Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians*
by Michael Katz

Chapter 1
The Assignment is Given

Late one evening I sat on my living room sofa, closed my eyes, and turned my attention inward. I began to hear what I thought was the sound of the wind. Then I remembered that the air outside was calm and realized that the sound was coming from somewhere deep within me.

Suddenly the sound grew louder and a scene appeared in my inner vision: About thirty individuals sat in a circle around an enormous crystal. A column of light poured into the crystal from above and flowed out of its base, spreading evenly to everyone seated around it. The individuals before me were as real as any I had ever met. Some resembled nothing more than a vortex of energy in human form. The others were distinctly human looking, and each of these wore a different style and color of clothing. I could see by their gestures that they were engaged in a lively conversation.

I stood outside of the circle. Moments later Michael appeared at my left side. On my right was a spiritual master with whom I’d had previous encounters: his knee-length maroon robe, weathered skin, and short dark hair and beard were familiar features.

“They are discussing a book,” the master said, “a book that will soon be written about them.” His deep brown eyes looked sharply into mine.

A man in the circle stood and took a few steps toward the crystal. Then he turned and faced us. He had a long white beard, was dressed in purple robes, and held a staff of white wood. He motioned for us to join the group. The conversation in the circle stopped at once, and all heads turned to us. With a growing sense of wonder and curiosity, Michael and I entered the circle. As we moved toward the man in purple robes, I had the sudden feeling that something even more extraordinary was about to happen.

“It is time that the people of Earth learn some truths about gemstones,” the man said, “specifically about the missions and healing effects of gemstone spheres. The individuals gathered here are Gemstone Guardians,” he continued. “They are the caretakers of the gemstones. It is the time-honored duty of each Guardian to fulfill the purpose of a particular gemstone and to maintain its effects. Recently, all the Guardians have been given yet another responsibility: to start working directly with human beings to teach them the correct ways to use gemstones.”

“The Guardians gathered in this circle have been discussing a series of discourses that they will be giving in the form of interviews. These interviews will be an important step in the fulfillment of their new responsibility: they will allow the Guardians to share the knowledge of the gemstones for which they are responsible. When these discourses are completed, they will be edited and compiled into a book.”

My curiosity was growing more intense by the moment. Michael and I glanced at each other. We had been working with gemstones for many years in Michael’s business and had become deeply interested in their healing properties. We had reviewed many books and articles on the subject and, to our surprise and disappointment, we had found their information vague, incomplete, or too general. Often, each of our references had something different to say about the properties of a given gemstones; sometimes it seemed as thought they must be describing different gemstones altogether! We had become frustrated but determined not to give up our search for a true authority on the effects of these powerful tools. Now questions began to form in my mind: Had these “Guardians” known of our search? Would they help us find the information we were looking for?

As I listened and wondered what was to come next, I studied the rich-purple eyes of the man who spoke to us. They reminded me of the finest quality Amethyst. Then he answered my unspoken questions.

“Through the teachings of your spiritual path, the two of you have learned the art and science of following the light and sound of Spirit and of traveling in consciousness to nonphysical places such as this. The tests and trials you have undergone in the past several years have been arranged to teach you discipline, trust in your inner guidance, and how to maintain the focus of your attention.”

Indeed, the daily practice of certain spiritual exercises was an important aspect of both Michael’s life and mine. The sound I had heard when I closed my eyes was part of this daily experience. Nevertheless, I had considered it a great blessing when, on occasion, I was able to shift the focus of my awareness away from my physical surroundings and consciously “travel” to an inner world, such as the one I was now experiencing.

“We would like you to perform the interviews with the Gemstone Guardians, for you have earned this privilege,” he concluded.

As the magnitude of what we were being asked to do began to dawn on me, it occurred to me that I should feel awestruck. Yet, on the contrary, it all seemed quite natural. While I understood the significance of the task being presented us, the idea of interviewing the Gemstone Guardians themselves seemed appropriate and even logical. Finally we were being given an opportunity to learn about gemstones from the individuals who knew them best.

“Thank you. We are honored by your trust in us,” I replied. Michael nodded in agreement.

My mind raced ahead, and I began to wonder when the interviews would begin. As if he had heard my thoughts, the maroon-robed master said, “Select certain days and times over the next two months to conduct these interviews. Choose times when you know you will not be disturbed. Then sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Spirit will lead you to the meeting place for each interview. Listen for the word of God. It will manifest as a current of music flowing from the source of life, through your heart, and back again. Follow that sound. Then open your eyes and behold the world that lies before you. The eyes you open will not be physical; nor will the worlds you perceive.”

True to his nature, Michael then proceeded to make the most of the opportunity at hand, asking the Guardians for suggestions and advice about the book. He spoke with nearly all of them--at great length with some and with others only briefly. As Michael talked with the Guardians, my attention was drawn to a woman standing outside the circle. She radiated a brilliant white light. When this woman saw that the discussions had ended, she joined us in the circle.

“This is the Guardian of the Mineral Kingdom and Overseer of all Gemstone Guardians,” I heard someone say.

The Overseer addressed us: “Before you begin your interviews, I would like to give both of you some advice,” she said. “Don’t try to remember everything a Guardian says in the hope that you will be able to retain it and write it down afterward. If you do this, much information will be forgotten.”

Turning to me, she said, “Instead, surrender to Spirit, and allow it to show you how to enter the aura, or field of energy, surrounding each Guardian. You will not lose your consciousness or your identity. Nor will you become the Gemstone Guardian. However, your physical voice will be able to speak the words that will flow from the heart of each Guardian. Have a tape recorder ready to capture these words. The Guardians will be able to draw upon the words and images stored in your mind. They will use language that is easily understood, so that as many people as possible may come to understand the true nature, purpose, and effects of their gemstones.

“Michael, it will be your role to conduct and guide the interviews by asking questions of the Guardians. They will speak not only speak of their own gemstones, but will share the information needed to understand how all gemstones work. The knowledge that each Guardian gives will build on the knowledge given in previous interviews. Therefore, advise your readers to start at the beginning of the book and read each chapter in order.

“By the way, some Guardians choose to further distinguish their gemstones with the names ‘earthstone’ and ‘oceanstone.’ Earthstones are the rock of the planet, and oceanstones are treasures of the sea. You will first interview the Guardians of the gemstones, then the Guardians of earthstones, and finally the Guardians of the oceanstones.”

“Do you have any other advice for us?” Michael asked.

“Yes, there is one more thing. As you write the book, imagine yourself within the column of light you now see flowing through the crystal in the center of this circle. It is a pillar of love. Write with love and with light--and enjoy your work.”

Then, the individual I now guessed to be the Guardian of Amethyst spoke once more. “I, too, have some words of advice. As you perform your task, you can give or you can take. If you choose to take, your options will vanish. If you choose to give, the number of options available to you will be infinite. Let life be the judge of the degree to which you are giving or taking, for the presence of options or the lack of them will be reflected everywhere.

“The key to successfully completing your task, regardless of the number of options presented, is focus. Although I am referring to the completion of the book, this advice can be applied to any project.”

Then, the maroon-robed master indicated it was time for us to leave the circle. We did so, and the Guardians returned to their discussion.

“The first interview will be with the Guardian of Quartz,” said the master. “Choose a time for the interview, and remember to follow Spirit to the meeting place.”

Suddenly the scene vanished. Once again, my living room became the focus of my awareness. I sat without moving or opening my eyes for several minutes, trying to absorb the experience I had just had and to steady the rising excitement in my heart. Soon Michael and I would meet the Guardian of Quartz--and begin what promised to be one of the greatest adventures of our lives.

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* Previously published as Gemisphere Luminary


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