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    Clear Topaz

    Manifesting Health

    Fulfill your vision of health | Resolve weight and nutrition issues | Support detox


    Clear Topaz helps you fulfill your vision of health, whether you desire a leaner physique, recovery from an injury, or the resolution of a serious illness.  Read more

    This crystal-clear gem stimulates the metabolic processes that can fulfill your specific intention for better health. Clear Topaz helps your body move nutrients and healing energies wherever they are needed, as it facilitates the release of toxins. Through its unique effects on the aura, Clear Topaz improves the relationship of your physical and subtle bodies, making healing more efficient and direct.
    • Resolve a physical condition and you are willing to apply mental focus to initiate and follow through on the change
    • Recreate your body in a healthier state
    • Enhance the effects of another therapeutic gemstone necklace
    • Simultaneously treat a physical condition and its emotional-, causal-, or mental-body causes
    • Improve the assimilation of digested nutrients
    • Enhance intravenous mineral therapy
    • Supplement a detoxification program


    Prices are based on quality and carat weight.


    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    24 " 155.83 14 6019 $2,175
    24 " 159.27 14 6018 $2,225
    24 " 191.05 15 6016 $2,565
    28 " 264.84 15 6010 $3,965

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    Tips for Choosing

    Only the finest quality, pure gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from gemstone energy medicine. The higher a gem’s quality, the more therapeutically powerful it is. As a gem rises in quality, its therapeutic potency often increases far more than its price. Going up even one level of quality can deliver many times more therapeutic power.

    Next to quality, the most important factor in determining a gemstone’s therapeutic power is mass. Quality being equal, larger gems are more potent than smaller ones. If your neck is sensitive to weight, consider wearing somewhat smaller gems. Children usually require shorter necklaces and smaller gems.

    Quality and gem size being equal, longer necklaces are more therapeutically potent than shorter ones because they contain more gemstone mass. Consider your comfort when choosing; for example, shorter people may prefer wearing shorter necklaces. If you wish to wear more than one necklace simultaneously, ideally they should be of different lengths. All necklaces 23 inches or shorter contain a 14K gold clasp; longer necklaces have no clasp.

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    When to Use

    You Are Experiencing

    • Any limiting physical condition for which you can visualize a healthier state
    • Chronic overweight
    • An acute condition, such as an injury, unexpected allergic reaction, indigestion, or localized infection
    • Sluggishness in any physical function, including metabolism
    • Nutrient deficiencies caused by overactive or underactive metabolism, digestive tract disturbances, food intolerances, or a poor diet
    • Hyperactivity caused by overcompensation for sluggishness in a physical processes
    • A tangle of many physical, emotional, causal, and/or mental factors affecting a condition

    You Want to

    • Resolve a physical condition and you are willing to apply mental focus to initiate and follow through on the change
    • Recreate your body in a healthier state
    • Enhance the effects of another therapeutic gemstone necklace
    • Simultaneously treat a physical condition and its emotional-, causal-, or mental-body causes
    • Improve the assimilation of digested nutrients
    • Enhance intravenous mineral therapy
    • Supplement a detoxification program


    Because of Clear Topaz’s effects on metabolism and absorption, it must be used with care and some caution. Here is a partial list of contraindications for wearing Clear Topaz:

    • Systemic autoimmune conditions
    • Bacterial or viral infections that are worsening
    • Unwanted growths
    • Amalgam tooth fillings
    • Certain heart, gland, and psychotropic medications
    • Activities or foods that stimulate the adrenal glands or accelerate metabolism
    • Pacemaker or implanted automatic cardiac defibrillator

    When worn as a necklace, Clear Topaz is at your service to help you fulfill your vision for health—either the one broadcast by your body’s built-in blueprints for optimal health or by your clearly defined and expressed intention.

    To accomplish its goals, rounded crystals of Clear Topaz engages your body at the molecular level to increase metabolism and provide the body with the nutrients it needs. One result is the speeding up of whatever processes are needed to fulfill your desire for improved health—be it a leaner physique, recovery from an injury, or the resolution of a serious illness. Clear Topaz energy attracts nutrients and helps the body assimilate them. Through its effects on the supraphysical body, this crystal-clear gem helps move beneficial substances and healing energies, such as those provided by other gemstones, wherever they are required. It also helps convert toxins into energy and transfers them into the supraphysical body for easy removal. When you wear Clear Topaz, it consolidates your aura, improving the relationship between your physical and subtle bodies and making healing more efficient and direct.

    All of Clear Topaz’s effects on the body mimic its activities as a mineral in the Earth. Clear Topaz is the essence of all varieties of Topaz. To form other Topaz varieties, such as Golden Topaz or Blue Topaz, a deposit of Clear Topaz crystals draws certain elements and minerals to itself. To do this, Clear Topaz first speeds up the vibrations of the molecules in its environment. It adjusts neighboring molecules to create spaces and channels through which it clears away obstacles and draws the elements it needs to form a certain variety of Topaz. Once the desired elements are nearby, the Clear Topaz crystals arrange their own molecules to assimilate these elements into their crystalline matrix.

    The properties of Clear Topaz needed to accomplish all this are the same properties that give Clear Topaz its therapeutic effects. When Clear Topaz is cut into rounded form and you wear it as a necklace, all these abilities become available for your benefit. When you wear Clear Topaz, its energy blends with yours, and in some ways your body becomes like a Clear Topaz crystal. In the body, Clear Topaz works at the molecular level, in this case to increase certain metabolic processes. Just as Clear Topaz draws minerals to itself to become a colored variety of Topaz, you start to draw nutrients and other healthful elements to yourself. Clear Topaz then improves your absorption of these nutrients, through both the skin and cell membranes, and aids in their assimilation. In the Earth, Clear Topaz clears away obstacles to its work; in the body, these obstacles are toxins, which Clear Topaz converts into energy for removal from your body.

    Benefits of Increased Metabolism

    The body’s metabolism comprises the physical and chemical processes that maintain life within the cells. During metabolism, chemical bonds are both broken down to yield energy, and reformed to create substances necessary for life. When you wear Clear Topaz, metabolic processes throughout your body are encouraged to become more active. The body’s ions (electrically charged atoms and molecules) tend to become more interested in forming bonds and in breaking bonds to create new ones.

    As a result, cellular and system functions t

    hroughout your body are enlivened and stimulated, and healthy processes are enhanced and accelerated. When you wear Clear Topaz, you might feel energized and want to get up and move more than usual. It takes about ten to 20 minutes of wearing Clear Topaz for the increase in metabolism to become noticeable.

    This increase in metabolic rate does not mean that the body’s systems become overactive to the point of imbalance. Clear Topaz does not increase the heart rate or blood pressure or stimulate metabolic processes other than those being targeted by your blueprints or intention.

    Interestingly, in some cases of hyperactivity, Clear Topaz can have a calming effect. Hyperactivity can be caused by certain metabolic functions overcompensating for other functions that are not performing adequately. Clear Topaz bolsters the underperforming function, so that the compensating functions can settle down and return to normal. This effect might be noticeable from within minutes to several weeks of wearing Clear Topaz.

    The ramifications of an increased metabolism can vary. For some people, and under certain circumstances, increasing the metabolism is not a good idea. See the “Contraindications for Wearing Clear Topaz” in the How to Use tab.

    Focusing Clear Topaz’s Work

    In the planet, each deposit of Clear Topaz crystals has a mission to become a certain variety of Topaz. When the gemstones are harvested and fashioned into rounded form, they become separated from the source of their mission and instructions. They lose the information about which elements to draw and which to repel. They become devoid of purpose – that is, until they are worn.

    When you wear a Clear Topaz necklace, the gemstones recognize that you can provide a purpose for its abilities. Like the Earth once did, you can give the Clear Topaz a job to do. The gems will look to you for instructions on how to use their energy. These instructions can come from two places—from your body’s blueprints for manifesting health or from your mental intention.

    For this reason, if you are wearing Clear Topaz to help manifest a specific health goal, it is important for you to clearly define your intention for wearing it. This will focus the gemstones work and direct their energies only to the molecules and metabolic processes required to fulfill your intention. The natural abilities of the Clear Topaz will align themselves with your goal. Your body will also recognize what the Clear Topaz is doing and work with it. In this way, Clear Topaz will help your mind fulfill your goals for your physical body.

    When you use your mind to clarify, crystallize, and visualize a goal for your health, you take an important step in achieving it. A well-disciplined mind, one that can hold a vision and accept it, can direct Clear Topaz’s energies to specific areas of the body. These directions can be extremely precise. As a result of the mind’s intention, the Clear Topaz can adjust how and where it works, how strongly it works, what it attracts, and what it helps the body release.

    In the absence of a specific goal, Clear Topaz will look to your body’s blueprints for instructions. The body’s blueprints are patterns of energy frequencies that provide it with an ideal picture of how it should function and how to repair itself when needed.

    However, over the course of a lifetime, blueprints can become clouded by a variety of factors. Clouded blueprints are often an essential reason why ill health occurs in the first place. This is particularly true of a chronic condition that has proven difficult to resolve; the message of the body’s blueprints is not getting through to the cells. Therefore, when using Clear Topaz to address a chronic condition, the use of mental intention and a clear goal is particularly helpful. Your intention can supersede the clouded information on which the body has been running. Establishing a clear goal in your mind allows the vibrations associated with the goal to be drawn into the body.

    Once you set this mental picture of your goal, how quickly it is achieved depends on how quickly your body can physically make the required changes. The healthier your body, the more quickly it can adapt to change.

    Interestingly, the act of choosing to use a therapeutic tool such as Clear Topaz to achieve a certain goal is in itself the demonstration of an intention. Simply by putting the Clear Topaz around your neck, you signal your blueprints that it’s time to wake up, come forward, and be recognized.

    In acute conditions that represent an unexpected deviation from the body’s normal state – for example, an injury, the onset of a cold, an unexpected allergic reaction, indigestion from overeating, or an acute infection – invariably the body is aware of the condition and rallies its forces to address it. The body’s blueprint information naturally comes forward to organize its resources and address the situation. In these cases, Clear Topaz can help the body find the resources it needs to deal with the acute condition.

    Learn more about using mental intention with Clear Topaz in the How to Use tab.

    Supporting Weight Loss

    The person who is relatively healthy but has a slow metabolism can greatly benefit from wearing Clear Topaz. Slow metabolism can be caused by a number of things, such as thyroid problems, sluggishness in the body’s energy systems, lack of exercise, or excess fat, which interferes with metabolic processes. If worn daily, Clear Topaz can help such individuals normalize their metabolism and, for those with excess fat, help them lose weight.

    If you wish to wear Clear Topaz to support weight loss, again, it is important for you to set a clear goal. In the case of chronic overweight, the body is unable to access or respond to blueprints that call for a healthy weight. Your clear mental intention will focus the gemstones’ energy on activating the metabolic processes required to rid the body of excess fat. It will also evoke the body’s blueprints that describe a lean constitution. These blueprints are embedded in your body’s DNA. When you use intention to visualize the lean state you desire, the blueprints will come forward, as will the associated DNA. Changes will start to occur as the once-sleeping DNA wake up.

    In addition to quickening the metabolism, Clear Topaz offers two gifts to the person who has accumulated excess weight: its ability to facilitate the release of toxins, and the template of purity without excess that Clear Topaz offers the body.

    Clear Topaz serves as a template for the body to emulate. A person who is lean and fit is similar to a Clear Topaz crystal, which is not laden with unnecessary or excess elements that would otherwise give it unwanted colors or inclusions. For an overweight person, these elements correspond to excess fat molecules. Clear Topaz carries a frequency sentence that describes the state of being pure, light-filled, uncontaminated, and unburdened with other molecules. It is simple and free. When someone wears Clear Topaz, this frequency resonates with the essential nature of its wearer. It looks for what is comparable to itself within the wearer – the blueprints that define a healthy body, free from stress, disease, worries, and so on. Clear Topaz strengthens and clarifies these blueprints. The longer someone wears the Clear Topaz necklace, the clearer this template becomes and the more it will manifest itself.

    This enlivening of the body’s template is a side benefit that will occur simply by wearing Clear Topaz. It occurs without any mental work on your part, simply because of the nature of Clear Topaz.

    Aiding the Transformation of Physical and Subtle Processes

    Clear Topaz works on a fundamental level to help you recreate your physical body into one that is healthier and stronger. In addition to increasing your metabolism, Clear Topaz performs several other actions to fulfill its mission for you: it blends its energies with those of your supraphysical body and enhances this body’s vital functions; it attracts and assembles nutrients and healing energies and aids in their assimilation; it transforms toxins into energy to facilitate their removal from the body; and it temporarily changes the structure of your aura to improve the relationship of your physical and subtle bodies.

    Supporting the Supraphysical Body

    When you wear a necklace of rounded Clear Topaz, a special relationship develops between you and the gemstone. Clear Topaz blends its energies with yours, particularly those of your supraphysical body. This blending is reciprocal, so that your energy is also infused into the Clear Topaz at a fundamental level.

    The supraphysical body and aura is a living layer of energy that both surrounds and fills the physical body and is very close to the body in vibratory rate. The supraphysical body serves valuable functions for the physical body. Among other things, it reflects what is happening in the physical body. It also provides pathways in the physical body to ensure that hormones, nutrients, and other life-supporting substances reach their target cells.

    Another purpose of the supraphysical body is to translate higher vibrations into ones compatible with the physical body. Among these vibrations is life energy. The supraphysical body helps translate life energy from a source of higher vibration into a form that the physical body can use. Clear Topaz enhances this function and makes the supraphysical body a better conductor of energy and information. As a result, the body receives life energy more easily. This is a key to how Clear Topaz speeds up metabolism: as the energy coursing through the body increases, the body’s processes become more active.

    When you give Clear Topaz a goal, it opens molecular pathways in your supraphysical fabric to carry it out. It opens these pathways specifically to conduct the nutrients, energies, and other elements required to fulfill your instructions or those of your blueprints.

    Clear Topaz not only opens pathways and channels in the supraphysical fabric, it also enhances the natural pathways already present there. When you wear a Clear Topaz necklace, the effect on these pathways is like that of fresh pavement on a roadway. It allows the energies of hormones, nutrients, and other substances to be transported to the cells smoothly, quickly, and easily.

    Assistance for Nourishing the Cells

    Clear Topaz helps enhance the physical body’s processes at the molecular level. Recall the property of unharvested Clear Topaz to draw molecules to itself in order to become colored crystals. To do this, Clear Topaz raises the vibrations of the molecules in its environment to create spaces and pathways through which elements and minerals are drawn to the growing crystal. A similar mechanism is employed at the molecular level of the person who wears therapeutic Clear Topaz.

    In the body, the molecular level lies between that of atoms on one side and cells on the other. The natural laws that govern these neighboring levels are extremely different from each other. Therefore, the molecular level is often required to bridge or communicate between them. To do this, molecules have a unique ability to adjust their vibratory rate. The vibrations of molecules can be raised in order to access the atomic level and lowered to access the cellular level. The purpose of these adjustments is both to gather information from each level and to manifest whatever substances are needed to fulfill the cells’ needs.

    Clear Topaz works at the molecular level to lift the vibrations of ions so they become more active. Recall that ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules. Because of their charge, they seek to bond with other atoms and molecules. Ions are involved in drawing nutrients to the cells. They can either gather these nutrients from the bloodstream or collect them from the atomic level. Sometimes these nutrients appear to come out of nowhere. Yet their manifestation can be explained by the action of Clear Topaz.

    When cells need nutrients that are not available from the bloodstream, the body raises the vibrations of certain molecular ions so they can access these nutrients from the atomic level. The atoms accessed through this process bond with the ions to become molecules. These molecules are then used to meet the nutritional needs of the cells.

    Clear Topaz stimulates this process, improving both the molecular level’s ability to communicate the cells’ needs and to make these transactions. Through the channels it creates in the supraphysical body, Clear Topaz supplies the transfer mechanisms required for the nutrients to move where they are needed. Once the nutrients arrive at their destinations, Clear Topaz enhances their assimilation. In addition, useful nutrients that might otherwise pass though the body are saved from elimination and used for nourishment.

    It is interesting to note that the body’s intelligence is at the helm in guiding Clear Topaz’s effects. When you combine Clear Topaz and an intention for wearing it, the body can be quite specific in its selection of which molecules it breaks apart and reforms and which elements it harvests from the atomic level to form nutrients.

    The ability of Clear Topaz to satisfy the cells’ needs makes it a useful tool for resolving nutritional deficiencies. Such deficiencies can be caused by digestive tract disturbances, food intolerances, or a poor or restricted diet. Indeed, many different influences, including environmental ones, can affect a person’s ability to eat an adequate diet or get all the nutrition he needs. Some of these conditions can become an energetic tangle of emotional, causal, metabolic, and cellular factors. Whenever such a tangle is present in any condition, whether or not it involves nutritional deficiencies, Clear Topaz can help smooth the energies in the supraphysical fabric and open blocked passages.

    Increasing Absorption Through the Skin Clear Topaz provides your body with a way to bypass the digestive system and absorb medicinal substances directly through your skin. This property can be very useful for people who have difficulty getting enough medicine to a particular area of the body. When you take a medicine or remedy orally, the digestive and circulatory systems can handle only so much and will eliminate the rest. Sometimes the cells of the digestive-system organs themselves absorb most of the substance, and only a very small amount reaches its intended destination. When you wear a Clear Topaz necklace, it increases the permeability of your skin and  cellular membranes. Thus, any medicinal substance applied to the skin will enter it more readily. Also, medicines designed to move through the skin and into a target area will be absorbed by the area’s cells more easily.

    You can use this property of Clear Topaz to facilitate the absorption of any medicinal substance. These substances can be dissolved in water, infused into a lotion, or packed in a poultice. Such substances can include anti-inflammatory medicines, herbal infusions or, when used in a poultice, preparations of whole plants, mashed roots, or even gemstones.

    When applying medicinal substances to the skin, use the same amount you would normally use without the Clear Topaz.

    Important Precautions

    If you are taking pharmaceutical medicines while wearing Clear Topaz, do not make any changes in dosage unless your doctor changes your prescription. Ask your doctor about appropriate tests to determine whether your dosage can be altered.

    Clear Topaz’s ability to strongly enhance absorption through the skin also calls for special precautions when wearing it with jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, cell phones, and other metal objects, or with amalgam fillings and implanted medical devices. For important guidelines on using Clear Topaz with these items, see “Handling Enhanced Absorption” in the How to Use tab.

    Support for Removing Toxins

    In the Earth, when Clear Topaz draws necessary elements and minerals to itself, it must also repel those that would contaminate it. If the crystals could only attract elements, the resulting Topaz would include colors that are muddy or undefined. In the human being, the equivalent contaminants are unwanted energies in physical form – i.e., toxins. Clear Topaz has an extraordinary ability to help the body convert toxins into energetic form and then bypass the organs of elimination to release these toxins through the supraphysical aura.

    When Clear Topaz blends its energy with yours, your body is better able to identify the messages broadcast by your blueprints about what your cells require to improve their health. These messages include information not only about the cells’ nutrient needs, but also about which elements and toxins are impeding the cells’ health. Your body is better able to identify these toxins and then use Clear Topaz energy to raise their vibrations. As a result, the toxins’ molecules are disassembled into energetic frequencies.

    Because the frequencies formed from toxins are of a quality that is incompatible with the atomic level – i.e., they are toxic – they are restricted from entering that level. Consequently, the Clear Topaz redirects their vibrations to the supraphysical instead. The toxins, now in the form of negative energy, move into the supraphysical aura, which serves as a natural passageway for eliminating unwanted energies. These energies collect in the supraphysical aura, from which they are regularly released. Clear Topaz awakens and enhances this natural elimination process.

    If too much of this negative energy collects, symptoms can occur. Then both your body and the Clear Topaz require cleansing. You can cleanse your supraphysical body using the same techniques you use to cleanse a gemstone. Taking a shower and rubbing yourself with soap is like holding a necklace under running water and cleansing it with mild detergent. Salt baths and spending a few minutes in sunlight are also effective. However, do not take a salt bath while wearing Clear Topaz, because that would bring excess salt into your body.

    Improving the Relationship of the Physical and Subtle Bodies

    The energies of the therapeutic gemstones in the Topaz family focus on the physical body. Part of what allows them to do this is the effect they have on the aura. When you wear these gemstones, the emotional, causal, and mental auras tend to consolidate, like nesting dolls, one inside the other. This phenomenon improves the relationship of the physical and subtle bodies and directly benefits the physical body.

    When you first put on Clear Topaz, within a half an hour or so, its energy spreads throughout your aura and saturates it to a certain degree. Each layer of the aura is an energetic reflection of its corresponding body. The physical body’s aura is the supraphysical aura. When Clear Topaz energy saturates your aura, it gains a brief overview of what is happening in your physical body. The body naturally reflects in the aura whatever issues, needs, and processes it is currently working on. Clear Topaz highlights these processes and collects information about them.

    The fabric of the subtle bodies is intertwined with that of the physical body. When your aura has reached relative saturation, the Clear Topaz energy rides subtle-body threads into your physical body. As it does, two things happen simultaneously: the subtle bodies and auras consolidate, and the physical body is filled with Clear Topaz energy.

    When Clear Topaz consolidates your bodies and auras, the subtle bodies remain distinct and intact, but their auric manifestation becomes localized in the physical body. This makes you more centered and enhances all health processes in your physical and subtle bodies. Communication, energy flows, strength, equilibrium, and the sharing of color rays all improve, and the vibratory rate of your physical body is uplifted. Recall that, in the aura, the Clear Topaz energy highlights areas of need and concentrates there. When Clear Topaz’s energy consolidates the auras and settles into the physical body, these are the areas in which metabolic processes are accelerated.

    When you take off Clear Topaz, within seconds the aura telescopes back to its original position. Each time you take off the Clear Topaz and put it back on, you receive the benefits of aura consolidation all over again. The more often you wear Clear Topaz, the more flexible the subtle bodies become, and the faster the saturation and consolidation of the auras occurs. For this reason, it is beneficial to remove Clear Topaz for short periods each day.

    Palpating the Aura When Wearing Clear Topaz

    It is important for a gemstone therapist to be aware of Clear Topaz’s effect on the aura, because the aura will palpate differently when someone wears Clear Topaz. Layers of the aura might appear to be missing. This is simply the natural result of Clear Topaz drawing the auras in toward the body. People who are learning to palpate the aura can use this phenomenon to practice sensing auric changes when various gemstones are worn.

    Simultaneously Addressing Physical Conditions and Their Subtle-Body Causes

    It can be tempting to view the emotional, causal, and mental bodies as separate from and outside of the physical body. In a sense, the subtle bodies do exist outside the body, because their vibrations are not physical, and their auras manifest in layers around the body. However, it is also true that the emotional, causal, and mental bodies are the threads that weave together to form the fabric of the physical body. In other words, the body is the physical manifestation of these subtle-body threads. From this perspective, the subtle and physical bodies are one and the same; they simply exist at different vibratory levels. By consolidating the subtle bodies and auras in the physical body, Clear Topaz greatly enhances this intimate relationship among the bodies.

    This relationship has profound implications for healing. Because the physical fabric consists of subtle-body threads, changes occurring in the physical body simultaneously occur in the emotional, causal, and, to a certain degree, mental body. For example, when Clear Topaz speeds the metabolism of the physical body, the corresponding processes in the emotional, causal, and mental bodies also speed up. Fortunately, Clear Topaz will not accelerate the resolution of an issue in one body without regard for the others, which could imbalance the entire system. Clear Topaz works holistically.

    The other implication of this relationship is that the subtle-body causes of a physical condition can be traced to the physical fabric and treated there. When you wear Clear Topaz to treat a physical condition, you simultaneously address any emotional, causal, or mental factors contributing to that condition.

    The physical fabric is an intertwining of all the factors that make you who you are. Therefore, treating any one of these factors will treat them all. For example, when you wear Clear Topaz to become leaner, and the body speeds up the metabolic processes required to shed excess fat, you will address the emotional or mental factors contributing to excessive weight gain at the same time.

    Enhancing the Effects of Other Gemstones

    The supraphysical fabric is particularly receptive to transporting the energies of substances that have a specific purpose or intention. This includes the energies of therapeutic gemstones. Wearing Clear Topaz can help bring the energies of other gemstones into your supraphysical body, and hence into your physical body, rapidly and deeply. In the presence of Clear Topaz, the body becomes maximally receptive to the energies of other gemstones. Clear Topaz improves the ability of both the physical and subtle bodies to accept the energies of these other necklaces more completely and more deeply, at whatever level of the physical or subtle bodies these necklaces usually work.

    To visualize what happens when you wear or place another gemstone on your body while wearing Clear Topaz, imagine dripping ink onto a paper towel and watching it spread throughout the towel. Clear Topaz helps the energy of other gemstones spread through the physical body until the body is as saturated as it can be. This makes Clear Topaz an extraordinarily helpful tool for anyone who uses therapeutic gemstones, including gemstone therapists. It allows a therapist to offer a patient’s body the energies of a variety of gemstones in a short period. Also, the gemstones’ energies will linger in the body long after the patient leaves the office.

    You can also wear your own Clear Topaz necklace while placing another gemstone necklace on a target area of the body. If the other necklace is, for example, Carnelian, within a few minutes to an hour, the body will become saturated with as much Carnelian energy as it can ingest at that point. It will maintain that level of saturation for as long as both gemstones remain on the body. Furthermore, the body will receive the Carnelian energy in a way that it cannot when Carnelian is used by itself. When used with most gemstones, Clear Topaz infuses the gemstone’s energy through the cellular level, into the molecular level, and beyond, into the subtle bodies.

    Many gemstones focus their work on the subtle bodies and address the physical body only indirectly. Because Clear Topaz consolidates the auras, it brings the energies of these gemstones into the physical body. Consequently, when you wear Clear Topaz with a gemstone that focuses on the subtle bodies, you can address the subtle-body roots of a physical condition directly. This modified arrangement of the energy field also makes the physical and subtle bodies more receptive to the healing energies of the other gemstone.

    For example, if you use Clear Topaz with an emotionally focused gemstone such as Roselle, instead of the Roselle energy working predominately in the emotional aura and body, Clear Topaz will carry the Roselle energy into the physical body as well. Clear Topaz will direct the Roselle’s energy to the physical manifestation of the emotional issues being targeted by the Roselle.

    Another advantage of using Clear Topaz with other gemstones is that you can control when this intensive saturation occurs. You can time it, for example, when you want a certain gemstone’s support to recover from an acute illness, or when you’re feeling strong enough to handle a certain gem’s detoxification effects, or when you’re receiving other supportive treatments.

    Note to parents: You can employ Clear Topaz to infuse the energies of another gemstone necklace into your child’s body when you want her to receive the benefits of the other necklace, but for practical reasons you don’t want her wearing it for a prolonged period. It is also useful when you want to closely supervise a young child wearing a necklace, since results can be achieved quickly.

    More Benefits of Clear Topaz

    Support for Resolving Physical Conditions

    You can use Clear Topaz to support the healing of any physical condition to which you are willing to apply sustained mental focus. The Clear Topaz will help you draw the nutrients and other physical elements required to reconfigure your body’s fabric so that it matches your mental intention as closely as possible. Also, because the body always wants to heal, when Clear Topaz speeds metabolism, it will accelerate the body’s inherent healing processes.

    Supporting Detoxification Programs

    You can use Clear Topaz to enhance the effects of a detoxification program. The gemstones will support the body by helping move released toxins into the supraphysical aura, where they can be easily dispersed.

    Restoring the Supraphysical Aura

    Many things can damage the fabric of the supraphysical body, including cigarette smoking, trauma, and negative thinking, particularly when the negative thoughts are directed at oneself. These experiences can create holes and inconsistencies in the supraphysical aura, which significantly hamper its ability to perform its vital function as a conductor of energies. If you have identified the source of the damage and have taken steps to eliminate it, Clear Topaz can help homogenize the fabric of your supraphysical body and restore its function as a conductor.

    Supporting Gland Health

    Wearing Clear Topaz can help correct communication problems among the body’s glands and thereby help the glandular system work better as a whole. If certain glands are on the verge of becoming imbalanced, when you first wear Clear Topaz, these glands might temporarily become hyperactive or hypoactive. However, within a week of continually wearing Clear Topaz, these imbalances will correct themselves.

    Clear Topaz can also benefit someone who is feeling weak and tired because of adrenal exhaustion.

    Help for Nutrient Deficiencies 

    Clear Topaz can help someone who is underweight because of an overactive metabolism. This condition can be caused by a breakdown in communication between the cells, which are asking to be fed, and glandular signals that regulate how fast biochemical processes occur. In this case, the metabolism is so active that it overlooks important duties, such as absorbing nutrients. Also, the glands might not be functioning together as a unit. To help resolve this situation, you can wear Clear Topaz with a therapeutic Carnelian necklace to support the glands, with Carnelian as the longer necklace.

    Children and Clear Topaz

    Caution: Because of the potential for choking, do not allow children under age three to handle or wear a necklace unsupervised. Always give your full attention to a young child for the entire time the child is handling or wearing a necklace.

    The ability of Clear Topaz to stimulate the formation of nutrients at the atomic level and transfer them to the cells is most apparent in children. Topaz crystals grow more slowly as they get larger, and they have less need to draw desired elements. The same is true for people. A child needs an abundance of nutrients to grow and be healthy; as growth slows in adults, their nutritional needs also decrease.

    When children wear Clear Topaz, their bodies become hyper-alert to the nutrients they need; the body’s blueprints awaken to recognize and acknowledge the nutrients required for optimal health. The Clear Topaz looks to these blueprints to help the child’s body fulfill these requirements.

    The Clear Topaz offers children support for increased nutrient absorption and toxin elimination to help them grow in health or to correct malfunctions. In addition, Clear Topaz enhances any metabolic process that a child’s body determines must be activated, energized, facilitated, or encouraged.

    Nutritional Support

    Clear Topaz helps a child’s body become as nutritionally satisfied as possible. Once the body’s nutritional needs are identified, Clear Topaz can either draw nutrients from food or construct them from the atomic level. Because Clear Topaz helps the body absorb nutrients, an ideal time for a young child to wear Clear Topaz is during meals. Then you can conveniently watch over the child and the necklace to make sure both are safe.

    It is best that a child not wear Clear Topaz regularly without other therapeutic gemstones. A growing body can benefit from a wide spectrum of energetic nourishment, and other gemstones can provide this variety.

    To Facilitate Recovery

    When used in conjunction with other treatments, wearing Clear Topaz is an effective protocol for sick infants and children. For young children, you can use Clear Topaz for conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies or poor reactions to foods. Such conditions can include colic, eczema, chronic ear infections, asthma, and so on. Put the necklace on at the very first sign of ill health. If the child’s symptoms do not improve, other treatments or different gemstone therapies may be more appropriate.

    Lifetime Issues

    As babies, we come into life with an abundance of patterns and tendencies from past lives. These patterns influence our health and behavior as we grow into children and adults.

    A child has both advantages and disadvantages in dealing with these influences from the past. The greatest disadvantage is the momentum of these past-life programs pressing themselves into the new body. Thus, chronic and serious childhood illnesses usually have much to do with past-life programs and less to do with deficiencies. Children also tend to be more sensitive than adults to environmental influences. However, children are also gifted with a new physical form that is many times more resilient and adaptable than the adult body.

    With adult supervision, Clear Topaz is also an ideal gemstone for healthy babies, because its work in the supraphysical body will help sift out potentially challenging past-life programs and ease their entrance into the body. It is wise to postpone the entrance of these past-life programs into the body for as long possible. If they come in too fast or too soon, chronic or serious illness can result, whereas if they are delayed for a while, even for two or three years, the child will be stronger when they do come in. His immune system will be more developed, all his systems will be more mature, and he will be better able to handle the effects of these programs.

    In fact, the use of Clear Topaz can sometimes help disassemble these programs into small enough pieces to thwart the illness they might otherwise generate.

    Time Guidelines for Children

    For short periods and only with full adult supervision at all times, Clear Topaz can be used for children, as follows:  

    Place the Clear Topaz in an infant’s aura as soon as possible after the child is born. Make sure the necklace is well cleansed beforehand. If the child is healthy, wearing the necklace for 15 to 20 minutes a day for the first week will provide a good foundation for strengthening the child’s health. For maintenance, four times a year, have the child wear the necklace one to two hours a day, seven days in a row.

    Thereafter, or to treat specific conditions, the time guidelines are variable, depending on the unique conditions of the child. You can use an answer-receiving technique, other diagnostic methods, or the guidance of a healthcare practitioner to determine what is appropriate for your child’s situation.

    Therapeutic Clear Topaz looks like a crystal-clear drop of water. Its refractive properties give life to its appearance, and it has a brightness and luster that make it glisten.

    Therapeutic Clear Topaz is free of contaminants, devoid of color, and clear to the naked eye. It is also free of mineral inclusions, which if present would inhibit its ability to access the molecular level and work its vibratory transformations there. When Clear Topaz displays this level of clarity under a microscope, its therapeutic effects are particularly strong.

    The carat weight and bead size of the gemstones in any therapeutic gemstone necklace influence how strongly the necklace works. Larger beads work more intensely and access deeper levels of the body. In Clear Topaz, they will have stronger drawing power and be more stimulating to the movement of ions. Therefore, by graduating the beads in a Clear Topaz necklace, you will enjoy a larger span of vibratory influence that can work on multiple levels of the physical and subtle bodies.

    Our Clear Topaz Necklaces

    Our therapeutic Clear Topaz necklaces are made with Clear Topaz rondels that have been cut from high quality crystals. To ensure our Clear Topaz’s superior therapeutic value, we obtain the gemstones in rough form and then have them cut to our unique specifications. Each Clear Topaz necklace is unique, and all are individually priced based on their total carat weight and quality.

    For most gemstones, the therapeutic quality categories defined as Very Fine (••), Exquisite (•••), Exquisite Plus (••••), etc. suffice to describe the quality of the gems in a particular necklace. However, for a handful of gemstones, gradients of quality exist within each therapeutic quality category. Clear Topaz is one of these gemstones. This means that a particular Clear Topaz necklace may be somewhat higher or lower in quality than the other necklaces in the same category. These variations are reflected in the price per carat of each necklace.

    When I learned about Clear Topaz, I knew I had to have a necklace right away. I am 57 years old. In years past, I found it relatively easy to maintain an exercise regimen, and I could eat whatever I wanted without being concerned about my weight. However, since I’ve reached a certain age, all that has changed. Now I'm three dress sizes too large and plagued by cellulite. I jumped at the chance to make a change.

    I am thrilled to report that, after wearing Clear Topaz daily for the past six weeks, not only have I lost one dress size, but best of all, the cellulite is disappearing! Really and truly. I set my intention with words and thoughts of a “slim, firm, flawless form” each day before I put on my necklace, whenever I touch it, and every time I take it off. I hold a clear vision in my mind of how I want my body to be.

    I am so pleased with the results, that I now plan to use Clear Topaz to “turn back the hands of time” to the best looking and best feeling body I have ever had.

    My sincere thank you to Gemisphere for making available such life-enhancing tools, which not only work, but work so well, they exceed my expectations.

    P.Z., Washington, DC

    Wear It Around Your Neck

    One of the most powerful and convenient ways to use a Clear Topaz necklace is to wear it around your neck. There the gems will silently work for you as you go about your day. At night while you are sleeping, you can wear the necklace or keep it within three feet of your body to maintain your connection with the gems. 

    Focused Treatments

    You can also use Clear Topaz for more focused treatments. The simplest treatment is to place it on a specific area of your body to focus its healing energies there. For example, you can curl up the necklace and place it on an ailing, injured, or painful area to accelerate the area’s recovery.

    Enhancing the Effects of Another Therapeutic Gemstone Necklace

    Clear Topaz is used to enhance the effects of wearing another therapeutic gemstone necklace. When you wear Clear Topaz and another necklace at the same time, Clear Topaz helps the energies of the other gemstones quickly and deeply permeate the body and linger there, sometimes long after both gemstones are removed.

    Infusing the Energies of a Therapeutic Gemstone Necklace into Localized Areas

    Clear Topaz is worn while other therapeutic gemstone necklaces are placed on areas of the body to address localized conditions or systemic ones with local manifestations. 

    Caution: Children and Clear Topaz Because of the potential for choking, always give your full attention to a baby or young child for the entire time the child is wearing a necklace. To learn much more about using Clear Topaz with children, see “Children and Clear Topaz” in the Benefits tab.

    How to Wear Clear Topaz Using Mental Intention

    Defining a clear mental intention for Clear Topaz’s work is especially important. To reinforce this intention, remind yourself of your goal several times each day.

    When you state your intention for wearing Clear Topaz, wording is critical. The mind responds to nouns that describe states of manifestation. It tends not to register words like “no,” “get out of,” “move away from,” or even “heal.” If you are wearing Clear Topaz “for weight loss,” in this case the goal is focused on the noun “weight,” and so “weight” becomes the projected goal. Also, be careful not to own or personalize a condition by making a statement such as, “heal my illness.” You can sabotage yourself with the word “my” and create more obstacles to achieving a state of clean health.

    Instead, focus on your desired intention. Remember, you are using Clear Topaz to help your mind manifest a new state of being for your physical body. Clearly identify the state of manifestation you desire. For example, for weight loss, you can state that you intend to “achieve a leaner constitution” or simply “I want to be lean,” or use another similar phrase. This will give your mind a clearly defined, positive, uplifting, and true mission to accomplish, which will result in a specific pattern or set of instructions for the Clear Topaz energies to follow and fulfill. Clear Topaz will support the mind’s intention by helping the physical and subtle bodies adjust to the desired state.

    Time Guidelines and Necklace Length

    When you first wear Clear Topaz, start by wearing it for an hour or two a day. Then over the next days and weeks, gradually increase this time until you can wear it continually or as often as you wish. Adjust the time to your comfort level.

    When you take off a Clear Topaz necklace, within seconds the aura telescopes back to its original position. Then, when you put the Clear Topaz back on, its energy gathers information from your aura about your current state, collects in target areas, and brings all the benefits of aura consolidation into the body all over again. Therefore, if you are wearing Clear Topaz continually, to receive these benefits remove it for short periods each day.

    The increase in metabolism caused by Clear Topaz might make it difficult for some people to sleep. If you experience this, remove the necklace early enough before you go to bed that you can sleep peacefully.

    Handling Enhanced Absorption

    Clear Topaz’s enhancement of the skin’s ability to absorb is especially pronounced when you wear it touching the skin. Therefore, when wearing it next to your skin, do not wear jewelry, watches, or anything made of metal. It is also best not to carry a cell phone on your body. Some sensitive people may even wish to wear only natural fiber clothing. Depending on your areas of sensitivity, you could experience a headache or other symptom of toxicity.

    If you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, or you wear eyeglasses or a wedding band that you don’t want to remove, you can wear the Clear Topaz on top of your clothing to reduce the absorption. The Clear Topaz’s other effects will remain unchanged. Items that you wear frequently or cannot take off become an intimate part of your overall energetic picture. Fortunately, in the presence of Clear Topaz, your body will create energetic containment fields around such items. To strengthen these protective fields, introduce Clear Topaz to your body gradually. Start out wearing Clear Topaz for about five minutes a day for three or four days. Gradually increase this time each day, until you can wear it as long as you desire. This gradual introduction will let your body become accustomed to Clear Topaz energy without having a toxic reaction.

    Precautions: Enhancing Absorption When using Clear Topaz to enhance absorption of medicinal substances through the skin, use the same amount of the substance you would normally use. If you are taking pharmaceuticals while wearing Clear Topaz, do not make any changes in dosage unless your doctor changes your prescription. Ask your doctor about appropriate tests to determine whether your dosage can be altered.

    To learn more about using Clear Topaz to enhance the absorption of medicines, see “Increasing Absorption Through the Skin” in the Benefits tab.

    Intravenous Mineral Therapy To help the body absorb nutrients received during intravenous mineral therapy, put on a Clear Topaz necklace before you leave for the clinic. This will allow the Clear Topaz energy to relatively saturate your body before the therapy begins. Wait for one or two hours after completing the therapy to remove the Clear Topaz.

    Using Clear Topaz as a Personal vs. Clinical Tool

    Some gemstones develop a reciprocal relationship with a single wearer, and Clear Topaz is one of them. The wearer’s energy signature is infused into the Clear Topaz at a fundamental level. Therefore, if you want to use Clear Topaz as a personal therapeutic tool, it is best not to share it with others outside of your immediate family.

    The energetic signatures of family members living under the same roof are relatively similar. Consequently, a Clear Topaz necklace can usually be shared among family members.

    Wearing Other Gemstones with Clear Topaz

    If you wear Clear Topaz with another gemstone necklace, only do so therapeutically, and wear only one other necklace at a time. Wear them together for about an hour and then remove the Clear Topaz and, if you wish, the other necklace.

    During the time you are wearing the Clear Topaz, the energy of the other gemstone necklace will infiltrate and relatively saturate your body. This can give the other necklace a different approach to carrying out its effects, especially if its work usually focuses in the aura or subtle bodies. After you remove the Clear Topaz and its energy has dissipated from the body, the other gemstone will return to its usual mode of operation.

    Increasing Clear Topaz’s Effectiveness with Heat

    Heating Clear Topaz in sunlight strengthens its ability to stimulate ions and increase metabolism. If you can put Clear Topaz in the sun each day before you wear it, the heat will both cleanse and revitalize it.

    If you do not have a source of hot sunlight, you can put the gemstones in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water. Respect the Clear Topaz and use good, pure water, such as filtered, well, or spring water. Salt added to the water will also help cleanse the gemstones.

    Do not drink any water that you have used to cleanse or heat Clear Topaz, whether or not you have salted it, because the gems might have shed some of the negative energy they have accumulated from your aura.

    Keeping Clear Topaz Close to Your Body When working with Clear Topaz for a specific purpose, such as to establish a leaner constitution, keep it with you as much as possible. You don’t always have to wear it around your neck, but keep it in your pocket or within three to five feet of your body.

    Supporting Elimination

    Clear Topaz boosts metabolism and facilitates the release of toxins. Most of these toxins are transferred into the supraphysical aura, bypassing the digestive system. However, if you are wearing Clear Topaz to burn excess fat, the result will be an increase in metabolic wastes. Therefore, be sure to support these organs, for example by drinking enough water to help flush toxins from your body.

    When wearing Clear Topaz, it is important to bathe frequently and pay attention to your emotions. Toxins accumulating in the supraphysical can cloud the emotional body like mud on a windshield. When this happens, you might find yourself feeling emotionally negative, irritable, or otherwise out of sorts. To clear your supraphysical body, take extra showers, as many as two or three a day, or spend more time outdoors. Salt baths and spending a few minutes in sunlight are also effective. However, do not take a salt bath while wearing Clear Topaz, because that would bring excess salt into your body.

    Also, if symptoms become this intense, take off the Clear Topaz until your symptoms have subsided, and then wear it for shorter periods.

    Avoiding Stimulants

    When wearing Clear Topaz, avoid foods and activities that speed metabolism or stimulate the adrenal glands. This includes ingesting caffeinated products, chocolate, and sugar. It is also a good idea to stay away from action films, roller coasters, and scary movies when you are wearing Clear Topaz. Wearing Clear Topaz while partaking of these stimulants can stress the nervous system.

    Care and Cleansing of Clear Topaz

    When you wear Clear Topaz, it attracts the negative energies you naturally release in the course of its work. These energies collect on the surface and immediate aura of the gemstones. Clear Topaz attracts these energies more actively and quickly than many other gemstones. At a certain point, it simply cannot absorb any more and must be cleansed.

    For all these reasons, Clear Topaz must be cleansed more often and for a longer period of time than most other therapeutic gemstones.

    Twice a Day

    It is essential to cleanse Clear Topaz twice a day. Hold the necklace under alternating hot and cold running water for a minute or so. Put some liquid soap or mild detergent on your fingers and let the water remove the soap from your fingers and carry it down the beads of the necklace.

    Every One to Three Days

    Every one to three days, set the Clear Topaz in direct sunlight for 20 minutes to burn away any additional accumulated energy.

    On cloudy days, or if you are cleansing your gems at night, use a salt bath. Soak the Clear Topaz in a solution of table salt and water for about 15 minutes. The solution should be saturated enough that salt lies at the bottom of the bowl in room temperature water. You can use the same saltwater about five times before discarding it. On sunny days, you can set the bowl of Clear Topaz and saltwater in the sun to enhance the cleansing process.

    Alternately, on cloudy days or at night, you can lay the Clear Topaz in a bowl of dry salt. Gently press the gems into the salt and jiggle the bowl until the salt covers them.

    After performing either of these salt cleanses, rinse the gems in water. Then pat the necklace dry with a soft towel or lay the gemstones flat to dry.

    Once a Month

    For a complete clearing and rejuvenating, let your necklace remain outside for 24 hours. Ideally, lay it on the ground so that it touches the grass, soil, or rocks. To protect the gems and keep them clean, you can place a thin cotton cloth between them and the ground. However, make sure the gems are exposed to direct sunlight.

    When applied to the body, Clear Topaz that is warm from sunlight will temporarily have stronger effects than Clear Topaz at room temperature.

    You can also bury your gems outside in the earth for a day to cleanse and revive them. Wrap your gems in cheesecloth and bury them in the soil a few inches down, keeping one end of the cheesecloth above ground, so it is easy to locate the next day. If you live in a city and cannot easily lay your gemstones outside in the sun, you can place your Clear Topaz on the soil in a large potted plant.

    Contraindications for Wearing Clear Topaz

    Because of Clear Topaz’s effects on the metabolism and absorption of substances, we strongly recommend that you do not wear a Clear Topaz necklace under certain circumstances. Here is a partial list of contraindications for wearing Clear Topaz.

    Worsening Infection (Viral, Bacterial, or Fungal) | Systemic Autoimmune Conditions | Abnormal Growths

    If you have any of the three conditions above, you should not wear Clear Topaz as a necklace on a daily basis, because it could augment the disease process. However, you can probably perform Clear Topaz therapies that involve focused, short-term treatments and experience no ill effects. The underlying principle is to avoid wearing Clear Topaz when you have a condition that would be worsened by the gemstone’s stimulation of metabolism. Viruses are particularly susceptible to such stimulation.

    Acute localized infections are somewhat contained by the body and therefore do not contraindicate wearing Clear Topaz. This includes acute localized viral infections, such as a sore throat.

    Abnormal, excessive growths may be characterized by accelerated metabolism; therefore, Clear Topaz could inadvertently stimulate their growth. Therefore, such growths are a contraindication for wearing Clear Topaz.

    Medication for Gland Dysfunction

    Someone who is taking medication to either stimulate or relax a gland should not wear Clear Topaz without monitoring and the close guidance of a physician. The doctor may also be able to wean the person from the medication while the gland is rebalancing itself. In this case, other kinds of therapy directed to the gland might also be warranted.

    Psychotropic Medications

    The same recommendation applies to someone who is taking medication for hyperactivity or depression. Assuming that metabolic dysfunctions are causing these problems, Clear Topaz can help normalize them. However, this must be done under the close supervision of a physician.

    Heart Support

    Someone who is taking drugs or herbs (such as hawthorn berry) to strengthen weak heart function should not wear Clear Topaz. Because Clear Topaz’s influence is similar to these medications, the cumulative effects might stress the heart.

    Amalgam Tooth Fillings

    If you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, you may not be able to wear Clear Topaz as a daily necklace. However, you can most likely use it safely in short-term therapies to enhance the effects of another therapeutic gemstone. In this case, the focus of the therapy and the relatively short exposure to Clear Topaz will keep the body from absorbing the energy of the amalgam. Watch for signs of metal poisoning (for example, unexplained headaches or other pains, mental confusion, or acute illness). Then put the Clear Topaz aside unless and until you have the fillings removed.

    If you are certain that you have no symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, it is possible that your body has set up containment fields around the fillings. In this case, if Clear Topaz is clearly indicated for your condition and you are willing to work with consistent focused attention, you can safely wear Clear Topaz for more prolonged periods. Your body may even use the Clear Topaz energy to strengthen these containment fields. Start out wearing Clear Topaz for a few minutes daily for several days, and then gradually increase the amount of time you wear it each day.

    Wearing the Clear Topaz on top of your clothing will reduce absorption effects and offer some protection from the energies of the amalgam. To learn more, see the “Handling Enhanced Absorption” heading above.

    Porcelain fillings tend to be more neutral in their effects on the body. Therefore, they are not contraindications for wearing Clear Topaz, unless metal fillings are present beneath the porcelain. In general, gold is less energetically abrasive than other metals. In most cases, you can use Clear Topaz if you have gold fillings in your teeth.

    Implanted Medical Devices

    Metal implants, such as skull plates, steel rods, joint replacements, and staples left from surgery, are made of metals intended to be nontoxic. However, people who have them should use caution before wearing Clear Topaz on a daily basis. Energy from the metal can leach into the body, and Clear Topaz can exacerbate the effects of this leaching. To avoid this, follow the same precautions described above for amalgam fillings.

    More complex devices, such as pacemakers and automatic cardiac defibrillators, are definite contraindications for wearing Clear Topaz. These devices contain a computer and battery; they give off electromagnetic radiation, and the metal in the battery can be quite toxic.

    Because the body cannot construct an adequate containment field around these devices, people who have them should not wear Clear Topaz for more than very short periods, such as when receiving a focused therapy. For example, the Clear Topaz can be worn for about twenty minutes when a medicinal poultice is applied at the same time. Clear Topaz should not be used with such a person more than once a week.

    When Your Necklace First Arrives

    When you put on a new necklace or one you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with consciousness and a clear intent. We call this “practicing presence.” By opening yourself to the gems’ energies and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly enhance the gemstones’ benefits.

    Learn more about how to use your new gems here.