Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets

We are thrilled to announce our new collection of Therapeutic Gemstone Bracelets! 

Why Bracelets?

Like therapeutic necklaces, the gemstone spheres in a bracelet radiate their healing energies into the body and energy field around the gems. Because of a bracelet’s location and smaller size, its effects will concentrate primarily on the hand, wrist, and arm. This makes bracelets especially beneficial when those areas are calling for focused support.

In some cases, the energies of a gemstone bracelet can enter the energy channels, meridians, and fields around the hand and arm and thereby affect the whole body.

Because therapeutic bracelets are somewhat specialized tools, not all gemstones’ properties are best served by wearing the gems around the wrists. Gemisphere's bracelets are made with gemstones that take full advantage of a bracelet’s specialized gifts.

Healers and Creators

Bracelets can also be enjoyed by people who do healing or creative work with their hands—for example, therapists and healers as well as artists and other creators. In some cases, the gemstones’ properties will infuse and enhance the life energies that naturally flow into the person’s work through their hands. 

Green Jade Bracelet

Tips for Wearing Bracelets

Some bracelets, such as Green Jade, are ideally worn in pairs, with one bracelet on each wrist. This will double the amount of available gemstone energy and balance the gemstones’ energy dynamics on the body’s left and right sides.

If you have only one bracelet, wearing it primarily on your left wrist may be advantageous, since the gem’s energies will often enter most easily on that side first. As the side closest to your heart, the left side is generally the most receptive to incoming energies. However, if a problem specifically involves your right hand, wrist, or arm, then wearing it on your right wrist may provide more direct support. 

For Maximum Effects: Bracelets with Necklaces

In some cases, wearing two bracelets along with a necklace of the same therapeutic gemstone can offer a profound enhancement of the experience and action of that gem. Green Jade is an excellent example of this technique.