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Which Therapeutic Gemstones Are Best For You?

Some people know immediately which therapeutic necklaces they are drawn to and would like to work with. Perhaps they see the necklaces or their photographs, or read about the necklaces’ benefits, and they simply know. For others, many choices feel right, and they’re unsure how to choose which ones might be best for them. If you’d like some help deciding which therapeutic necklaces will be most beneficial, this page offers some guidance.

Getting Started

Before you begin the process of deciding which therapeutic gemstones are best for you, we want to encourage you to trust your instincts. We also want to assure you that, when used properly, all of Gemisphere’s gemstone necklaces and tools can support your personal growth and bring you some healing benefits.

To help you make your selections, we invite you to read through the tips and guidelines on this page. You may also wish to speak with one of our trained Gemstone Advisors, who will be happy to clarify issues and answer any questions you may have about gemstones. To do so, simply call us at 1-800-727-8877 or email us by clicking here

How to Choose: Three Steps

The sheer variety and scope of the therapeutic benefits offered by the Earth’s gemstones can present a challenge to someone who wants to work with them. Often, it may seem like an overwhelming number of gemstones are great choices. When you wish to narrow those choices, a good general approach is to follow the steps below.



Choose an issue you want to address or a goal you want to achieve.



Determine the dimension of your being (for example, physical, emotional, karmic, or mental) that is most involved with that issue or goal.



Focus your necklace choices within that dimension.




You can apply these three steps to as many issues or goals as you’d like.



Choose an issue you want to address or a goal you want to achieve.

A good place to start the process of choosing therapeutic gemstones is to consider which areas of your life you would like to support, improve, or enhance. Some people might want to develop more patience, a deeper sense of calm or emotional stability, or greater inner freedom. Some might want to heal an aching back, resolve a chronic illness, or improve their memory. Still others might wish to connect more deeply with nature, with other people, or with themselves.

To identify the specific issues or goals you would like to address, ask yourself:


What types of issues or conditions keep coming up in my life?


In which areas do I want the most support right now?


How do I want to grow the most?


Which areas of my life are most problematic?

Based on the issues or goals you’ve identified, you can start to focus on the therapeutic necklaces that address them.



Determine the dimension of being that is most involved with that issue or goal.

Gemstone spheres work holistically, on several dimensions of our being at once. Nonetheless, most gems have an affinity with one particular dimension—physical, emotional, karmic, mental, and so on—and focus their work there. This unique focus defines a gemstone necklace’s individual purpose, or action.

For example, Emerald’s focus is healing the physical \ body; to do so it neutralizes disharmonious energies not only in the body, but in the mind and emotions as well. To transform your emotional foundation, Rhodonite forges a healthier link between your physical body and emotions. To help master your life’s direction, Lapis Lazuli clarifies the connection between the mind and heart.

Below are descriptions of the dimensions addressed by therapeutic gemstone necklaces.


Multidimensional Healing
Although all therapeutic gemstones work holistically, most gems focus their work primarily on one dimension of our being. Their work on other dimensions supports their main purpose. However, there are some gems whose work is particularly diverse, resulting in profound effects on more than one dimension. For this reason, these gems are especially versatile tools.
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Physical Healing and Purification
The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is physical healing. Working with these gems can deeply purify and help heal the physical body, promote the release of toxins and negative energies stored in the organs, and support the immune system.
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Emotional Healing and Upliftment
The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is emotional healing. Working with these gems can foster a sense of peace and happiness, improve emotional balance, and help heal painful and suppressed emotions.
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Karmic Healing and Resolution
The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is to help resolve limiting karmic patterns. Working with these gems can help transform negative behavior patterns, break bad habits, and eliminate destructive relationship dynamics. They can also help you unravel the negative patterns that perpetuate physical or mental conditions. The results are a greater sense of inner freedom and improved vitality and health.
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Mental Clarity and Expansion
The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is mental healing. Working with these gems can expand mental potential, clear the mind, increase the ability to focus, and help heal certain mental imbalances.
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Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening
The primary focus of some therapeutic gemstones is awakening and developing higher consciousness. Working with these gems can help heighten spiritual awareness, abolish impediments to higher states of consciousness, and strengthen your intuition.
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Masculine and Feminine Healing and Empowerment
The primary focus of these gemstones is empowering your feminine or masculine aspect and fostering balance between them. These gemstones can restore self-confidence and physical vigor, help resolve relationship issues, and repair endocrine imbalances.
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Healing and Nourishing with Earth Energies
This special class of therapeutic gemstones includes opaque gemstones whose primary focus is healing, energizing, and nourishing the physical body. These gemstones can help you feel more grounded and stable; develop healthier personal boundaries; handle multiple tasks with greater ease; and feel more energetic, positive, and joyful.
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If you feel that your issue has roots in more than one dimension, you can choose necklaces from several different dimensions. Learn more.




It’s important to keep in mind that the dimension in which a gemstone necklace is categorized serves only as a general guideline. The dimension does not tell a necklace’s whole story. Most necklaces work holistically in multiple dimensions—indeed, this is part of what makes therapeutic gemstone necklaces such unique and profound tools.



Focus your necklace choices within that dimension.

To begin narrowing down and focusing your necklace choices, peruse the necklaces in the dimension you are focusing on.

First, in the list above, click the “Learn More” link in dimension you’ve selected. A page will appear with images of all the necklaces that focus primarily on that dimension.

Then, click each of the necklace images. A page dedicated to each necklace will open, where you will find:


A full-color photograph


A brief description of the necklace’s therapeutic benefits


Indications for wearing the necklace


Links to more in-depth information about the necklace


Ordering information




When looking at the photographs and reading the descriptions and indications, notice how you feel. A gentle awareness of whether you feel drawn to the necklace can be a helpful guide.




Do several necklaces in this dimension seem to fit your needs? That’s fine. You can wear several necklaces simultaneously to address a single issue or goal. Working with several related necklaces can help you resolve that issue more swiftly and thoroughly. For example, if you want to heal emotional wounds, wearing Ruby Rose, Rhodonite, and Mother of Pearl together will provide you with emotional support and stability as it promotes the life changes you desire.

Working with Multiple Necklaces

Many people find that they wish to work with more than one or two necklaces—either because they wish to address more than one issue, goal, or dimension, or because they wish to approach an issue from more than one angle. To work with multiple necklaces, you can apply the three steps described above to choosing several necklaces.

Working with More Than One Dimension
You may find that you wish to work on more than one issue or dimension at once. For example, you might want help with a physical condition and at the same time wish to improve your mental focus. It’s fine to work on several issues simultaneously by using more than one therapeutic necklace at a time.

You may also wish to address a single issue by choosing necklaces from several different dimensions. For example, if you want to resolve a physical illness, you could wear Leopardskin Jasper to draw to your body whatever it needs for healing; Emerald to infuse your body with healing energy; and Citrine to help your body release whatever is holding it back from greater health.

Wearing More Than One Necklace Simultaneously
When you wear two or three necklaces at once, you enjoy the full benefits of all of them simultaneously, and your body and entire being take advantage of the extra resources. Unlike a harmoniously designed gemstone-combination necklace, the energies of separate necklaces worn together do not create a new and unique energy. Instead, wearing more than one necklace at a time allows you to approach your healing process from several angles. Thus, it’s an efficient and effective way to accomplish your personal goals with gemstone therapy more quickly.

The Rule of Three
Although it may be tempting to put on as many therapeutic necklaces as your neck can hold, we strongly recommend that you wear a maximum of three gemstone necklaces at a time. Wearing more than three necklaces simultaneously can overwhelm your ability to process change by providing the system with too many different energetic influences. Ideally, the necklaces should be of different lengths so that their energies don’t compete with each other. Lavender is the one exception: it can be worn in the same length as another necklace, and it can be worn as a fourth necklace.

To read about “Building Your Personal Collection of Therapeutic Gems,” click here.

Follow Your Heart

In making your final gemstone selections, always follow your heart. Your own inner voice often provides the best guidance. Remember, when used properly, every therapeutic necklace we offer can support your personal growth and help you achieve certain goals.

A Different Approach to Choosing: Color Ray Healing

The seven color rays of the life force play a powerful role in our health and well-being. Each color ray has a specific purpose, and all seven color rays are essential for life. Indeed, being continually supplied with and nourished by a proper balance of color rays is essential to every aspect of health.

All therapeutic gemstones embody intense concentrations of energy; they help remove obstructions to the flow of life force throughout our being. Seven of these gemstones also serve another, very special function: each of them carries one of the seven color rays within its crystalline matrix. These seven gemstones are the Earth's premier color healing tools. Learn much more

The seven color ray gemstones and the color rays they carry are:

Red Ruby
Orange Carnelian
Yellow Citrine
Green Emerald
Blue Blue Sapphire
Indigo Indigo
Purple/Violet Amethyst

Building Your Personal Collection of Therapeutic Gems

The benefits of having an assortment of therapeutic necklaces to choose from are many. Among others, it allows you to use gemstones for both long-term and short-term purposes more easily. Having a personal set of therapeutic necklaces enables you to meet your changing needs for support in several areas. This can be particularly helpful as situations arise in the course of day-to-day living. For example:


If you know that you’ll be traveling or entering an environment in which you’ll appreciate some energetic protection, a Rubelle or solid Pink Tourmaline necklace in your collection will provide a ready tool.

If your collection includes a Carnelian or Bloodstone necklace, and you feel a cold or flu coming on, you can quickly don one of these necklaces to boost your immune response.

If your collection includes a Light Green Emerine necklace, you’ll have a gemstone first-aid tool for soothing and gently healing any painful injuries.

If you are going through an emotionally difficult time, having Rhodonite in your set of therapeutic gems will provide you with a ready source of emotional grounding and stability.

If your collection includes a Quartzite necklace, you’ll be able to stabilize the effects of uplifting experiences or therapies whenever they occur.

If you want a highly versatile therapeutic necklace that you can use to fulfill a variety of physical, emotional, karmic, and mental needs as they arise, an Aquamarine necklace in your collection will serve you well.

These are just a few examples of the gemstones you might enjoy having at hand. You can customize your set of therapeutic gems to your own requirements as your needs and means allow.

Evaluating Quality and Cost:
Therapeutic Quality Always Wins

Like all therapeutic tools, a gemstone must meet certain standards for purity and quality to produce healing benefits. In other words, a gemstone’s physical character must be high enough to allow the gem to radiate its healing energies fully. (To learn more about the role of therapeutic quality in gemstones, click here.)

Therapeutic quality gemstones are rare. Consequently, they tend to cost more than other, commonly available gems. Yet even among therapeutic quality gemstones, there is a range of qualities and prices. Many therapeutic quality necklaces cost less than a nice restaurant meal for two; others, such as the precious gems, Ruby, Emerald, and Blue Sapphire, command much higher prices.

When fine-tuning your choices of therapeutic gems, it’s essential to keep in mind that the higher the quality of a gemstone, the more potent it is. This is particularly true of the precious gemstones. As a precious or semi-precious gemstone rises in quality, its potency and power often increase exponentially. For certain other gemstones, such as Leopardskin Jasper, Onyx, and Mother of Pearl, the range of qualities within therapeutic caliber is much smaller; therefore, fewer gradations of potency and price exist for these gemstones. Fortunately, price does not rise at the same rate as potency. For instance, in the case of Purple Rainbow Fluorite, although Exquisite-Plus quality is approximately 1,000 times more potent than Fine quality, Exquisite-Plus generally costs only three to five times more than Fine quality.

No matter which therapeutic gemstone necklaces you wish to use, it is always advisable to obtain the highest possible quality within your budget—even if the higher quality gemstones are smaller.

Finally, it’s important to remember that less rare and less costly gemstones are not less beneficial. For example, although an Exquisite quality solid Ruby necklace can cost 30 times more than an Exquisite quality Carnelian necklace, it doesn’t mean that the Carnelian is 30 times less beneficial. Each type of gemstone has something unique and special to offer, and all the therapeutic necklaces we offer can have a profound and lasting impact on your health and well-being.

Indeed, it is useful to remember that any therapeutic gemstone necklace is a long-term investment that you can use again and again. If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime or even for generations to come.

Size Matters: Sphere Size and Necklace Length

Next to therapeutic quality, the most important factor influencing a gemstone necklace’s therapeutic power is mass. When it comes to gemstone spheres, more mass generally means greater power. Thus, quality being equal, larger spheres and longer necklaces are more potent than smaller spheres and shorter necklaces of the same gemstone. For example, a necklace of 10-mm Quartz will work more quickly and forcefully than a necklace of 8-mm Quartz. Similarly, a 25-inch Carnelian necklace is more powerful than an 18-inch Carnelian necklace of the same sphere size.

Nevertheless, spheres larger than 16 mm in diameter should not be used for therapeutic purposes. Such large spheres do not resonate with human beings the way that smaller spheres do. In general, it’s best not to use spheres larger than 12 mm in a therapeutic necklace.

Be Comfortable! The larger the size of the gemstone spheres in a necklace, the heavier the necklace will be. This is an especially important factor if your neck is sensitive to weight. If a 10-mm or 12-mm necklace causes any discomfort, choose a necklace with smaller spheres.


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