Yellow Sapphire - Feel Sun-Energized Without Sun-Exposure

When Yellow Sapphire was announced as our Gem of the Week, our Customer Service Manager Michelle's face lit up and she became very excited, as this powerful carrier of the Yellow Ray is one of her favorite gemstones to work with. She often wears two Yellow Sapphire necklaces at a time! She describes her experience with Yellow Sapphire as being like a day at the beach when you're stuck at home. 

Michelle Talks Yellow Sapphire

One of my favorite gemstones to work with is Yellow Sapphire. Wearing Yellow Sapphire is like a day at the beach without the crowds, sand and sunburn. Because the yellow ray is the first color ray that is depleted when we are stressed, Yellow Sapphire (which carries the yellow ray) provides true nourishment and relaxation during times of high emotional and physical activity.

Yellow Sapphire

I began working with Yellow Sapphire two years ago and it has saved me from seasonal depression. Living up here in the Pacific Northwest, winters can be very difficult. I wear my Yellow Sapphire continuously from October through April and it has been the difference of night and day. I find that I am much less tired, depressed and irritable during those long winter days. I also reach for my Yellow Sapphire in the summer when the sun is too intense to be out in for very long. I have very sensitive skin and so I burn easily. Yellow Sapphire is essential during those bright days when I need the nourishment from the sun but wish to avoid sun exposure.

Gem Tip!

Wearing full necklaces of Yellow Sapphire, Mother of Pearl and Quartz together creates a lovely little gem tonic at the end of the day. I find wearing the three simultaneously for just 20 minutes after work helps me to relax, balance and unwind from my day. It’s like that comfy bathrobe that you just can’t wait to get into! 

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June 14, 2017 by Michelle Smith

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