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    Why Strong Muscles Matter More Than You Think

    October 11, 2019 by Katherine Hall
    Tags: Gem Tips

    Movement and rhythm are at the heart of all life. In fact, the rhythm of expansion and contraction can be found everywhere we look—from the Big Bang to the thumping of our hearts.

    In our bodies, we see this rhythm most easily in our muscles. Their ability to tighten and relax, over and over, does more than help our bodies look good and feel strong. It also keeps us alive.

    These movements keep our—

    • Hearts beating
    • Lungs breathing
    • Limbs moving
    • Nutrients advancing through our cells and digestive tracts

    If any of these functions are weak and need energetic support, our new gemstone Red Spinel can help. 

      Red Spinel has a profound resonance with the rhythms of expansion and contraction. It also energetically strengthens and supports our muscles, including their ability to contract and expand in an optimal, coordinated way. And this doesn’t just mean in our biceps! Having better muscle function means—

      • The ability to move our bodies with strength and ease
      • Deeper and easier breathing
      • Increased energy and stamina
      • Efficient and comfortable digestion
      • More oxygen to our brains and cellular powerhouses, the mitochondria
      • Regular elimination (moving right along here…)

      So who can benefit from Red Spinel’s muscle-loving energies?

      • Someone with tight, sore, or weak muscles
      • Anyone wishing to rebuild muscle or cardiac strength after an illness, injury, or too many days sitting at a desk
      • Daily exercisers and weekend warriors who want to enhance their fitness programs
      • Athletes of all kinds
      • Someone undergoing physical therapy

      Dawn Light

      The Dawn Light necklace is a wonderful way to experience Red Spinel's energy. Its support for the energies of movement, rhythm, and strength in the physical body offers a wide range of other benefits.

      What Makes Dawn Light Special

      Dawn Light is a combination of Red Spinel, Pink Coral, and Quartz. This necklace offers all the benefits of a solid Red Spinel necklace, though to a milder degreebut with something extra. 

      The Quartz, which draws all color rays to the body, helps the healing changes sparked by Red Spinel occur in balance. 

      The Pink Coral brings a gently supportive, protective, and rejuvenating element to the Red Spinel’s strengthening action. 

      Want to learn more? Read on.