With Onyx being our Gem of the Week, Gemstone Advisors like to reflect on their own experiences working with the featured gemstone. Gem Advisor Ryan is often seen wearing his Onyx, and was excited to share some of his experiences working with this wonderful grounding gemstone. 

Onyx- becoming grounded

 From Ryan:

"Onyx is one of my go-to gems when I am faced with a day filled with many tasks and many distractions. The grounding effect Onyx has really draws my focus down so I can just be concerned with the project that is in front of me. I can be a little spacey sometimes with my head in the clouds. When I need to be in the here and now, Onyx helps keep my feet on the ground.

Another interesting quality of the Onyx is its ability to hold up a mirror to ourselves. It shows our current moods and habits, ones that we could use a bit of improvement on, and brings our attention to these issues. It suggests ways of resolution and gives us the strength to make a change. Just finding a quiet spot to sit and listen to the Onyx always gives me a new perspective and a sense of calm. Onyx is a great necklace for people looking for focus, grounding, and support for changing unhealthy habits."

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June 02, 2017 by Ryan Van Arsdale



jcan said:

Sounds wonderful. I want a string of these too!

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