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    Gather Your Immune Strength for What's Ahead

    Gather Your Immune Strength for What's Ahead

    October 20, 2017 by Michelle Smith
    Here it comes: the time of year when your immune system will need to step up to the plate. Cold and flu season, chilly weather, and—before you know it—the holidays can be especially taxing on the body’s defenses. Right now is the time to gather your immune strength so your body is ready when the challenges arrive.
    Our Gem of the Week, Dark Green Aventurine, is a powerful energetic ally for supporting physical health. And when you wear it with certain other gemstone necklaces, you can boost both gems’ immune benefits. Here are two great immune pairings for Dark Green Aventurine:

    Bloodstone: Boost Immune Response

    Bloodstone helps strengthen your immune system and keep it alert and responsive. In the process, it helps make your body an incompatible environment for all kinds of infections. Bloodstone’s ability to aid toxin removal makes it a great partner for Dark Green Aventurine, which expels disharmonious energies from the organs. Stronger organs with a stronger immune response can process environmental germs more effectively.

    Agate: Coordinate the Body’s Defenses

    Agate nourishes you with earthtone color rays and helps your body coordinate its natural defenses against attacking illnesses, such as colds and flu. Because Dark Green Aventurine sends its energy to the organ where it’s needed most, the pairing of Aventurine and Agate helps create healthier organs that better cooperate to defend against illness. They help the body work more efficiently to fend off the ailments that often arrive during in the changing seasons.  
    Or try all three gemstones together! Remember, when wearing more than one necklace at a time, they work best when they are different lengths.  
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    Through Sunday, October 22, 2017

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