Apatite - Nourishing the Physical Body

Apatite is unusual among gemstones, in that it can be used therapeutically in both rounded and rough form. Each form has a unique therapeutic mission.

Rounded Apatite

A necklace of rounded Apatite nourishes your body by improving the flow of nutrients into your bones and helping you resolve food-related issues. Apatite heals and strengthens all parts of the skeletal system, including your bones, joints, and marrow. In this way, Apatite helps lay a foundation for the health of your entire body. Wearing Apatite also helps you resolve emotional, karmic, and mental issues related to food, so you can make wiser food choices and receive the nourishment you need to heal and thrive.

Apatite Rough

Apatite rough are irregularly shaped pieces of unpolished, therapeutic quality Apatite. When used properly, Apatite rough can help thwart an oncoming cold or other viral illness, help you move through the illness more quickly, or lessen the severity of the illness. Click here to learn how to perform Apatite Therapy for Viral Illness using this special gemstone tool.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Apatite Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Poor bone health, such as weakness, softening, low mineral content, injury, osteoporosis, or abnormal growth


Joint pain or poor joint health


An unwanted condition of the bone marrow


Weakness in any area of the body associated with bones


Issues associated with food or eating, including allergies and cravings


Eating disorder


Tooth weakness or decay


Gum disorders, including gingivitis


Anemia and other blood disorders


Malnourishment or demineralization

You want to—


Encourage the optimal health of your skeletal system, including your bones, joints, and ligaments


Support and improve the health of your bone marrow


Resolve issues related to food and eating


Facilitate a chiropractic adjustment


Restore minerals and rebuild your body after a fast or detoxification program


Maximize your strength in athletic activities


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Our Apatite Necklaces

Our therapeutic Apatite necklaces are made with Apatite rondels* that have been cut from high quality crystals usually reserved for making faceted gems. To ensure our Apatite's superior therapeutic value, we obtain the gemstones in rough form and then have the rondels cut to our unique specifications. Consequently, we offer the highest quality therapeutic Apatite necklaces available anywhere.

*Slightly flattened spheres

Consistency is an important factor in creating an Apatite necklace with a potent and harmonious energetic signature. Therefore, to make each necklace, we carefully match rondels for color, clarity, shape, and size. Thus, each Apatite necklace is unique, and all are individually priced based on their total carat weight and quality.

For most gemstones, the therapeutic quality categories defined as Very Fine, Exquisite, Exquisite Plus, etc. suffice to describe the quality of the gems in a particular necklace. However, for a handful of gemstones, gradients of quality exist within each therapeutic quality category. Apatite is one of these gemstones. This means that a particular Apatite necklace may be somewhat higher or lower in quality than the other necklaces in the same category. These variations are reflected in the price per carat of each necklace.

Ordering Apatite

The Online Ordering Chart below lists some of the therapeutic Apatite necklaces we currently have in stock. Although we update this chart often, it's possible that the particular necklace you choose will have already been sold. If this happens, we will contact you to arrange for an alternative that matches your choice as closely as possible.

If you are considering purchasing an Apatite necklace but would like more assistance, our gifted and knowledgeable Gemstone Advisors can help you select the gemstones that are best for you and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Simply call 1-800-727-8877 and ask to speak with one of our Gemstone Advisors.

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Gemisphere - Quartz Inventory for Include

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Exquisite Plus Plus Quality

inventory column header - Length, Carat Weight, Price Per Carat, Price, ID, Add
Length in./cm Carat Weight $ per Carat Price Id Code Add to Bag
Gemisphere- Apatite Inventory for Include
17.5" / 44.5 cm 160.85 carats 50 $8,092 #5034
18.5" / 47 cm 170.10 carats 45 $7,700 #5031
169.06 carats 50 $8,503 #5036
182.57 carats 55 $10,091 #5037
20" / 51 cm 195.28 carats 40 $7,861 #5030
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Exquisite Plus Plus Plus Quality

inventory column header - Length, Carat Weight, Price Per Carat, Price, ID, Add
Length in./cm Carat Weight $ per Carat Price Id Code Add to Bag
Gemisphere- Apatite Inventory for Include
18.5" / 47 cm 170.59 carats 60 $10,285 #6008
168.10 carats 70 $11,817 #6010
168.77 carats 70 $11,863 #6011
169.97 carats 75 $12,797 #6012
20" / 51 cm 142.49 carats 85 $12,246 #6013
20.5" / 52 cm 199.25 carats 60 $12,005 #6009
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Exquisite Quality

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Gemisphere- Aquamarine Inventory for Include
     15 - 20 carats $45
     21 - 30 carats $55
     31 - 40 carats $65
     41 - 50 carats $75
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Inventory Updated Date

Gemstone Inventory last updated 5/17/2017

Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Apatite Necklace

Two Forms of Therapeutic Apatite

Apatite is unusual among gemstones in that it can be used in two different forms for different therapeutic effects. These two forms are rounded and rough.

A necklace of rounded Apatite (spheres or rondels) helps nourish, strengthen, and heal your body's bones, joints, and other structural elements. It also works in your subtle bodies to help resolve emotional, karmic, and mental issues related to food. As a result, you are better able to choose and eat the foods that truly nourish you and support your health.

Apatite rough are irregularly shaped chunks of unpolished, gemstone-quality Apatite. When used properly, Apatite rough can help thwart an oncoming cold or other viral illness, help you move through the illness more quickly, or lessen the severity of the illness. Click here to learn how to perform Apatite Therapy for Viral Illness using this special gemstone tool.

Rounded Apatite

Apatite's action can be characterized by the phrase “bringing the inner to the outer.” The purpose of this inner-to-outer flow is to nourish and strengthen the body and correct deficiencies in a variety of ways. Rounded Apatite enhances the flow of atomic elements from the inner, or subtle, bodies to the bone marrow to nourish it; it supports the flow of nutrients from the marrow out to the bones to strengthen them; and it improves the movement of minerals from the bones out to the tissues to balance their chemistry. To hasten the healing process, Apatite also brings certain information from your subtle bodies to your awareness. These processes all occur naturally. Apatite accelerates and strengthens them to the point that healing can take place.

Healing and Nourishing the Skeleton

Not coincidentally, the mineral that comprises the gemstone Apatite, hydroxyl apatite, is also a major component of bone and tooth enamel. Thus, Apatite has both a physical and energetic connection to our bones.

When Apatite is mined and cut, it retains a magnetic charge that you can feel when you hold the gems in your hands. When you wear an Apatite necklace, its energy seeps through your skin and tissue until it reaches your bones. It then spreads throughout your skeletal system, pooling in your bones and imparting them with its mild magnetic charge.

At the same time, the necklace's energy radiates into your aura, where it collects around certain blockages. All bone and structural problems, whether they are caused by injury, malformation, cancer, or porosity, have corresponding blockages in the aura. These blockages resemble knots in their appearance and effects. These tangled collections of energy impede the flow of life energy to the ailing bones, leading to the depletion of nutrients.

As the Apatite energy collects around these knots in the aura, it magnetizes them. The magnetized bones and knots instantly recognize their relationship and begin to exchange information. This information includes the nutritional status of the bones and marrow; how any problems, injuries, or deficiencies there originated; and how they can be corrected.

As a result, the knots loosen, and two highly beneficial things start to happen: life energy begins to flow as it should, and the subtle bodies move nutrients into the bone marrow. The subtle bodies and marrow communicate via the atomic level; one might say that atoms are their common language. When the subtle bodies receive information about the needs of the bones and marrow, they pass atomic elements, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium into the marrow. The marrow then converts these elements into molecules and moves them, as needed, into the bones and joints to nourish, repair, and help them grow properly.

Bones play a far more significant role in the body's functioning than many people give them credit for. The bones and their marrow are the deepest part of our bodies, around which everything else rests. On a whole-body level, they serve as a portal for the free exchange of matter and energy. Recent research has even shown that the bones act like endocrine organs, releasing a hormone critical to metabolism. And as chiropractors know, vertebrae can hold information about a variety of health issues.

Apatite enhances the inherent magnetic nature of bone, improving its ability to attract nutrients. With Apatite's help, elemental nutrients are drawn not only from the atomic level, where elements are in unlimited supply, but also from food. Thus, you can use an Apatite necklace to replenish and mineralize your bone marrow and consequently your bones. If required, your bones can then release these nutrients into the blood to nourish other tissues in your body. Because blood cells are made in the marrow, Apatite also supports blood health.

Wearing Apatite ensures the maximum health of the entire skeletal system, including the marrow, bones, joints, and ligaments. By nourishing, repairing, and strengthening your skeletal system, you will take a significant step toward greater health.

Resolving Food Issues

Wearing Apatite emphasizes another flow of energy between the subtle and physical bodies. This one reaches to the bone that protrudes from your gums—namely, your teeth. Not surprisingly, this movement involves food and related issues.

Food and the art of preparing it are integral to most societies. It's part of why certain foods can remind us of good experiences and bad, from both this lifetime and lifetimes past. These experiences can cause you to love a certain type of food or dislike it with a passion. When you eat a food that has significant memories associated with it, these memories are communicated from the subtle bodies to your brain. Your brain reacts to this information by initiating chemical changes in your body. If the related experience was a good one, positive changes will occur and you will receive added benefits from the food. If the related experience or issue is uncomfortable, your body chemistry will change for the worse. To prevent these undesirable chemical changes, you may feel intense dislike for the food or have some other negative reaction, such as an allergy.  * In this way, your body naturally urges you to eat certain foods and avoid others.

Apatite energy imparts a gentle magnetism to your teeth, just as it does to your bones.  When you wear Apatite and eat a food associated with an uncomfortable experience, your teeth become involved in the flow of information between the subtle bodies and brain. The Apatite energy accentuates this information and initiates another flow of information—this one between your teeth and the subtle-body area linked with the past experience. Then, like two identical poles of a magnet, the teeth and subtle-body area begin to repel each other. This helps the brain realize how intolerable a food actually is.

Wearing Apatite will make the causes and effects of what you eat more apparent. Your brain will prompt you more clearly to avoid a food that causes negative changes in your body. Most likely, you'll develop a more noticeable aversion to the food. The Apatite energy will also help unravel any subtle-body knots that provoke the negative chemistry change. When the knot has completely unraveled and the issue is resolved, an allergy can even disappear. Similarly, food that corresponds to good memories and evokes positive, nutritive, and healthful changes in your body will become more attractive to you.

Apatite can help you untangle competing impulses in any given moment to eat healthy versus unhealthy foods. For this reason, Apatite is useful for people who must modify their diet for health reasons, have difficulty eating, or who are trying to avoid certain foods. It is also helpful when emotional or mental factors affect someone's ability to eat, such as occurs in eating disorders.

Ultimately, wearing Apatite can help you eat the healing foods that will resolve your weaknesses and mend the knots in your subtle bodies. The resulting clarity in your aura will allow the light of the life force, including color rays, to shine into and through you more completely.

Apatite and the Indigo Ray

The indigo color ray provides essential nourishment for the skeletal system and the structural function of all parts of the body. Apatite helps your entire being, including every cell in your body, become more receptive to the indigo ray. Apatite does not carry the indigo ray; its energy simply activates the body's receptor sites for this vital color ray.

How to Wear an Apatite Necklace

To heal and nourish the bones and skeleton, or to resolve issues with food, wear Apatite for at least a few hours daily.

For strongest results, wear an Apatite necklace touching your skin.

Sphere Size and Necklace Length

Rounded Apatite is therapeutic in both spherical and rondel form. A necklace of beads between four and six millimeters is ideal. Apatite beads larger than that can cause unnecessary stress in some wearers, because the flows of energy and atoms could move faster than what is in balance for the body. Necklaces can contain graduated bead sizes.

You can wear an Apatite necklace in any length that feels comfortable for you. Shorter necklaces can be worn with a gold clasp.

Facilitating a Chiropractic Adjustment

Simply wearing an Apatite necklace can facilitate chiropractic treatment by quickly resolving superficial relationships between vertebrae and subtle-body knots. Therefore, when the doctor is performing an adjustment, she can address more deeply rooted conditions. Conversely, chiropractic can facilitate Apatite necklace therapy; by adjusting the bones and joints, it will allow the Apatite energy to access the subtle-body knots more directly.

If you want to use an Apatite necklace to ease and facilitate a chiropractic adjustment, wear it during the treatment or, ideally, both 30 minutes beforehand and during the adjustment.

Preventing Osteoporosis

You can wear Apatite to strengthen your skeletal system and prevent osteoporosis as you grow older. For preventive purposes, wear the Apatite continually for a few weeks and then for one or two days a week thereafter.

Care and Cleansing of Apatite

Because Apatite is a soft and fragile gemstone, it can fracture easily unless it is given special care. Handle an Apatite necklace gently at all times, and avoid laying it on hard surfaces. Do not store or wear Apatite in direct contact with other gemstone necklaces or jewelry. When storing Apatite between wearings, cover it in a thick, soft cloth to keep the gems from rolling around or rubbing against anything. Even with exceptional care, some beads may crack with daily use. If more than several beads in a necklace crack or break, they should be removed or replaced.

Because of the softness of this special gem, over time and with wear, its surface polish will tend to dull. Although minor dulling will have minimal impact on the gems' therapeutic value, significant dulling will dampen its therapeutic effectiveness. To minimize the microabrasions caused by the gems rubbing against clothing, wear Apatite against your skin. If possible, do not wear it with other gemstone necklaces, unless you wear the other necklaces on top of your shirt so they do not touch the Apatite.

To cleanse Apatite, wash the gems with soap and slightly warm water. To prevent fractures in this fragile gemstone, avoid any temperature changes or extremes in the water. Then let the Apatite air-dry on a soft towel. To avoid dulling the gems' polish, do not rub or pat them with a cloth.

If you wear Apatite daily, give it a deeper cleanse with sunlight every two to four weeks. If the sun is shining and warm, place it outside on a soft cotton cloth directly on the earth or grass for 10 to 20 minutes. If the weather is cold or rainy, place it indoors behind a window for 30 minutes. Because of Apatite's fragility, avoid exposing it to hard rain or freezing temperatures, which could stress the gems.

Therapeutic Quality Apatite

The Apatite described on this page is blue-green or green-blue. Slight variations within that color range fall within therapeutic quality parameters.

Rounded Apatite

To be therapeutic, an Apatite necklace should demonstrate brightness, good clarity, a sense of lightness, and a strong magnetic feel. Exceptionally high quality Apatite also displays gem candescence, an optical quality that makes the gems appear like liquid drops of blue-green light. All other factors being equal, gem-candescent Apatite is more effective in the subtle bodies than Apatite without gem candescence.

Because Apatite is such a soft mineral, small cracks and inclusions can cause the beads to break much more easily than most gemstones. The fewer the inclusions in Apatite, the more effective its work will be, and the less prone the gems will be to breakage.

Because Apatite is so soft, nearly all the Apatite available on the market today has been treated with an epoxy resin to “stabilize,” or harden, it. This treatment either inhibits the Apatite's therapeutic effects or renders the Apatite entirely non-therapeutic. Gemisphere sells only untreated Apatite with no epoxy resin treatment.

Apatite Rough

The therapeutic quality standards for Apatite rough differ from those for rounded Apatite. For example, to remove viruses from the body, Apatite rough must be unprocessed. Any rounding, polishing, tumbling, drilling, or stabilizing will change the gems' vibration in a way that nullifies the Apatite's effect on viruses. Clarity requirements are also much less stringent than those for Apatite spheres and rondels; a piece of Apatite rough can display cracks and inclusions and still be therapeutic. Nonetheless, the color must be bright, distinct, and consistent, and the magnetic quality of each Apatite rough piece must be strong.

* Allergies can have a number of causes, but this phenomenon is usually a contributing factor. Click here to return to the asterisk (*).

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