Agate - Nature's Nourishing Energies

Agate deeply nourishes your physical body with earthtone color rays while fostering cooperation among all of your body's parts. By opening lines of communication within your body, Agate's earthtones help coordinate your body's myriad functions. Agate also alerts your body's innate intelligence to your current state of health so that your body can rally its own resources to resolve any disharmonies. By flooding you with life-giving earthtones, Agate helps you forge a stronger connection with the Earth and feel more grounded and comfortable living in the physical world.


Indications for Wearing a
Therapeutic Agate Necklace

When one or more of the following apply—

You are experiencing—


Spaciness or not feeling grounded


Disconnection from nature caused by living or working in an urban or industrial setting




Travel by sea, air, rail, or automobile


Difficulty adapting to a recent move to a new environment


Working under artificial lights


Living or working away from land, such as at sea or in airplanes


Living in a tall building


A longstanding physical condition that has not responded well to other treatments

You want to—


Prevent the tiring effects of travel, including jet lag


Connect more deeply with nature and the Earth


Enhance physical healing by coordinating your body's resources


Support the work of certain other gemstones


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Agate Color

Because the color of therapeutic-quality Agate naturally varies, the color shown in the photograph above may not represent our current stock. Click here for more information about Agate color and therapeutic quality.

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Benefits of Wearing a Therapeutic Agate Necklace

Agate deeply nourishes your physical body with earthtone color rays while fostering cooperation among all of your body's parts. By forming lines of communication within your body, Agate's earthtone energies help coordinate your body's myriad functions. The improved cooperation among your body's parts alerts your body's innate intelligence to your state of health, so that your body can call on its own resources to resolve any disharmonies.

The earthtone color rays carried by Agate hold the key to its effects. Earthtones are combinations of color rays and subtle sounds whose vibrations are compatible with physical matter. Earthtones are different from the color rays seen in a rainbow, which are pure divisions of white light. In contrast, earthtones represent a broad array of earthy, muted colors, shades, and color combinations. Agate naturally occurs in all varieties of earthtones.

The seven color rays of the rainbow nourish your physical body indirectly by feeding its subtle, nonphysical counterparts. Yet your body also needs direct color-ray support. This support must come from vibrations that are compatible with physical matter—namely, the earthtones. Not surprisingly, the earthtone vibrations in our environment come from matter itself—from the trees, plants, minerals, rocks, and even manmade objects around us. The earthtone colors in our environment emit vibrations that make a physical connection with the body. Agate's earthtones express frequencies that are easily accepted by the physical matter of our bodies. Agate provides the colors that deeply and directly nourish the physical body.

When you first wear a necklace of Agate spheres, its earthtones flood your neck, head, shoulders, and chest with earthtone color rays. If you continue to wear the necklace for several days, Agate will fill your entire body with its energy and establish lines of communication among your organs, glands, joints, bones, muscles, and nerves. These communication lines naturally improve coordination and cooperation among all these parts of your body. The longer you wear Agate, the deeper its energy and thus these lines of communication penetrate your body.

This improved coordination among your body's components naturally draws the attention of your brain and the innate centers of intelligence in your other organs. In response, your brain and organs direct your body's own resources—including nutrients and biochemicals—toward any areas of disharmony, distress, or imbalance.

If your body does not have the resources to repair a particular imbalance, the distressed area will find a way to alert you and thus encourage you to bring the required resources into your life. You might experience this as the appearance or intensification of symptoms. This will be your body's way of communicating a need for some kind of action on your part. In this case, you will be wise to take further action—such as by consulting a physician, taking the proper medicine, or taking some other measure to help heal the area.

Agate helps address imbalances in two ways: first, by directing some of your body's energies and physical resources, such as white blood cells, to the distressed area; and, second, by nourishing the area with earthtone color rays. This doesn't mean that the area will automatically heal. It simply means that you will now have additional resources to help effect a positive change in the area.

Nature's Nourishment in a Necklace

Agate is a symbol of the Earth and of nature. The earthtone colors it expresses are those expressed by trees and plants, minerals and rocks, clouds and sky, and the planet itself. Earthtones are in harmony with nature; they also nourish and support nature. Consequently, by wearing Agate, you can forge a stronger connection with the Earth and be nourished by the very energies that nourish the planet.

The earthtone color rays are vital to the life of the body. This is one reason that a walk in nature can feel so healing. If your work or lifestyle keeps you out of natural settings, you are most likely suffering from an earthtone deficiency. This deficiency can be met by wearing an Agate necklace. Agate is a rich and abundant source of the same vital earthtones emanated by plants, water, soil, and sky. When you wear an Agate necklace, you are nourished by a continual flow of nature's earthtone color rays. Thus, it is particularly helpful for people who love nature and the outdoors or who have a special affinity with the Earth but who must work inside a building or live for long periods at sea.

Adapting to a New Environment

Whether you live in the forest, seaside, or city, your world is filled with earthtone color rays. While earthtones emanating from living things, and even the sky and soil, are more vital and nourishing than those of artwork, furniture, or painted interior walls, the colors in your home and other manmade environments also provide some color ray support.

Your body naturally becomes accustomed to the earthtone spectrum provided by its environment. The longer you and your ancestors have lived in a particular kind of environment, the more ingrained in your cells that environment's earthtone spectrum will have become. For this reason, some people find it hard to change environments—for example, to leave behind the earthtone spectrum of the countryside and start a new life in the city, or vice versa.

If soon after you move to any new environment, you experience unusual fatigue or symptoms that cannot be corrected with better diet, reduced stress, or more sleep, it might mean that your body is having difficulty adjusting to the new earthtone spectrum around you. Simply wearing an Agate necklace can help. It is best to wear Agate as much as possible—ideally, constantly—for several weeks. A therapeutic Agate necklace offers a balance of earthtone color rays that allows your body to pick and choose the colors it needs to correct any earthtone deficiencies. It helps you to live more comfortably in any environment you choose.

Adjusting to Travel

Agate's ability to provide the body with earthtone color rays on demand makes it an invaluable tool when you are traveling. By having a constant and abundant source of earthtone color rays, your body won't be limited by the different earthtone spectrums in your new environment, and your trip will likely go more smoothly and comfortably.

Agate is particularly helpful if you are leaving land to take an airplane flight or ocean voyage. It will help you maintain a better connection with the Earth's vibrations, making you feel more centered and balanced, thus allowing you to think more clearly and function at your best when you arrive.

Supporting Other Gemstones' Work

If you wear Agate along with another therapeutic gemstone necklace that highlights a particular area of distress, Agate's energies and earthtones will be drawn to the highlighted area and concentrate there. For example, if you wear Agate with Dark Green Aventurine, which highlights your weakest organ, Agate's energies will collect in the organ. The highlighted organ or area will quickly identify which earthtones it needs and which it does not. Unneeded earthtones will exit the area. Those left behind—usually a spectrum of three or four earthtones—will be the ones needed most by the area.

Therapeutic Quality Agate

A Therapeutic Quality Agate necklace has a good balance of many different earthtone colors. Agate expresses the earthtone version of the rainbow colors. Thus, a therapeutic necklace has spheres of pink, teal, blue-gray, yellow-green, red-green, red-lavender, lavender, or other colors, shades, and color combinations. These variations of color in an Agate necklace offer a broader and richer experience of Agate's benefits. Each person's body is unique and comprised of unique vibrations. A therapeutic Agate necklace contains spheres that can fill all types of vibrational deficiencies in the person who wears it.

Agate's colors should be strong, distinct, and clear. Pale, pastel-colored Agate does not emanate its vibrations strongly enough to affect most people. Agate with strong colors provides the body with stronger and clearer earthtone support. This is particularly crucial today, when the physical body must contend with so many physical stimuli. The noise of modern life overwhelms the body's ability to hear the subtle sounds of nature. In order for nature to speak to the human body, it must do so loudly and clearly.

Therapeutic Quality Agate occurs in a range of clarity, from opaque to various grades of translucency. The spheres in an Agate necklace should contain a consistent degree of clarity.

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