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    Then I remembered the Moonstone was around my neck! That evening, my workout was greatly enhanced, as I was able to do more work in less time.

    Now that I have this profound tool, I know I will accomplish what I choose. I can feel my own system getting a significant upgrade that enables me to function at a higher level than I thought possible.

    — M.C., D.C., Oyster Bay, New York

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    Within several days of wearing Moonstone, I started to feel stronger and have more vitality. I find myself laughing more and feeling more youthful in mind and body. I see humor everywhere. My skin looks younger and less blemished. I feel an excitement that I remember experiencing when I was younger. I seem to be able to focus more clearly. I’ve worked with many Gemisphere gems, but Moonstone has been one of the most fun.

    C.F., Washington

    I recently bought White Flash Moonstone and find that it’s helping me eliminate unwanted “skin tags” and moles from my body. For the last three weeks, I have started actually losing the skin tags. First they become a little swollen and pink, and then they start to itch. Next, they turn black and, after about seven days, when I scratch them, they peel off like little black buttons. I have had the Moonstone for a month and have lost 24 skin tags and moles from my neck and chest area, where I have had severe sun damage.

    S.S., Bloomington, Indiana

    I am normally a person whose thoughts are very concise and clear. However, for a period of six to ten months before using Moonstone, I found it extremely difficult to avoid ambiguity in almost all areas. It was difficult to concentrate, difficult to meditate, difficult to feel lucid. If you'll excuse the metaphor, I felt as though I was going through my life looking through a pair of dirty, foggy glasses. Despite repeated attempts, I was unable to identify a specific cause for this problem, other than the ridiculous amount of stress I was undergoing.

    At any rate, when I first received my Moonstone necklace, within a few hours of beginning to wear it, almost like magic I found clarity in almost everything I thought about—instantly, without considerable concentration, meditation, etc. It was just there! Using my metaphor, it was as though someone had not only cleaned my glasses but updated and strengthened my prescription. That result has remained consistent since I began wearing the Moonstone some two months ago.

    About a week or so into this experience, I obtained a second necklace and now wear and sleep next to two Moonstone necklaces at the same time. The results have remained astonishing and consistent. My stress level has remained the same, so I can only attribute the improvement to the new variable—the Moonstone. All else in my life has remained pretty constant.
    Another interesting point is that there have been several days in which I’ve had such a busy morning, I’ve forgotten to take the necklaces from my bed and put them around my neck. Each time, by mid-day, I felt mentally and emotionally cloudy, just "off." Each time that realization hit me, and I stopped to think about why I didn't feel right, I noticed that I had forgotten to put on my Moonstones. As soon as I remedied that situation, within hours, my clarity was back.
    Moonstone is truly amazing! What a blessing! Thank you, Gemisphere.

    W.C., Henderson, Nevada

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