Livestream Workshop

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In partnership with Gemisphere, Dr. Sara Hazel presents: 

Foundations in Energy Medicine: Quartz

An Introduction to Using Gemstone Spheres in Health Practices, Meditation, Yoga, and Qi Gong


October 16 – 17, 2021
Saturday and Sunday | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm PT

Tuition: $245 | Gemisphere Customers and Gemstone Energy Medicine Students: $145

Workshop Leaders: Dr. Sara Hazel and Sydney Songer, HWP

Want a sneak peek?
Join us for a short live webinar on Saturday, October 2, at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET! Dr. Hazel will demonstrate some of the Acupoint Gem therapies you’ll learn at the workshop. Click to join via Zoom.


Workshop Topics
  • Why Health and Wellbeing Is Dependent on Energy Fields 
  • How Crystal and Therapeutic Gemstone Spheres Can Affect Energy Fields 
  • Understanding Scientific and Traditional Healing Paradigms 
  • Using Quartz Spheres as Tools for Human Transformation
  • An Introduction to Color Ray Theory and Therapies 
Quartz Therapies and Techniques Performed

Demos and at-home practice sessions will include:

  • Quartz Sphere Placements on Acupuncture Points and Meridians 
  • Chakra Therapies 
  • Joint Injury and Pain Therapies
  • Soft Tissue and Organ Dysfunction Therapies
  • Post-Trauma Recovery Techniques 
  • Meditation and Visualization Enhancements
  • Brain Balancing 
  • Metabolism Balancing 
  • Amplification of Specific Intentions or Energies 
  • Quartz Qi Gong and Yoga Exercises
Quartz Tools Used in the Workshop 

Registered participants will receive 15% off all workshop tools!

View Gemisphere's Quartz Workshop Collection.

  • (1) Set of 7 Quartz Acupoint Gems (14-mm)
  • (2–6) Quartz Acupoint Gems (10-mm)
  • (1) Set of 7 Quartz Chakra Gem Energy Rings 
  • (1–3) Quartz Necklaces (Any size) 
  • (1–2) Quartz Bracelets (2 are ideal for Qi Gong technique) 
  • (2) Wooden Wands and (2) Glass Wands

Recommendations: To get the most from the workshop, it is ideal to have all the therapy tools listed above or as many as possible. The more tools you have, the more you will benefit from the workshop. The minimum needed is one Quartz Necklace and one Set of 7 Quartz Acupoint Gems (14 mm). You may also register for and watch the livestream with no Quartz tools.

Workshop Materials Included

Registered participants will receive downloadable PDFs and PowerPoints, including the Gemstone Lab Experience Journal, therapy instructions, lecture information, and more.

Post-Workshop Access

The workshop will be recorded. Registered participants will have access to the recording for one month after the live workshop to review lectures and therapies.

For More Info and to Register

Contact Dr. Sara Hazel at 602-478-7239 or