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  • Are you a healthcare practitioner who would like to learn how to use gemstone energy medicine tools in your professional practice? 

    Join us October 12 – 14, 2018 in Carson, WA for training on our NEW gemstone acupoint, chakra, and aesthetic medicine tools.  

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    New Workshop!

    Gemstone Energy Medicine Foundation Class 

    Join us for this weekend class, where you will learn what Gemstone Energy Medicine is, how it can benefit your life, and the basics of working with therapeutic gemstones. On Saturday, we will use Quartz to explore these concepts and enjoy gemstone experiences and therapies. On Sunday morning, we will learn how to choose gemstones and discuss the benefits and uses of color ray gems. 


    Includes a Quartz gemstone gift that will be utilized during class, class materials and a Gemstone Energy Medicine book

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    All participants will receive 20% off all gemstone necklace purchases at the event.

    Dates and Locations

    May 5–6 | Stone & Sage Apothecary, Flagstaff, AZ   Register Online 

    June 9–10 | Gemisphere, Portland, OR  Register Online 

    July 7–8 | Gemisphere, Portland, OR  Register Online 


    Saturday (9 am  5 pm) and Sunday (9 am – 12 noon)

    Call for more information and register by phone: 800.727.8877 

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    The only way to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic gems is to try one yourself.