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    Have you ever wondered if there were better more powerful ways to change your state of being?
    Do you want to unlock the possibilities in your own body and consciousness?
    Do you have an affinity for Natural Medicine and Energy Medicine?

    Come to a free talk and demonstration!

    You'll learn how to access your cellular vitality, enhance your ability to achieve your goals in health, wellness and longevity through the home application of gemstone spheres and tools that can be used for:

    Gem Yoga

    Gem Facials

    Gem Acupoint Massage

    Gem Qi Gong 

    Discover how the seven main color rays that comprise visible light are part of our own physical, emotional, and mental makeup. These fundamental energies can be mastered to help us gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we can become.


    Get a taste of what it means to
    "Rock Your Life!"


    August 21 6-8:30 pm


    Dr. Cory Feel Better HQ

    1842 Washington Way
    Venice, CA 90291

    (310) 870-3080

    Dr. Sara Hazel

    An inspiring and sought-after lecturer, Dr. Sara Hazel has taught thousands of students and treated thousands of patients. Renowned for her almost otherworldly ability to solve even the most enigmatic medical cases, physicians and patients alike come from across the U.S. to seek her integrative expertise in the medical and energetic healing arts.


    Leading the world in advanced therapeutic gemstones for personal evolution, consciousness transformation, and optimal wellness. Experience the Gemisphere difference in our gemstone tools and necklace collections. 

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