The Wait Is Over

For over a decade, top natural medicine practitioners have been working with the experts at Gemisphere to give you the ultimate Gemstone Energy Medicine tools.

Join the ever-growing community of gemstone energy medicine users and health care experts who are experiencing more advanced gemstone benefits than ever before.

Here are some of the benefits reported by people using these new tools:

  • Enhanced vitality
  • Advanced visualizations and meditations
  • Awakened healing capacity 
  • Needle-free acupuncture
  • Chakra balancing and alignment
  • Expanded ways to support emotional well-being
  • Access to therapeutic-quality gems at a lower cost

These new gemstone tools are designed for professional medical providers as well as their patients, clients and those of us looking to explore new avenues of self-care.

Check back each week! We’ll be releasing new tools throughout the fall to support your goals in health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle.


Why Gemisphere? Why Now?

Gemisphere has been raising the bar of your expectations for 30 years. We changed what you believed was possible from therapeutic necklaces by providing the standard-setting highest quality. Gemisphere continues to shape the language, education and understanding of the entire Gemstone Energy Medicine field. We are the leader that all others look to.

What sets us apart is that Gemisphere founder Michael Katz has always held the most exacting expectations for the gemstones he provides the world. In addition, Gemisphere has a long history of working with a collection of doctors, acupuncturists and experts who are intimately involved in every phase of development for each therapeutic gemstone tool.
Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces were the first phase of our ambitious mission. Easy to wear and use, a gemstone necklace radiates its energies deep into your body and field to uplift and nourish you.

From the very beginning, we have been working intensively to expand the possibilities of Gemstone Energy Medicine in new ways. In partnership with highly respected and expert healthcare practitioners, we have been researching and developing new gemstone designs and applications.

Necklaces were only the beginning.

One of our key partners, Dr. Sara Hazel, has been testing and teaching these new Gemstone Energy Tools and techniques to her students and colleagues for over 15 years. Their collective experience has been distilled into simple introductory directions for you that accompany each tool. These will allow you to tap the power of these innovative new tools and experience their potential and effectiveness.