You heard it here first: Love makes the world go round. Nourishing relationships—whether between lovers, friends, mates, or parents and children—bring us joy and meaning, and, research shows, can even sustain health and prolong our lives. Yet, as most of us have experienced at some point, relationships can also be the source of our greatest challenges and most difficult growth.

Gems for Relationships

The therapeutic gemstone necklaces below each offer support for building and sustaining joyful, fulfilling relationships in a unique way.

Ruby - Healing the Emotions

Ruby opens the heart and reveals the divine love at the core of every molecule in creation. It is the premier gemstone for opening the heart and developing a rich, vibrant emotional life. Wearing Ruby can help you become a vehicle through which divine love can enter your life and touch all those around you.

Ruby Dream - Healing the Emotions

Ruby Dream fulfills the mission of Ruby while deepening your understanding of divine love and helping you resolve love-related karma more swiftly and easily.

Rubelle and Green Tourmaline Creating Harmony Between Mates

Disharmonies often arise in relationships between mates. Whatever the cause, a wonderful therapy for ailing relationships is for the man to wear Green Tourmaline and the woman to wear Pink Tourmaline in a Rubelle combination necklace.

Green Tourmaline gives a man strength and teaches him to balance his masculine and feminine natures. Because Green Tourmaline's energy will fill the atmosphere in the house, it will also affect the woman's aura and nourish her masculine aspect in a gentle, harmonious way. Using Pink Tourmaline nourishes a woman’s feminine nature and teaches her how to balance her feminine and masculine aspects. The Pink Tourmaline's energy will touch and affect her mate's aura, too. Pink Tourmaline is a strong protector for both genders. When the man begins to feel this protection, consciously or not, he
will feel safe and thus more comfortable to work on balancing his own feminine and masculine natures.

Pink Tourmaline opens lines of communication between masculine and feminine, thereby fostering balance. When a man and woman each wear the appropriate Tourmaline, the Tourmalines do not cancel each other out, as happens when the same person wears both Tourmalines together. Instead, each person benefits from the other'sTourmaline. The result is an opening of communication between the man and the woman and an increase in balance between the masculine and feminine energies within each of them.

If a man and woman wish to resolve problems in their relationship, they should try wearing Green and Pink Tourmaline. If they are not having problems, it will strengthen and vitalize their relationship. If, on the other hand, the individuals want to separate and end their relationship, the woman should wear Green Tourmaline, and the man should wear Pink Tourmaline. If they do this, the relationship will probably end within weeks—the man and woman will not be able to live with each other.

Ruby Rose - Healing the Heart

This gentle necklace heals wounds of the heart, as it soothes, mends, and strengthens the heart chakra. Ruby Rose will help you release the heaviness of emotional wounds and encourage your heart to find balance. 

Radiant Heart - Finding Inner Peace

Radiant Heart nurtures and heals a heart that has been challenged, betrayed, or otherwise hurt. The combination of Rhodonite, Roselle, and Mother of Pearl enfolds you in the nurturing energy of motherly love and gently stirs the memory of your heart’s innate strength and uniqueness. Radiant Heart reawakens your heart’s true purpose so that you can relate to others with clarity and compassion.

Roselle - Purifying the Emotions

Roselle helps release the emotional limitations that hinder personal growth and the ability to find happiness in relationships. Roselle’s energy gently liberates suppressed and unacknowledged feelings, transforming them into flowing energy that can be released through healthy emotional expression. This soft-pink gemstone helps you grow more in touch with your true emotional nature.

Rhodochrosite - Developing Inner Freedom

The liberating energy of Rhodochrosite helps you break free of the negative patterns and emotional clutter that perpetuate unhealthy relationships. Rhodochrosite fosters the self-confidence you need to resolve inner conflicts and to create the relationships you truly desire.

Magic Gift - Self-Worth

Powerful Ruby and Rhodochrosite join forces in Magic Gift to inspire self-love and encourage your spiritual essence to shine through. By fostering your sense of wholeness and self-worth, Magic Gift helps you approach all your relationships with courage and compassion.

Libra - Balanced Change

The strong transforming power of Rhodochrosite and the balancing energy of Quartz combine to inspire gentle and continual personal growth. Wearing Libra can bring you to a new level of appreciation for all you have to give to yourself and others.

Rhodonite - Emotional Transformation

Rhodonite gradually transforms your emotional foundation, making it more solid, healthy, and secure. Rhodonite broadens your perspective and deepens your understanding of your emotions, helping you and your relationships become more balanced, mature, and strong. 

Mother of Pearl - Emotional Fulfillment

Mother of Pearl awakens the memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of divine love. As your memory opens, this divine love flows into you, repairing the deep wounds created by unfulfilled emotional needs. Mother of Pearl's energy sings the song of motherly love as it imparts the feeling of being cradled in a loving mother's arms. When you feel nurtured and secure, feeling and expressing love for others naturally becomes easier and more joyful.