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Coral's mission is to build strength by rebuilding, nourishing, and protecting the powerhouse, or vortex of life energy, within us. Your powerhouse is one of your most important sources of the energy you use for life, growth, and evolution. It feeds your enthusiasm for life and your joy for living. Coral can do more to benefit your powerhouse than virtually anything else on Earth. Red, Pink, and White Coral each affect the powerhouse in a different way.

Coral returns for a limited time!

A Message from the Gemisphere Team:

Because of Coral's profound therapeutic relationship with human beings, when Gemisphere was founded in 1988, we offered a variety of Coral necklaces. However, within a few years we learned that many Coral species had become endangered.* With considerable sadness, we decided to pull Red and Pink Coral from our offerings and put them away. We do not plan to obtain more of these Corals until they have been restored to health in the ocean. Until that time comes, we believe that the gems we tucked away over 20 years ago will do much more good in your hands than they can by sitting on our shelf. And so, with joy, we have decided to release this remaining Coral to do the therapeutic work it was meant to do.

Once these Coral necklaces are sold, we will not offer more. This one-time offer is good only while our limited supply lasts.


Our Coral Necklaces

Pink Coral

This necklace contains gently variegated shades of Pink Coral. It attracts the physical and emotional nutrients needed to repair and renovate the powerhouse and to keep it strong and resilient.


Corelle contains Red, Pink, and White Coral and 14-karat gold beads. It improves strength and vitality by rebuilding the powerhouse from its foundation up and keeping it protected and pure.


Coraleena contains Pink and White Coral. An ideal tool for children, it protects the child's core by deflecting negative and harmful influences, so the child may grow the strongest possible powerhouse.


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*The White Coral used in these and our Angelfire necklaces is sourced from non-endangered species.

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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Coral Necklace

Therapeutic Coral provides its wearer with the opportunity to build strength. When Coral is in the ocean, its purpose is to house other ocean life. Shaping Coral into spheres allows human beings to fully experience the therapeutic benefits of this gift from the sea. Coral becomes enlivened in a human being's aura. It takes several hours for this enlivenment to occur, as the Coral must learn to respond to the human aura.

In general, people are not drawn to Coral as they are drawn to other gemstones. The decision to wear Coral will probably be based on knowledge of what Coral can do; therefore, it is much like any other tool chosen for a specific purpose. Coral does not saturate the aura the way other gemstones do. It works on a layer of energy that lies closer to the physical body. This layer, also known as the supraphysical aura, is comprised of the vibrations, or life essence, emitted by the body's cells.

Electrical currents run up and down the body and give an accurate picture of what is going on in the body. Coral senses and reads these currents. When you wear a necklace of Coral, its energy touches virtually every one of them. That is why it is best to wear Coral spheres around the neck. The currents flow both inside and outside of the body; Coral accesses the currents that run inside the body through those that run on the outside.

The Body's Powerhouse

There is another aspect of the body that is essential to Coral's work. Like the electrical currents, this aspect would not be found if one were to dissect the body. It is a vortex of energy that swirls within your torso. It is somewhat, but not entirely, associated with the chakras. It may be called your "powerhouse."

Your powerhouse is one of your most important sources of energy—the energy you use for life, growth, and evolution. It is made up of electrical currents and of the life force itself. In a sense, the electrical currents form a structure that contains and stores the vortex of life force within you. Therefore, the powerhouse is both this life force and the structure of energy that contains it. The Coral in the ocean builds a structure for the animals living inside it. When worn by a human being, Coral can strengthen, rebuild, and cleanse the structure that houses the vortex of life force contained within its wearer. Red, Pink, and White Coral each affect this powerhouse in a different way.

The powerhouse is located inside the body in front of the spine and behind the chakras. Think of it as a building, and imagine a roofless, cylindrical structure. At its top in your crown chakra, it is quite narrow. It remains narrow behind your brow chakra and begins to widen just below your throat chakra. From there it continues to widen until it reaches its greatest circumference in the area between your stomach and sacral chakras. Then it quickly tapers again and ends at the root chakra.

An Energy Storehouse

You eat food for energy and you breathe air for life. Your chakras take in yet a different kind of life-sustaining energy. The powerhouse acts as a storehouse for this energy. It also feeds the cells of your body through electrical charges that act as little packages or jolts of energy.

The powerhouse is a life-energy reserve. People who are ill or weak often have depleted powerhouses. Healthy people have fuller powerhouses. When you are extremely tired and need a boost, you call upon the reserves in your powerhouse; when you eat something that you are allergic to, you call on the reserves in your powerhouse; when you go somewhere that is polluted, you call on the reserves in your powerhouse to protect you from the pollution.

The life force contained within your powerhouse feeds your enthusiasm for life and your joy for living. It nourishes your desire to grow, evolve, and learn. These activities take a great deal of energy. Consequently, people whose powerhouses are depleted are usually less interested in learning new things or in growing or changing.

Influences on the Powerhouse

No matter how healthy or vital you are, you can always become stronger. It is the nature of the world in which we live that our powerhouses are constantly being battered by harmful influences, both internal and external. Internal influences include thoughts and emotions. External influences encompass such things as the food and drink you consume and the air you breathe. Any negative influence whittles away your powerhouse.

You can strengthen, rebuild, and cleanse your powerhouse with things that are constructive, strengthening, or otherwise good for you—for example, clean air, good food, harmonious thoughts, a positive attitude, or any form of spiritual nourishment. However, Coral can do more to benefit your powerhouse than practically anything else on the planet.

Red Coral: Rebuilding the Powerhouse Foundation

The blueprints of your powerhouse were given to you as you were forming in your mother's womb. There, the foundation of your powerhouse was also formed. Thus, one of the most beneficial things a pregnant woman can do is wear Red Coral. It will provide the same benefit for the growing fetus that it will for the mother: it will evaluate the entire individual and determine what improvements need to be made in the powerhouse foundation.

Red Coral compares the vibratory signature of the powerhouse with that of the individual and evaluates and analyzes the difference. Then it pinpoints and attracts the specific ingredients that should be added to the powerhouse to improve it. This improvement in the powerhouse raises the individual's vibratory signature. This process continues for as long as it is worn. Thus, the longer it is worn, the stronger the powerhouse and its owner become.

Red Coral will always find ways to improve the foundation of your powerhouse, no matter how healthy you are. Your powerhouse foundation is alive. It will change as you change. For example, if you deny yourself certain minerals, the lack of these minerals will soon be reflected in your powerhouse.

The Red Coral's work relies on what the body knows about itself. The body knows what it needs and what it lacks; it knows which ingredients it needs to make its powerhouse stronger. The individual, on the other hand, often has no conscious awareness of what these needs are. Hence, Red Coral does not work on a conscious level.

Red Coral gives the body the strength and the ability to draw to itself the things that it needs. It does this by magnetically charging key areas of the body. Let's say that the foundation of your powerhouse lacks calcium. Your body will recognize this need. The Red Coral will then "magnetize" the body in a way that it attracts more calcium to itself. The way each body does this will vary. For example, it may begin to crave foods containing calcium, or it may become more efficient at extracting calcium from food.

Red Coral works with more than minerals. All sorts of things may be missing from your powerhouse foundation—for example, a color ray or some kind of emotional nourishment. Most often, however, the powerhouse foundation lacks oxygen or a nutrient that can be obtained from food. No matter what these things are, Red Coral works in the same way to draw them to the body.

When Red Coral is worn alone, the strand should be choker-length: between 16 and 20 inches long. A solid Red Coral necklace will change the structure on which an individual is built. Therefore, its effects will be handled best by those who are determined and aware of its effects. Afterward, things will not be done the way they used to be done and energy will not be stored the way it used to be stored. Even one's diet may change. [Please note: Gemisphere does not currently offer solid Red Coral necklaces.]

Combining some Pink Coral with the Red Coral will support the person's emotional aspect, strengthening it while the physical foundation is being strengthened.

Red Coral attracts the red ray. It does not carry the red ray, nor can it open the body to accept it; it simply attracts the red ray to the wearer.

In summary, Red Coral can help its wearer make the strongest possible powerhouse foundation. The deeper and darker the natural red color of the Coral, the better it works and the stronger are its effects.

Pink Coral: Renovating the Powerhouse

Your powerhouse is not just a blueprint or a foundation. It has substance. In this way it is similar to a building. A building is not just its foundation; it also has walls made of blocks or bricks. During childhood and adolescence more and more "bricks" are laid, one on top of the other, on the foundation of your powerhouse. This process continues until your physical body stops growing at adulthood.

Now, no one lives in such a perfect environment that they are always provided with the physical and emotional nutrients they need exactly when they need them. When needs are not met at the moment they are needed, “holes” form in the powerhouse. These holes are also created when great stresses are placed on the body. Such stresses tax the powerhouse and result in damaged or improperly laid “bricks” or the placement of insufficient "mortar" between them.

By the time you reach adulthood, all the bricks of your powerhouse have been laid. At that point, if you don't have the energy you would expect to have, it's probably because some mortar is missing, or some bricks have been put in the wrong place, or some bricks are absent altogether.

Your powerhouse can also be compared to a well. Instead of water, the powerhouse stores life force, which can be called upon whenever it is needed. If there is a hole in your well, water will drain out of it. The further down in your well the hole is, the more water will drain out. Pink Coral works to fill the holes in your powerhouse by rearranging its bricks. In other words, it rebuilds the powerhouse.

Renovating an Incomplete Powerhouse

If your powerhouse has many holes, energy will seep out of it in all directions. Since your powerhouse is located near your organs, the energy seeping out of it may cause hyperactivity in these organs, especially in the intestinal tract. The abnormally high intestinal activity will cause food to pass through too quickly. This can result in a decrease in the intestines' ability to absorb nutrients.

In some situations, the powerhouse has not been built completely. This occurs for many reasons. In these cases, because the powerhouse has only gotten halfway off the ground, it will not be able to store much energy. People who wake up feeling just as tired as when they went to bed often have incomplete powerhouses. During the night the powerhouse is most effective at gathering and storing its energy for the following day's activities. If the powerhouse is only half-built, it can store little or no energy.

Pink Coral will attract whatever is needed to build on the foundation of the powerhouse. To do this, it emulates the natural process that directs the flow and expression of energy in the body. In this way, it increases the individual's overall strength and vitality.

Pink Coral strengthens and builds on the foundation that the body has already manifested, whether that foundation is good or bad. Therefore, if someone starts wearing Pink Coral and then begins to feel even weaker and more tired, it may mean the Pink Coral is building on an improperly laid foundation. This situation can be prevented by wearing Red Coral along with the Pink Coral—for example, in a combination necklace such as Corelle. The Red Coral will correct deficiencies in the powerhouse foundation before the Pink Coral starts to build on it. Pink Coral will build on the new and better foundation established by the Red Coral.

Pink Coral Necklace Length

The best way to wear Pink Coral is around the neck in a necklace that reaches the heart. Your powerhouse affects your entire being. The only way Pink Coral can affect your entire being is when it is worn around your neck. Being worn over the heart gives it better access to your powerhouse.

White Coral: Protecting the Powerhouse

White Coral protects the powerhouse and keeps it pure. That is one reason that it is particularly important and wonderful for children. Children often yearn to explore and experience the world around them, but their explorations don't always lead to positive experiences. White Coral is especially effective with children, because children's powerhouses have not yet solidified. Nothing about them has solidified, since they are still growing and changing. Therefore, it is easier to protect them and to keep their powerhouses free from impurities.

White Coral works well with Pink Coral. When Pink Coral rearranges the powerhouse structure, making it strong and resilient, changes occur in the wearer's life. During these changes, an individual is often more susceptible to outside influences, particularly negative ones. These negative influences can include anything that is not nourishing, whether it is thoughts, emotions, or foods. Learn more about how children can benefit from a Pink and White Coral necklace here.

White Coral has a reflecting or repelling action. Imagine being surrounded by a spherical mirror. If a negative thought comes your way and is deflected by the mirror, you may never know that it came. On the other hand, if the mirror is placed so that it's somewhat inside of you, the negative thought will come in, but it will be reflected back to the sender before it can affect you. White Coral works similarly. Everything it reflects passes your consciousness. This allows you to see what is not good for you that White Coral deflects.

It will not let the negative thought affect you. More accurately, it will not let it affect your powerhouse; it will not let it affect the core of your being. However, you will still experience it and hopefully also learn from it, so that in the future you will avoid similar, potentially harmful experiences.

Any kind of negative influence can act like a battering ram on the building blocks of your powerhouse. If the influence continues, blocks can loosen and fall out, creating a hole in your powerhouse. White Coral protects the powerhouse from anything harmful, including harmful chemicals or other physical irritants. You should know, however, that if you continually introduce damaging elements to your body, White Coral will not have the strength to maintain its protective influence.

White Coral affects its wearer's entire being. When worn around the neck, its energy can touch every part of you.

Comparing White Coral and Pink Tourmaline

White Coral's purpose is to protect the core of your being. Remember that when it is worn, whatever influences come toward you will still touch you. White Coral only deflects them from your powerhouse. It is not like Pink Tourmaline, which will shield your aura. White Coral only shield your powerhouse.

Coraleena: An Ideal Necklace for Children

Coral will work for the benefit and strength of any individual of any age. However, Coral is a particularly wonderful tool for children. Changes will occur more swiftly in children; they are easier to change, because they are already changing so much. An ideal Coral necklace for children is the combination necklace Coraleena, which contains both Pink and White Coral.

With Pink Coral, the younger the child, the deeper within the powerhouse it can work. It is easier to rearrange bricks in a well or building that is only two feet high than in one that has grown to five feet high. Pink Coral will rearrange the bricks so that they fit in the optimal places in the child's powerhouse. It will do this regardless of what stresses the child may experience or what nutrients the child may lack. These bricks are simply sections of energy and, therefore, are moved easily under Pink Coral's influence. Of course, it will also readjust and shuffle the energetic signature of an adult's powerhouse in order to make its bricks fit properly.

A child should wear a Coraleena necklace continually for several days until the Coral becomes attuned to the child. Then the child should wear it for at least 12 hours every day. It can also be worn at night.

If you follow this protocol, you will find that the child's resistance to infection will be strengthened. The child will not get sick as easily and will be less susceptible to negative influences. Children who wear Pink and White Coral will experience an increase in self-confidence, because they will be better able to recognize what is good for them and what is bad for them. This heightened discrimination will be the result of the White Coral. Few children will need Red Coral; it is usually too strong for them.

You may also notice that children who wear Coral will want to move beyond their previous limitations. Because they feel stronger, they may try physical activities that they would have never tried before—for example, they might do things on the monkey bars they've never attempted before. They will have a greater sense and awareness of their bodies, and their growth will be more stable.

Summary: Red, Pink, and White Coral

To recap: Red Coral rebuilds the powerhouse foundation; Pink Coral rebuilds the powerhouse itself; and White Coral protects the powerhouse and keeps it pure.

Red Coral improves the powerhouse foundation by drawing to the body the basic nutrients it needs. It entrusts the actual building and maintenance of the powerhouse to Pink and White Coral.

Pink Coral builds, or rebuilds, the powerhouse itself. It rearranges its building blocks, or sections of energy, so that they are all in their optimal places. It builds the powerhouse on the existing foundation, be it good or bad; this is why it is often important to wear Red Coral with the Pink. Of course, the effects of Pink Coral are also enhanced by White Coral, and there are cases in which all three work best when worn together.

White Coral, by keeping the powerhouse clean and pure and deflecting all negative and harmful influences, maintains the powerhouse's strength and vitality.

Powerhouses in the Subtle Bodies

You not only have a powerhouse in your physical body; you also have a powerhouse in each of your subtle bodies: emotional, karmic, mental, and intuitive. Red Coral's work focuses on the physical body. Pink Coral focuses on the physical and the emotional. White Coral also works physically, but it protects your emotions and your mind as well. This is why White Coral can protect the core of your being, not only from your own negative thoughts and emotions, but also from those of others. It also protects your core from any disharmonious influence that enters your physical body.

All Corals work best and do great work with individuals who understand the Corals' purpose. Coral is most effective with people who are willing to let go of the things that inhibit their vitality, energy, and basic strength. People who have self-defeating or destructive attitudes, who are confirmed pessimists, or who have little hope that they can change or grow will not benefit from Coral as much as those who have at least a glimmer of trust, acceptance, or hope. Even if the individual is unaware of Coral's effects, Coral will work—as long as the person has an optimistic nature or is willing to accept change or acknowledge that healing can occur.

Care and Cleansing of Coral

To cleanse Coral, several times a week, wrap the necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant or lay the necklace in its branches for several hours or overnight.

Another option is to lay the Coral in about a half-inch of sea salt in a bowl for at least an hour or overnight. Place a soft, thin, natural-fiber cloth between the salt and the gems. Replace the salt about every two weeks.

Therapeutic Quality Coral

The Coral used in jewelry is often dyed to artificially enhance its appearance. As with most other gemstones, dye can inhibit the Coral's ability to fully express its therapeutic properties. Gemisphere's Coral is completely free of dyes and other artificial treatments.


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