We deeply appreciate your wish to share your experiences and excitement about Gemisphere gemstones with others, and we have created a program to thank you for your efforts. The Friends Referral Program is our way of encouraging you to tell others about our gemstones and to help you expand your personal gemstone collection.

Friends Referral Program

How It Works

Earn Credit Toward Your Gemisphere Purchases

Whenever you refer a new customer to Gemisphere, you will receive a credit worth 10% of all purchases made by that person for one year after his or her first purchase from Gemisphere. You can use your credit toward the purchase of Gemisphere products.

No Enrollment Necessary

If you are a Gemisphere customer, you are automatically a member of the Friends Referral Program. When a new customer calls us or visits our website to place an order, we always ask, “How did you learn about Gemisphere?” If the customer mentions you, he or she will be entered in our computer system as your referral. For the next year, any purchases that person makes will earn you a 10% credit. It’s that simple.

We’ll Keep You Informed

For each month in which you’ve earned credit, we’ll send you an email stating the amount of credit you earned that month.

Good Things to Know

Read our Friends Referral Program Policies.