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    Fall Faves - Four Gems to Wear Now

    September 24, 2019 by Eleena Katz
    Tags: Gem Tips

    Moving into autumn means more than bidding a fond farewell to warm days, backyard BBQs, and days spent in shorts and sandals. With the changing season comes shifts within our bodies and the way we experience life.

    When it's colder outside, we stay in. And shorter days leave us with less exposure to the sun. While autumn brings its own unique joys, we also seek out ways to keep our immune systems strong to prepare for the ever-daunting cold and flu season. We either look forward to planning the holidays or we brace for them!

    Does any of this make you wish you had some extra support? More energy? New ways to stay balanced while handling these changes? 

    Here are FOUR therapeutic gemstone necklaces that are ideal tools for easing your transition into fall. 

    1. Quartz

    When seasonal changes knock you off course, Quartz provides a constant, gentle source of balancing energy. Try wearing a Quartz necklace when your life feels out of sorts or your body needs extra support keeping up with the rapid changes that happen to so many of us during this time of year. Learn more about Quartz

    2. Poppy Jasper

    Already feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming holidays? Wearing a Poppy Jasper necklace is the perfect way to get an extra energy boost. The gem’s enlivening energy can help you power through the season’s extra-long To Do lists. Learn more about Poppy Jasper

    3. Blood Tonic

    Don't forget to wear your Blood Tonic necklace when cold and flu season hits! The energies of Bloodstone, Carnelian, and Sugilite join forces to help strengthen and balance immune function. Blood Tonic brings energetic support to the body’s ability to respond to chronic infections and immune deficiencies. Learn more about Blood Tonic

    4. Solar Light or Yellow Sapphire 

    Missing the sun? Experiencing mild seasonal depression? Wearing Yellow Sapphire or the Solar Light combination necklace will bring extra yellow-ray energy into your life when the days are shorter and darker, and you need an infusion of joyful sunshine energy. Learn more about Yellow Sapphire and Solar Light

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