Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside

Nature’s Healing Wisdom
Chrome Diopside carries the energies of a master teacher who engages the power of natural earth forces.

When worn as a necklace, it acts as a personal mentor and teacher of earth medicine. This mentoring awakens your inner knowing and ability to take practical steps to heal yourself and others with the natural forces available to you. Using this gemstone will unlock the healing potential within you as well as in other gems, plants, water, and other forces of nature. Like many teachers, Chrome Diopside confers a degree of protection and guardianship as it reveals deeper truths and guides you to implement them as you learn and grow.

Chrome Diopside is also available in two combination necklaces. View Clear Spring and Primordial Forest.

Chrome Diopside can help you—

  • Awaken your healing wisdom and power
  • Feel motivated to take healing steps
  • Be guided in using nature’s healing forces
  • Feel protected
  • Feel protected
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Step 1:Select Gem Quality

The higher the number, the higher the gems’ therapeutic potency.

Step 2: Select Necklace

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When Chrome Diopside Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • Confusion about your health
  • Inability to apply your own wisdom
  • A lack of appreciation or understanding of nature
  • Physical issues that could be helped by natural healing methods
  • Lack of motivation to apply what you need to heal yourself
  • Decreased flow of life vitality

When you want to—

  • Experience the power and potential of nature in your personal life
  • Transform your knowledge of natural forces into practical wisdom
  • Experience a greater sense of healing power
  • Confront and resolve the limitations that underlie failures to heal
  • Create a field of protection around you
  • Improve your ability to choose among natural healing options
  • Enhance any natural therapy by improving your ability to respond to nature
  • Better understand and apply another gemstone necklace or tool