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    Rejuvenation and Fluidity

    Heighten your awareness of truth | Promote fluidity and rejuvenation | Deeply relax | Enhance creativity


    Aquamarine opens your awareness to the inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Read more

    It brings deep relaxation and liquidity to your mind and body while heightening your awareness of truth at every level of existence. Aquamarine illuminates the hidden causes of your life situations so that you may better master their lessons. Its youthful essence renews your spirit and nourishes you from a wellspring of spiritual energy.
    • Heighten your awareness on all levels
    • Enhance your creativity
    • Promote fluidity in your mind, body, and emotions
    • Gain insight into your own nature
    • Transcend a spiritual plateau
    • Deeply relax your mind so it will become more open to truth
    • Understand the underlying causes of an illness
    • For pregnant women: When you want to connect more deeply with your unborn child
    • For terminal patients: When you want to ease the transition to the end of life


    Prices are based on quality and carat weight.


    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Very powerful and rare.

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    22.5 " 63.45 55 5011 Rondel $3,545
    21 " 65.06 65 5012 Rondel $4,275
    25.5 " 77.41 60 5013 Rondel $4,645
    20 " 193.17 52 5005 $10,094
    20 " 176.69 58 5007 $10,298
    18 " 188 58 268 $10,954

    About this quality: Highest therapeutic quality ( Potency rises with each + )

    Length Carat Wt. $/Carat SKU Price Select
    17 " 49.78 70 6010 Rondel $3,495
    17 " 139.67 65 622 $9,185
    28 " 244.01 60 606 $14,640
    25 " 226.34 66 608 $14,938
    24 " 184.45 80 6012 $14,755
    25 " 223.9 68 609 $15,157
    27 " 236.57 66 607 $15,613
    25 " 242.71 68 610 $16,504
    26 " 242.1 80 611 $19,368

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    Tips for Choosing

    Only the finest quality, pure gems yield the therapeutic results we expect from gemstone energy medicine. The higher a gem’s quality, the more therapeutically powerful it is. As a gem rises in quality, its therapeutic potency often increases far more than its price. Going up even one level of quality can deliver many times more therapeutic power.

    Next to quality, the most important factor in determining a gemstone’s therapeutic power is mass. Quality being equal, larger gems are more potent than smaller ones. If your neck is sensitive to weight, consider wearing somewhat smaller gems. Children usually require shorter necklaces and smaller gems.

    Quality and gem size being equal, longer necklaces are more therapeutically potent than shorter ones because they contain more gemstone mass. Consider your comfort when choosing; for example, shorter people may prefer wearing shorter necklaces. If you wish to wear more than one necklace simultaneously, ideally they should be of different lengths. All necklaces 23 inches or shorter contain a 14K gold clasp; longer necklaces have no clasp.

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    When to Use

    You Are Experiencing

    • Difficulty understanding yourself
    • Rigidity or inflexibility in your body, mind, or emotions
    • Inability to deeply relax
    • Intense emotional or physical pain
    • Grief
    • Crystalline deposits, such as those that occur in gout and other joint problems
    • Edema, sluggish circulation, or water retention

    You Want to

    • Heighten your awareness on all levels
    • Enhance your creativity
    • Promote fluidity in your mind, body, and emotions
    • Gain insight into your own nature
    • Transcend a spiritual plateau
    • Deeply relax your mind so it will become more open to truth
    • Understand the underlying causes of an illness
    • For pregnant women: When you want to connect more deeply with your unborn child
    • For terminal patients: When you want to ease the transition to the end of life

    Aquamarine opens your consciousness to your inner ocean of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Its energy illuminates the hidden causes of physical, emotional, and mental conditions so that you may better master their lessons. Aquamarine’s light blue color deeply relaxes the body and mind and helps you let go of any resistance to the truth within. As a source of spiritual nourishment, it imparts youthful energy and brightens your aura as it brings energetic liquidity to all aspects of your being.

    Aquamarine developed on Earth, not just as a product of the planet’s evolution but as the result of a grand evolution constantly occurring on all levels of life. Pure Spirit is the fountainhead of the life force. It is also the source of another stream of energy that flows through the inner dimensions to the physical plane. This stream is often referred to as the Healing Waters, the Nectar of the Gods, or the Fountain of Youth. As it flows through the inner planes, it changes color and consistency. When it reaches the physical plane, it manifests as the gemstone Aquamarine.

    Because Aquamarine exists on every level of reality, it is able to heighten your awareness of the truth on all these levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It also opens your awareness to the ways in which the realities or truths on these levels can sometimes seem to conflict with one another.

    Simply having Aquamarine in your aura will begin to open your awareness on all levels. To understand how Aquamarine does this, you can compare yourself to a mansion with several floors. The floors of the mansion are like your inner levels. Aquamarine works to open more and more doors within this mansion and turn on the lights within its rooms. In this way, Aquamarine increases your awareness of your own inner dimensions. When you wear a necklace of therapeutic Aquamarine, you become more aware of things hiding in the recesses of your emotions, memory, and mind and thus gain insight into who you are and what your true potential is.

    As your awareness grows and you gain a greater understanding of yourself, several things will start to happen. Opportunities on all levels of life will present themselves. You will also begin to understand life better, and this will allow you to work in greater harmony with your true self and with all of life.

    Aquamarine works in stages: it will show you only enough about yourself to stimulate your growth to the next level of awareness. At each new level, you will be shown a little more. Aquamarine will continue this cycle for as long as you wear it. The amount of truth Aquamarine can reveal at each stage is limited only by the depth and brilliance of its blue color. Therefore, the deeper and brighter the Aquamarine’s natural color, the more it can give.

    How Aquamarine Works in the Body

    When you first wear Aquamarine, its energy focuses on your physical body and quickly brings energetic liquidity to the healthiest areas of your physical form. When an area becomes energetically liquid, it is more fluid, adaptable, and open to the free flow of life energy. Gradually, this liquidity spreads to less healthy areas, starting with those of higher vibration and continuing, though more slowly, into areas of increasingly lower vibrations. When your body has achieved a certain degree of liquidity, the Aquamarine will begin to work on your body’s energy currents, one at a time. Usually, it works on the energy current that is most directly involved with the area being highlighted by the Aquamarine. The Aquamarine’s focus remains on your physical body, sometimes for weeks or months, before expanding to your emotional and causal aspects.

    How Aquamarine Works with Emotions

    In your emotional body, Aquamarine works on the concentrations of emotional energy that are eventually passed through the chakras to the physical body to be expressed and felt as emotions. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you may not wish to feel or express a particular emotion. When this happens, the energy of the emotion can build and concentrate in your emotional body until you can no longer hold it in. Then the emotion bursts through for expression, often in uncomfortable or inappropriate ways. Aquamarine improves the relationship between your physical and emotional bodies and softens any concentrations of pent-up emotional energy. This allows you to express all your emotions more smoothly and comfortably. Thus, Aquamarine is particularly helpful for people who often experience strong or uncontrollable outbursts.

    How Aquamarine Works with the Mind

    Your mind, which profoundly influences every aspect of your health, has energetic ties to every part of your being, including your physical body. These energetic ties resemble threads of light. As the stresses of living accumulate, these threads can become darkened with disharmonious energy, causing the threads to tighten their grip in an unhealthy way. When Aquamarine starts working on your physical cells, its light and liquidity touch these threads and begin to infiltrate your mind. This is especially true of Aquamarine in which the color blue dominates. Blue Aquamarine has an affinity with the aspect of your mind that is present in every physical cell, every wave of emotion, and every memory stored in your causal body. Aquamarine restores light to these energetic threads and relaxes their grip. This allows your physical, emotional, and causal bodies to exercise their own intelligence more fully and to better focus on restoring and maintaining your health.

    Aquamarine as a Spiritual Tool

    Aquamarine is most beneficial to those who are on a path of spiritual awakening. It helps those who want to know more about themselves, their destiny, and their potential. It is especially helpful for those who have reached apparent plateaus in their spiritual unfoldment, for it can help awaken them to new vistas and help them grow to ever-higher levels.

    Soothing Grief and Trauma

    Aquamarine can ease any overwhelming physical, mental, or emotional pain, especially the pain of grief. This is, in part, a result of Aquamarine’s brightening of the aura. Because you view the world through your aura, when it is made brighter, your outlook is brightened as well. Aquamarine’s liquidity effect can also loosen the bonds of traumatic and painful memories. This effect will probably occur only after you have worn Aquamarine for several months.

    Easing the Transition to Life’s End

    It is Aquamarine’s mission to help people evolve and unfold. In the physical world, this sometimes means helping someone complete certain cycles within a physical body. This does not mean that Aquamarine hastens physical death. Yet, when death comes near, Aquamarine can lighten the load, shine the way, and make the experience calmer and less fearful. Therefore, one of the greatest gifts you can give to a dying person is an Aquamarine necklace. It will help ease the transition.

    Aquamarine Rounded Chips vs. Spheres

    The most economical way to use therapeutic Aquamarine is in the form of rounded chips rather than spheres or rondels. Quality and mass being equal, Aquamarine rounded chips, spheres, and rondels radiate energies of equal intensity, but chips project their energy more actively and initiate change more forcefully. The effect of Aquamarine chips is similar to that of rough ocean waves pounding a cliff: the waves gradually wear the cliff away. In comparison, Aquamarine spheres and rondels act like gentle rain; eventually the rain erodes the rock but not nearly as quickly as the rough waves do.

    Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality

    Through the use of a simple technique, you can infuse your drinking water with the vitalizing energy of a therapeutic Aquamarine necklace or Aquamarine strand. The resulting Aquamarine Water reawakens your cells’ natural ability to rejuvenate and heal themselves.

    Drinking Aquamarine Water is an easy and natural way to help unlock the secrets of longevity. By stimulating our cells’ capacity for self-renewal, Aquamarine Water can halt, and even reverse, the negative effects of aging. Drinking Aquamarine Water can help us reap the rewards that growing older is meant to provide: a deepening and expansion of our capacity for life. Aquamarine Water awakens the wisdom deep within our cells so that our hearts and minds can continue to flourish, and our bodies can enjoy the vitality, fluidity, and vigor that are their birthright.

    Aquamarine Water encourages your atoms, and thus your cells, to enter and stay in an energetically fluid state. In this state, a cell more easily perceives and follows its “blueprint,” or energetic picture of its ideal condition. It also allows your body to accept and use more life energy. This energy nourishes and invigorates your cells, optimizing your body’s ability to evolve, maintain, and repair itself. 

    As your cells become permeated with Aquamarine Water, they naturally let go of the elements that contribute to aging and poor health. The Aquamarine energy also dissolves the harmful crystals associated with hardening and inflammation. As the water in your body is gradually replaced with Aquamarine Water, Aquamarine’s energy revitalizes and renews your entire body.

    Use Rounded Chips to Make Aquamarine Water

    To make Aquamarine Water, it is best to use necklaces or strands of Aquamarine rounded chips rather than spheres or rondels. The irregular impact of water cascading over the chips releases the Aquamarine energy into the water. Aquamarine spheres or rondels will also release their energy into water, but the end product will be considerably milder.

    For detailed instructions on how to make, use, and benefit from Aquamarine Water, download our free e-booklet, Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality,


    The characteristics of therapeutic Aquamarine vary more than those of most other gemstones. Even the finest Aquamarine necklaces vary in mass, clarity, hue, and depth of color.

    Aquamarine naturally occurs in a wide range of color from green to blue, and nearly all Aquamarine is a mixture of both colors. All characteristics being equal, the green aspect focuses primarily on the physical body, while the blue aspect works on both the physical and subtle bodies. The more that blue dominates in the blue-green mix, the more the Aquamarine will focus on the mind. Because the mind has such a powerful influence on the body, the deeper the blue of the Aquamarine, the more effective the Aquamarine will be. Aquamarine color also ranges in intensity from deep and rich to colorless. The depth of Aquamarine’s color determines how deeply its energy can penetrate and affect the aura and body.

    Aquamarine clarity spans a continuum from opaque to flawless, with all degrees of cloudiness and flaws in between. Opaque and even moderately cloudy Aquamarine are not therapeutic. Slightly cloudy Aquamarine can be therapeutic if it displays a radiant brightness and good color. Although slightly cloudy Aquamarine takes much longer to produce effects than clear Aquamarine, it may be preferable for people who need a more moderate pace of change. The energy of clear or nearly flawless Aquamarine moves rapidly into the aura and body, where it quickly begins to open awareness and reveal truths.

    Each therapeutic Aquamarine necklace should have a consistent degree of clarity throughout the necklace and a uniform, clearly definable color. It might seem that by stringing together blue, blue-green, and green Aquamarine, one could enjoy the benefits of all three. On the contrary, such a combination would confuse the body. Each shade of Aquamarine color has a particular energetic character, or personality. The more uniform the color and clarity of an Aquamarine necklace, the more clearly defined its personality and the more focused and strong its therapeutic effects will be.

    Aquamarine's color is often enhanced through heat or dye. Although heat treatment does not inhibit Aquamarine’s energy, it also doesn’t strengthen it. Despite its improved appearance, the heated Aquamarine will continue to project its original, probably rather low quality of energy.

    Dye, on the other hand, renders Aquamarine therapeutically useless. Low-quality Aquamarine chips, in particular, are often dyed blue. The dye artificially deepens the gemstones’ color but blocks the Aquamarine from radiating any healing energy into the aura and body.

    Irradiation of Aquamarine results in the death of the crystal. It destroys the life energy of the gemstone and replaces it with an extremely disharmonious energy. If irradiated Aquamarine is worn, this disharmony will be projected into the aura. The destructive emanations of irradiated Aquamarine will first affect the mind, disrupting mental processes, distorting one's view of reality, and gradually wreaking havoc on the mind's harmony. Eventually, irradiated Aquamarine will distort the emotions as well.

    Our Aquamarine Necklaces and Strands Our therapeutic Aquamarine necklaces and strands are made with Aquamarine gems that have been cut from high quality crystals reserved for making faceted gems. They vary in color from green-aqua to pale blue-aqua to deep Caribbean blue. We offer the highest quality therapeutic Aquamarine necklaces and strands available anywhere.

    Consistency is an important factor in creating an Aquamarine necklace or strand with a potent and harmonious energetic signature. Therefore, to make each necklace and strand, we carefully match chips for color, clarity, shape, and size. Thus, each Aquamarine necklace and strand is unique, and all are individually priced based on their total carat weight and quality.

    I own many Gemisphere necklaces, but my Aquamarine is my favorite. I am a professional artist and designer, and it is a wonderful support for my creativity. When I wear Aquamarine, I feel as if I can access and anchor into my creative source. Aquamarine brings me into a state of flow and supports me in sustaining it. I am able to sail through complex creative choices smoothly and effortlessly. I also love to make and drink Aquamarine Water!

    M.J., Santa Barbara, California

    I have always been a creative person; yet wearing therapeutic Aquamarine has enhanced my ability to see solutions, create new alternatives for myself, and to use my creative imagination at a new and greatly heightened level. I no longer dread certain aspects of creative tasks and have broken life-long limiting patterns. I experience much greater success from my creative endeavors and feel a greater impulse to create.

    C.J., Boston, Massachusetts

    Therapeutic Aquamarine has been an invaluable tool in my practice as a physician and in my personal life. I’ve found that wearing an Aquamarine necklace heightens my awareness and helps me diagnose my patients’ complaints more accurately.

    Patrick Weber, M.D.
    Pine Ridge, South Dakota

    My first experience wearing Aquamarine was incredible. Within a day, I determined that its energy was worthy of great respect. In the first several hours, I experienced a deep relaxation and fluidity within my body. Later that evening, while chatting with a dear friend, our conversation turned to deep truths, and my whole body felt as if it held a great energy. Tears of beauty, truth, and elation welled up in my eyes. I was and continue to be astounded!

    K.D., Portland, Oregon

    For some time, I had felt somewhat stagnant in my spiritual understandings. So several weeks ago I started wearing Aquamarine for the purpose of going to the next level spiritually. Since wearing it, I have steadily gained more insight, more illumination, and many revelations, and it has continued to open new doors and understandings for me. Last night I had a revelation, which, although I had read about and known intellectually, suddenly went deeper, into the core of my heart, bringing such joy and brightening of understanding. This is just what I had desired in working with this stone.

    C.F., Mountlake Terrace, Washington

    Wear It Around Your Neck

    One of the most powerful and convenient ways to use an Aquamarine necklace is to wear it around your neck. There the gems will silently work for you as you go about your day. At night while you are sleeping, you can wear the necklace or keep it within three feet of your body to maintain your connection with the gems.  

    Focused Treatments

    You can also use Aquamarine for more focused treatments. The simplest treatment is to place it on a specific area of your body to focus its healing energies there. For example, you can curl up the necklace and place it on an ailing, injured, or painful area to accelerate the area’s recovery.

    Creative Inspiration Technique

    An Aquamarine necklace is used to enhance the creative process, break through a creative block, or help you find an innovative solution to a problem. It can benefit artists, musicians, writers, engineers, designers, students, physicians, or anyone who must draw on their creative and problem-solving abilities.

    Relaxation Technique

    This technique uses Aquamarine energy to calm the body's energy flows and relax the entire body. An Aquamarine necklace is formed into a small circle and placed first in the left palm and then around the navel.

    Pre-Treatment and Pain Relief

    This therapy prepares a localized area for another life-giving treatment by helping the area's cells release negative energies and become more receptive to positive change. This therapy can also be used to temporarily relieve pain in a localized area of the body. In both cases, an Aquamarine necklace is formed into a circle and placed on the ailing area. 

    Emotional and Karmic Healing Technique

    This technique focuses Aquamarine's healing energies on the emotional or karmic issues of one's choice. After a brief period of contemplation, an Aquamarine necklace is worn around the neck during sleep. Unwanted emotional and karmic energies are released in the sleep state, thereby circumventing the discomfort of experiencing these releases while you are awake. 

    Discovering the Cause of Illness

    An Aquamarine necklace is placed on the body overnight to discover the karmic causes of an illness or other physical condition. Dreams and insights are recorded in the morning and throughout the day. 

    Prenatal Awareness Technique

    A pregnant woman may place Aquamarine over the uppermost portion of her uterus to help her become more aware of and possibly even come into conscious contact with her soon-to-be-born child. If she sleeps with the Aquamarine over her uterus, she may even dream of previous lifetimes they have shared.

    Aquamarine Water: Fountain of Youthful Vitality

    Through the use of a special technique, drinking water can be infused with the vitalizing energy of an Aquamarine necklace. The resulting Aquamarine Water helps reverse the aging process and treats any ailment associated with hardening, crystallization, or inflammation. Learn more. 

    Time Guidelines: Accepting Truth

    Most therapeutic gemstone necklaces can be worn continuously. However, it’s always wise to be sensitive to your body’s responses. Because Aquamarine opens the awareness so powerfully, some people feel uncomfortable when they first wear it. If you are not quite ready to accept a certain truth about yourself, you may resist what the Aquamarine has helped to reveal, and you may become uncomfortable or cranky. If this happens, you can regulate the Aquamarine’s intensity of work by adjusting how often you wear it. After wearing Aquamarine for some time, you will become more comfortable with your increased awareness, and any resistance will pass.

    Cleanse Aquamarine Regularly

    To maintain their effectiveness, therapeutic gemstones need regular care. As the gems help us release energetic impurities, some of these energies cling to the gems’ surface and inhibit their ability to work at their peak capacity. A simple energetic cleansing will clear these energies and restore the gems to their naturally vibrant state. You can use any of following methods to cleanse your Aquamarine necklace. Learn more about these methods.

    Plant Rejuvenation: 2 – 3 times a week, wrap the necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant or lay the necklace in its branches.

    Salt Bed: 2 – 3 times a week, lay the gems in a half-inch of salt for at least an hour or overnight.

    Water Rinse: Rinse 2 – 3 times a week.

    Sunbath: Every 1 - 2 weeks, lay in sunlight for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time.

    Clay Cleanse: For deeper cleansing, occasionally perform a bentonite clay bath or pack.

    When Your Necklace First Arrives

    When you put on a new necklace or one you haven’t worn for a while, bring it into your aura with consciousness and a clear intent. We call this “practicing presence.” By opening yourself to the gems’ energies and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly enhance the gemstones’ benefits.

    Learn more about how to use your new gems here.