Red Spinel

Red Spinel

Optimal Muscle Health
Red Spinel supports the energies of movement, rhythm, and strength in the physical body.

The body’s ability to move, open, and contract with ease and in optimal rhythms is central to many life processes. Red Spinel helps optimize these rhythms, thus benefiting the heart, lungs, muscles, circulatory vessels, digestive system, and other vital functions. By supporting the forces that power the cells’ mitochondria, Red Spinel improves the energetic capacity of nearly every tissue in the body, powerfully supporting the fire and rhythm of life. At the deepest level, Red Spinel encourages the release of energy blockages that prevent life-giving color rays from entering and nourishing the body. 

Red Spinel is also available in the combination necklace Dawn Light.

Red Spinel can help you—

  • Improve muscle strength 
  • Breathe more deeply and freely 
  • Boost your energy and stamina 
  • Find a more balanced life rhythm
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Red Spinel Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A need for greater muscle strength and coordination
  • Difficulty breathing deeply and easily
  • A sense of energetic depletion
  • A desire to improve the rhythm of your sleep-wake cycles
  • Weakness in the blood vessels and cardiovascular system
  • Imbalances in digestive function
  • A desire to enhance an exercise program or physical therapy

CAUTION: People with heart disease or who have a pacemaker, stent, or other foreign object in the heart should not wear a solid Red Spinel necklace.

When you want to—

  • Improve muscle strength
  • Ease the movement of your skeletal muscles
  • Experience greater physical stamina and energy
  • Breathe more deeply, freely, and efficiently
  • Find a more balanced life rhythm between work and rest
  • Support the energetic health of your cardiovascular system
  • Recover muscle strength after illness, injury, or prolonged lack of exercise
  • Support the health of your respiratory, circulatory, digestive and elimination systems
  • Remove blockages to life-giving color rays
  • Improve your mitochondrial health