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Sun Peach

Sun Peach

Radiant Peace

The Sun Peach necklace liberates us from shadows and fears, creating space to regenerate and heal physically and emotionally.

Its energy creates a near-irresistible force of peace within your body and aura that also touches the people around you. The Peach Moonstone brings soothing calm to physical tissues, while Peach Morganite spurs an emotional release from old tension patterns. These two energies are carried on waves of radiant warmth from Sunstone. The orange-gold vibrations and coppery flecks of Sunstone’s light harmonize Sun Peach’s message of glowing peace and regeneration.

Sun Peach necklaces contain Peach Moonstone, Peach Morganite, and Sunstone rondels.

Sun Peach can help you—

  • Radiate warmth, compassion, and peace
  • Ease mild depression or anxiety 
  • Feel more expanded and confident 
  • Rejuvenate physically and emotionally
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When Sun Peach Can Help

When you are experiencing— 

  • A lack of inner peace
  • A sense of constriction and limitation
  • An unwanted pattern of chronic stress
  • Mild depression or anxiety
  • Inability to release and let go of old hurts
  • A hormonal deficiency or imbalance
  • Poor posture patterns caused by chronic tension and stress
  • Sluggish lymphatic circulation

When you want to—

  • Empower your ability to radiate warmth, compassion, and peace
  • Experience more self-confidence and vitality
  • Strengthen, tone, and support the flow of energy to your physical body from the supraphysical and emotional realms
  • Ease muscle tension
  • Ease emotional tension
  • Experience a sense of greater space and radiance inside your body
  • Encourage others to respond positively to you
  • Support healing when chronic stress is preventing physical regeneration