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Moonstone Therapy - Moonstone Diagonostic Technique and Therapy

Moonstone Therapies

Moonstone Diagonostic Technique and Therapy

This therapy demonstrates Moonstone’s versatility as a therapeutic tool. It can be used as both a diagnostic technique and a treatment for a broad range of ailments and issues. You circle in a Moonstone necklace to identify a treatment area for a condition that affects the entire body, and then you can treat the area with Moonstone. You can also use this therapy to treat virtually any localized condition, from a rash to an injury.

Therapy Tool

One therapeutic Moonstone necklace


When you are experiencing any of the following—


Disease or condition that affects your entire body


A localized or non-localized disease or condition, particularly a skin condition


An unwanted habit


Depressed immune system


Autoimmune condition


Abnormal tissue growth

When you wish to do any of the following—


Uplift the health of an ailing area


Use a simple yet powerful technique for general health upliftment


Find a treatment location for unwanted habits and non-localized diseases and conditions


Improve the health of areas that may be weakening or moving toward disease


Identify areas of the body where deficiencies in the physical-supraphysical connection are causing unwanted health conditions


This Moonstone therapy can be used as both a diagnostic technique and a treatment for a broad range of ailments and issues.

Every physical condition is reflected in some way in the supraphysical aura. A localized condition, such as an injury, is usually reflected in adjacent supraphysical fabric, which is also weakened. A non-localized condition, such as a systemic illness or unwanted habit, usually has a primary spot of corresponding supraphysical weakness and sometimes secondary spots as well. This primary spot acts as the energetic epicenter of the condition.

In the diagnostic phase of the therapy, you circle in a Moonstone necklace to identify the energetic epicenter of the non-localized condition. In the treatment phase, you place the Moonstone or other therapeutic gemstones on the area you’ve identified. The benefit of finding the epicenter of a systemic condition is that it provides a focus for treatment.

Alternatively, you can use this therapy to treat a localized condition. You use the circle-in procedure to gather energy associated with the condition, and then you place the Moonstone on the affected area. The circle-in process makes the placement more effective.

In both cases, placing the Moonstone on the body lubricates the supraphysical fabric above the placement location and strengthens it. This affects the corresponding physical tissue by increasing the flow of lymph, boosting the body’s immune response, and clearing toxins. In areas where the unwanted condition is caused by pressure on the supraphysical aura or by the causal fabric penetrating the emotional aura, this treatment returns the auric fabric to its proper place, freeing the area to heal.

Moonstone is naturally attracted to areas where the supraphysical aura has become like a dry sponge and is causing or exacerbating a skin condition. In these areas, the Moonstone energy acts like an emollient to heal the underlying cause of the skin problem.

Unwanted Habits
You can use this Moonstone therapy to help resolve unwanted habits. Like a systemic illness, every habit has an energetic epicenter. This epicenter is created by an intrusion of subtle-body fabric into the supraphysical aura. Once you’ve used the circle-in technique to locate this epicenter, placing the Moonstone necklace on it several times a day will help unlock the blocked energy associated with the habit.

Using Intention
To identify the epicenter of a particular habit or systemic disease, you must perform the therapy with that specific intention. Otherwise, the body will use Moonstone energy to locate areas of supraphysical dryness.

When you use this therapy to find an energetic epicenter, during the circle-in phase, your body’s energy will direct the Moonstone to the weakest spot in the supraphysical aura that is associated with the condition you have identified. Many areas may require therapy, but Moonstone will be guided to the one of highest priority.

Broad Indications
You can use this therapy for general health upliftment as well as specific ailments. Because Moonstone can affect so many conditions, the indications for this therapy are very broad. The following procedure might reveal an area that appears to be healthy—for example, a place on your arm or your leg where there is no pain or disease. Yet in this seemingly healthy area, an energetic weakness in the corresponding area in the supraphysical aura may be draining vitality from the rest of your body.


If you are performing this therapy on yourself, do so sitting up. If you are treating someone else, have the person lie down.



Hold the Moonstone necklace in a bunch in your hand.



Use the circle-in technique to identify the treatment area.

Circle-in Technique


Holding the necklace about an arm’s length away from your body and with the gems facing your body, move the necklace in a circle that encompasses your entire body as best you can. If you are performing this on yourself, you will need to bend over to encompass your feet.


Continue to circle until you feel as though your body’s energy has engaged the energy of the gemstone and is drawing the gem closer to a specific point on your body. The radius of the circle will become progressively smaller.


Repeat Step B until your circles get small enough to draw the gemstone into the center of the circle on your body. This will be the placement area.



Cleanse the Moonstone.



When you are finished with the placement:


Cleanse the Moonstone.


Then use the pull-in technique to see if your body is open to wearing the Moonstone around your neck. Wearing it will nourish your supraphysical aura as a whole and provide the placement area with support from the entire supraphysical aura.

Time Guidelines

Keep the necklace in place for at least five to fifteen minutes and much longer if you have the time and your body is calling for a longer treatment. If the placement time is short, you can repeat the procedure to identify and treat additional areas.

To determine when it’s time to remove the Moonstone from the placement area, periodically do the following:Keep the necklace in place for at least five to fifteen minutes and much longer if you have the time and your body is calling for a longer treatment. If the placement time is short, you can repeat the procedure to identify and treat additional areas.



Touch the Moonstone with the fingertips of one hand.



At the same time, move your other hand toward the Moonstone, fingertips pointing toward the gemstones you are touching, and test for a pull-in.


If you feel your body’s energy drawing your hand toward the gemstones, it means your body still wants the Moonstone in place.


If your hand senses a cushion of energy, or if it pulls away from your body, this signals the end of a therapy cycle. Remove the Moonstone.

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