these changes were made specifically to help support you in a much easier and exciting shopping and educational experience. The new site brings visual consistency across our branding, organizes content in a steamlined way, and makes purchasing the best gemstones for you so much easier!

Now that the site has been live for a little over a week, I wanted to showcase some of the changes to help guide you in your browsing experience. 

A new homepage with so many features!

Gemisphere Homepage

The new homepage has so much fun content! From the main image that sends you to all of our Gemstone Collections, to a slider showcasing all of our New Necklaces

This update is important as it allows you to access great information all in one place. Explore the homepage here to see Gemisphere info, Gem of the Week announcements, New Necklaces, Gemstone Collections, and much more!

Footer on All Pages

Something that is really exciting about the new website is a huge footer with tons of links to information you want to see is available on Every. Single. Page. Go to any page, try this one, scroll to the bottom and you will see! (make sure to hit the back button once you're done so you can finish reading this post.) :)

Footer links

The top footer section displays a list of every gemstone necklace we offer and a link to each page. Looking for something specific and want a quick and easy way to find it? Look to the footer and the necklace you want will be waiting for you. 

Gemisphere footer

The bottom footer displays Resources, Customer Support, and ways to Contact Us. Want to know how to care for your gems? Check the Resources section. Curious about our Return Policy? Check the Customer Support section. This footer is where you can sign up for our email list to receive exciting updates on new products, events, and special promotions. Click the social media icons to see what's happening on Facebook and Instagram, watch gemstone videos on YouTube and connect with like-minded gemstone users on all platforms.  

Gemstone Collections: an Easy Way to Find the Gems That Meet Your Needs 

Gemstone Collections

The Gemstone Collections page is a great resource to help you find the best gemstones for you. Every necklace we offer is organized into a collection. From gems with a focus on Physical Healing, to ones that support resolution of Karmic issues and many more. Check them out here

Have You Seen the Handy Sort By Drop Down?

Physical Healing sort by

This feature is super helpful in allowing you to view gemstones in any order you want! When you are in a gemstone collection (this one is the Physical Healing collection.) you will see a list of gemstone necklace products. The default display is alphabetical. But what if you want to see the lowest prices first? Or the best selling ones? Simply click the sort by drop down and select the way you want to view the gems. 

Want Great Info on Each Gemstone Necklace?

When to Use therapeutic gemstones

You landed on a gemstone page, read the product information, love what you read, but maybe you aren't ready to make a selection and would like more info. Totally understand. Gemisphere is known for having the most in-depth information on each gemstone, which is amazing because just by reading an entire product page, you can almost be an expert on each gemstone! To get this info on a product page, simply scroll down and you will see a plethora of great information. The When to Use section can be very handy in helping you decide if this particular gem is right for you. Below that are Four tabs: Benefits, Therapeutic Quality, Testimonials, and How to Use. These tabs are excellent resources in learning more about the gemstones properties and how it can benefit you and others. 

Select any gem from this list to see these features. 

How to Choose a Necklace

Tool Tips

tool tips therapeutic gemstones

Decided which gemstone necklace you want, but don't know which Quality, Size, or Length is best for you? Use our handy tool tips in the ordering section. Simply click the purple ? icon to the left of the words Quality, Size, and Length, and a pop up of helpful info will display. 

Quality, Size and Length

Quality, size and length

Our necklaces come in many different qualities, sizes, and lengths. How do you know which one to choose? To help you find the best necklace option for you, first select Quality, and choose an option from the drop down. Pictured is from the product page Ruby Rose. This necklace is currently available in Exquisite+, Exquisite+ Higher Carat Weight, Exquisite++, and Exquisite++ Higher Carat Weight. (Don't worry, the tool tips will explain what Exquisite+ means) These quality options act as a filtering system. Select a quality option and the sizes and lengths available in that quality will display below. 

Once the necklace you want is selected, simply click the "add to cart" button and you will be one step closer to checkout! 

Your Cart

An easy way to make a purchase.

Shopping cart

Here in the shopping cart, you will see the items you want to purchase, notes on Layaways, Gem Credits, and Discounts, a section to let us know how you heard about us (please let us know who referred you!), and if you scroll to the very bottom (if you reached the footer you went too far) you will see a Get Shipping Estimates section where you can see what the shipping charges will be to get your gems to you. 

Very Important Notes about Checkout

Layaways + Gem Credits

If you would like to place an order on Layaway or use existing Gem Credit, you will need to place the order over the phone. We are working very hard to get a system in place to process these requests in this new system, and we will let you know as soon as this is in place! 

Did you receive a discount offer?

If this is your first purchase and you sign up for our emails, you will receive a 10% off coupon code in your first welcome email. If we are having a sale, we will give you a code to use to get the discount. Each Gem of the Week will come with a code to use to get the 20% off discount. 

To get the discount, copy and paste your code into the Gift Card or Discount Code section. You will see the price change to reflect the discount. FYI only one code can be used at a time! So if you received multiple offers, pick the best one. :) Unfortunately we will not be able to add discounts after you submitted your order, so make sure you enter the code before submitting the order. If you have ANY issues at all, please let us know and our Gem Advisors will be more than happy to help you. Just give us a call at 800.727.8877 and we will happily help you with this process (you can also email us here)

Once the code is in, the discount will be reflected in the final price and you are good to go! Just fill in your info so we can get your gems to you as soon as we can. (it can take a day to process, and then however long shipping takes. We do our best to get your gems to you ASAP. Let us know if you have any questions!)

And There Ya Go!

I could say a ton more about the exciting features about this new website (I did spend many, many months working hard designing and managing every detail to make it as good of an experience for you as possible, so the details are endless), but I think this is a great start to help guide you all through our new site.

We will continue to work to improve to best serve your shopping and educational needs. Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback — positive and constructive. This site is for you, after all. 

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Thank you all so much! 

Eleena Katz
Creative Director



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